Monday, November 29, 2010

Pope Grants Permission For Male Prostitutes to Use Condoms: Prostitutes Rejoice

Answering the long-time prayers of male prostitutes around the world, the Pope, the Holy Father, the Infallible One, True Representative of God on Earth, has decided in his infinite wisdom that it's a "step on the way to morality" if male prostitutes use condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS, so maybe it's not so bad.

"This is wonderful news!" rejoiced "David," a male prostitute who did not want his full name used. "We've been waiting a long time for the Pope to grant us permission to use condoms. This doesn't come too soon as far as I'm concerned. I know too many people who succumbed to AIDS because the Pope banned them from using rubbers."

Many people saw the slight movement in the granite-like dogma of the Catholic Church as a seismic shift from its previous position that condoms were NEVER EVER justified under any circumstances. It would also seem to contradict on its face the Church's position of just a few years ago that condoms don't prevent AIDS, only abstinence or monogamy does.

But seriously, only jackasses let the pedophile-ridden Catholic Church dictate their sexual behavior to them! This is a Church that has expended great effort to PROTECT pedophile priests and stonewall their victims. (Not to mention its history of horrible tortures and mass murders over the centuries during the Inquisition and other times, and their complicity in numerous fascist regimes in the 20th century.) And considering that the Church's poohbahs are officially asexual, presumably they know NOTHING about sex...

I tremble for Julian Assange

The U.S. has murdered people for a lot less than what Julian Assange, the public face and proprietor of WikiLeaks has already done. After posting U.S. military documents showing massive U.S. complicity in torture of prisoners in Iraq, now WikiLeaks is posting a quarter of a million State Dept. documents that reveal U.S. diplomats tasked with swiping credit card numbers, fingerprints, DNA, even iris (eye) scans (!) and other info from foreign diplomats. (The domestic media has focused on the trivial content, the catty gossip about foreign rulers in the state dept cables.)

As with earlier leaks, the U.S. Government is raising a bogus hue and cry about "endangering lives," which is sheer bullshit. Politicians are bellowing for Assange's arrest and persecution. Congressman Peter King, a jackass generally, demands that WikiLeaks be branded a "terrorist" organization. NBC put him on TV to rant that Assange is killing people, "has blood on his hands" and thus should be treated as a terrorist. [I.e. murdered or kidnapped to a CIA secret torture chamber and then to Guantanamo Bay, the naval base on land the U.S. stole from Cuba when it "liberated" it from Spain.]

AG Eric Holder Jr. (a Clinton regime retread) is vowing criminal charges. Ominous sounds issued from the noise hole of White House chief flack Robert Gibbs ( a real coward when it comes to answering right-wing attacks on his master, Obama), to whit: "this administration thinks it's a big deal." He said "those that have been involved in the stealing of and the dissemination of this information are criminals."

Gibbs said he "wouldn't rule anything out" when it comes to legal action against Wikileaks, stating that in addition to an ongoing criminal investigation the administration is looking at "a whole host of" options. Like what, Gibbs? More frameups on fake charges in other countries? "Dirty tricks"? We know, like JFK, that Obama is enamored of "special ops." It was JFK that brought systematic torture to Latin America, sending thugs like Dan Mitrione to the Southern Hemisphere under the aegis of the "Office of Public Safety" within the "Agency for International Development" to train Latin fascists in torture techniques, [See Office of Public Safety at Wikipedia.]

The U.S. already got their Swedish stooges to bring rape charges against Assange. The U.S. has a history of murdering dissidents generally. Sometimes they murder people by sabotaging planes they're on. Sometimes they arrange traffic "accidents." Sometimes they give people cancer or mysterious fatal illnesses. (As happened to Yasir Arafat, and was planned for Fidel Castro via a thallium poisoning plot when he was visiting New York City.)

Assange also has to worry about being kidnapped from abroad by U.S. Marshals or the DEA. (The DEA lately has branched out into kidnapping arms dealers, most recently Victor Bout, who they busted in Thailand when he fell for DEA agents pretending to be from FARC, the Colombian guerrillas the U.S. labeled "terrorists." Basically a "terrorist" is anyone the U.S. doesn't like. Thus militant environmentalists are "ecoterrorists," peace activists are "supporters of terrorists," etc.)

U.S. courts don't care how someone is dragged into U.S. courts. (Back in the 1950s the FBI kidnapped Morton Sobel, a co-defendant of the Rosenbergs, from Mexico. He was lucky. They only locked him up for 20 years instead of electrocuting him as they did the Rosenbergs.)
Seems like only a matter of time before the gangster U.S. gets Julian, one way or another. Too bad. Only hope is a future world without the U.S.