Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Assange and Pinochet: Two Revealing Extradition Cases

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder and hate object of the U.S. establishment, has lost his latest appeal in Britain to keep him out of the clutches of Sweden, from where he will most likely be handed over to the tender mercies of the U.S. Government and the vindictive Obama regime.

Assange has lost at every stage of the legal process in Britain. But allowing the process to drag on and on with much complicated rigmarole allows the perception of fairness and due process.

Augusto Pinochet, the fascist mass murdering U.S.-installed dictator of Chile and international assassin, also had an extradition case in Britain, pursuant to an arrest warrant issued by a Spanish judge over Spanish citizens murdered by Pinochet. (Pinochet murdered at least 4 U.S. citizens, and the U.S. didn't give a fig[1]) The holding of Pinochet on a country estate while the matter was disposed of provoked howls of outrage from the likes of Margaret Thatcher, who is treated as a Reaganesque icon by the U.S. media and is the subject of a sympathetic biopic starring Meryl Streep, for which she received an Oscar. Thanks, "liberal" Hollywood!

Pinochet was NOT extradicted, despite his undisputable crimes.

Yet in Assange's case, who hasn't even been charged with a crime, and is wanted only, ostensibly, for questioning (oddly, the Swedish prosecutor who is making the extradition demand- not even a judge!- refuses to question him in Britain, as Assange and his lawyers have repeatedly offered), extradition is approved.

So tell me again how there's nothing political in this?

The BBC has been running propaganda stories on the theme that there's no political interference on either Britain's or Sweden's part. What bunk.

And recall that Sweden helped the CIA kidnap at least one Muslim man out of Sweden to be tortured elsewhere in "secret." So Sweden has proven its willingness to "cooperate" with the Godfather of "the West" in "the War On Terrorism."

Well, I guess it could be worse. Many among the U.S. elites have openly called for Assange's execution or assassination.[2] Of course, once he's in a U.S. prison, he can easily be murdered, either by putting carcinogens in his food (as happened to Jack Ruby) or having another prisoner knife him in the shower, etc., etc. There are soooo many ways for them to kill their prisoners. Given the open, rabid hatred of the U.S. political and media classes for Assange, his life is in real danger in the U.S.

1) The four were:

Charles Horman, for years the only known victim. Somehow the fact that Frank Teruggi was murdered at the same time was kept secret by the U.S. media. Apparently his family had less pull.

 Frank Teruggi Jr., a student on the FBI's shitlist for attending a "Conference on Anti-Imperialist Strategy and Action'' held by former Peace Corps volunteers who, the FBI said, ``espouse support of Cuba and all Third World revolutionaries.'' Well he obviously deserved to die for that!

These two were murdered by the Chilean military after getting a green light from a U.S. Army Colonel in Chile. So nice to have the U.S. military protecting "our" security.

Ronni Karpen Moffitt, murdered for riding in a car with Orlando Letelier, who CIA bombmaker Michael Vernon Townley targeted on instructions from DINA, Pinochet's secret police. The Cuban exile terrorists who planted the bomb got off scot-free, and Townley served a mere three years in U.S. prison.

Boris Weisfeiler, a mathematics professor who "disappeared" in 1985. The military seized him while he was hitchhiking in Chile. His body has never been recovered. He was 44. I only ever heard of this victim while doing research for this post! Man, the U.$. media does a good job keeping these crimes quiet!

But boy, an official enemy kills some Americans, and the howls of outrage never cease! 

Double standard, anyone? 

2) Among those who bellowed for Assange's death were "nice" Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Republican Congressman Peter King, foreign toadies of U.S. Imperialism like Canadian "political scientist" Tom Flanagan, an adviser to right wing megalomaniac Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and, predictably, Murdoch's Minions at Fox "News."

Numerous bloodthirsty politicians and neo-fascist windbags have called for Assange's death, including Representatives Mike Rogers and Sarah Palin, William Kristol (spawn of Irving Kristol, an intellectual godfather of "neoconservatism" who urged Nixon to crush campus anti-war protests in the days before the Kent State massacre), and so has Democratic Party poohbah Robert Beckel.

Given Obama's micromanaging of assassinations (now he's putting teenage girls on his death list, as the NY Times revealed 5/28 online and in print 5/29/12) it may come down to his personal decision whether Assange lives or dies, at least until Obama's out of office. [NY Times, "Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will." What a weird title!]

If there ever were a Nuremberg trial for Obama, he can't pretend he was unaware of the drone assassinations as he personally approves every victim on the list. Oh, and now he's given the CIA carte blanche to murder any "military-age" males spotted in certain geographical regions. Amazing.

Partly his motivation is to prevent a "terrorist incident" from spoiling his reelection. He just better hope that his vicious crimes don't boomerang on him by provoking retaliation against American civilians.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dominique “The Satyr” Strauss-Kahn Sues His Victim

One of his victims, that is, namely the hotel maid he forced to perform oral sex on him in New York City. He blames her for the loss of his cushy IMF gig and what he regarded as his sure-thing election as President of France.

How’s that for gall by the super-sexed Gaul?

Monsieur Rocketpants wants a cool one million dollars from the maid (which I’m sure she could easily pay after several lifetimes of wage slavery) for spoiling his “reputation.” 

Funny, I thought he was proud of his promiscuity.

Prior to this, the maid, Nafissatou Diallo, sued The Satyr after the chickenshit punk politico Manhattan D.A., Cyrus Vance Jr. (who was born into the nomenklatura, son of the late Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, someone the New York Times would be calling a “prince” if he was an offspring of the Chinese political elite) dropped the case out of fear of losing. *

Le Grand Ladies Man had tried to kill her suit by claiming diplomatic immunity, a ploy the judge called a “Hail Mary” pass attempt, which he rejected on the grounds that 1) Strauss-Kahn was no longer employed by the IMF, and;  2) he did not invoke diplomatic immunity during the aborted criminal case, as he was in the U.S. on personal business.

Recently, as part of his counteroffensive, Strauss-Kahn has gone on French television to push a conspiracy theory, that what happened in the hotel in NY was all a setup by French intelligence acting at the behest of Sarkozy. (Sarkozy, by the way, gave DSK the IMF job. Which just goes to show what a devious conspiracy it must be!) Known CIA tool Edward Jay Epstein promoted this nonsense with a bunch of pseudo-factoids.+ 

Meanwhile, back in France, land of sophisticated lotharios, Dominique is sinking deeper into trouble around his now-exposed history of participating in international orgies with prostitutes. Strauss-Kahn has already been charged with “aggravated procurement in an organized gang,” meaning procurement, in Lille, France. 

The very desirable DSK claims he had no idea that this regular stream of beautiful young pliable women were being paid. How could he have guessed?  Why would it cross his mind that there isn’t a limitless supply of luscious women just dying to have sex with a fat, old, ugly gnome, year after year, in cities around the world, including D.C.? After all, it’s a privilege to sexually service him, you know. He’s Dominique Strauss-Kahn! A Very Important Man! A mover and shaker, as we say. One of the elite who run the world! That must explain why he bellowed “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” at the hapless hotel housekeeper when she resisted his attempt to rape her.

Furthermore, according to French daily Libération, two Belgian prostitutes questioned in the Lille probe described Mr Strauss-Kahn as using violence during sex at the W Hotel in Washington and forcing a sexual act on one of them over her protests. A bit of “rough stuff.”  Sounds familiar from Nafissatou’s account. Methinks DSK is a bit of a dominator and sadist.

But don’t worry. I’m sure DSK has seen as much of the inside of a jail cell as he’ll ever see. As far as his fellow French ruling class members are concerned, he’s suffered enough. He missed a chance to be President of France, the grandest position on earth. And his reputation! 

I hope he takes that ungrateful housekeeper for all she’s worth!

*To be fair, there is something wrong with Manhattan juries. They refuse to convict rapists for rape. For example, the infamous case last year of the two cops and the drunken woman, where the cops kept returning to her apartment and one raped her; and the case just concluded of a drunken cop who kidnapped a woman at gunpoint and raped her in a backyard. Witnesses called the cops and he was nabbed on the scene. They apparently refused to believe that the woman could tell his penis was in her! They convicted him of sexual assault but not on the rape charge. Luckily the judge still gave him a long prison sentence. In the latter case most of the jurors did want to convict for rape.  A white male lawyer on the panel refused. 

+Epstein was one of the early CIA disinformationists posing as a Warren Commission skeptic in order to muddy the waters and misdirect people. Later he became an open conduit for propaganda from James Jesus Angleton, the demented head of CIA “counterintelligence,” which also ran the totally illegal domestic repression operations of the CIA. Later, Angleton-Epstein disinfo pushed the line that Oswald, the CIA patsy set up as the fall guy and fake “Cuban agent” with an eye to provoking a U.S. invasion of Cuba after the JFK killing, was a Soviet agent. There’s more, but this isn’t the place to deconstruct that particular CIA bullshit. Of course the CIA assassinated both Kennedys, with the FBI, military, and Dallas police as accomplices, and the media as accessories after the fact to this day. But I digress…

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How Many Assassinations Does It Take For Obama and Karzai To Get The Message?

Yet again, the head of Karzai's “Peace Council” has been assassinated by the people he's trying to make peace with. This is the second time this has happened in less than a year. One side is trying to negotiate a peace deal, and the other side is murdering the negotiators!

The victim was formerly with the Taliban. So that “sends a message” (i.e. terrorizes) any other Taliban who might be tempted to “reconcile” with the Karzai regime.

Another sign of how well the U.S.’ “strategy” is working in Afghanistan.

I don't think the Taliban, their fellow-traveler terrorists, and their Paki sponsors/aiders/abetters/protectors/accomplices are looking for peace, reconciliation, or power sharing. Kinda obvious, isn’t it? (1)

Yet Obama and Karzai persist in their delusional strategies. Obama offers the American people the prospect of endless semi-occupation of Afghanistan. Karzai is- well, he's Karzai, a slippery hustler who just wants to snooker the West into continuing to prop him up and shovel billions into the pockets of himself, his relatives, his cronies, and a horde of Afghan leeches.

In 2011, the “Central Bank” of Kabul admits that four billion six hundred million dollars in cold, hard cash, actual physical money, was taken out of the country through Kabul “International Airport.” The thievery is absolutely naked, yet the U.$. media is very quiet about it.

Of course, not every last cent is stolen. Most of the rest is frittered away in Potemkin-village-style demonstration projects and wheel-spinning. And stuff that the Taliban blows up as soon as it gets the chance.

The U.S. is taking billions of dollars of our money and putting it directly into the pockets of looters. For what? To keep up a facḁde of “fighting terrorism” and this paper organization Al-Qaeda, which supposedly barely exists any more. The Obama regime is constantly bragging about the latest terrorist bigwig they’ve assassinated, yet the villains are never defeated. It's an endless comic book war against cartoonishly evil fiends.

The truth is, the U.S. strategy is one of quiet desperation. Like LBJ and Nixon in Vietnam, Obama doesn't want to “lose” a war. The asshole could have pulled out right after his election, by saying “Al-Qaeda was driven out of Afghanistan, and the Taliban were overthrown.” Why is the U.S. obligated to determine the regime in Afghanistan?

Since the real problem is Pakistan, and the U.S. won't go to war with them (in fact that's another gang that's shaken down the U.S. taxpayers for billions, to arm them to menace India, which is the victim of Pakistani terrorism) the situation in fact is hopeless, and throwing billions down a rathole in perpetuity to prop up a loathsome hustler like Karzai is nauseating. Karzai has shown no inclination in over a decade of leeching off the U.S. to create an actual government, provide services for the Afghan people, or do anything other than pose as a “leader.” It's all hollow, pompous theater with that guy.

Speaking of how well things are going in Afghanistan, the newly-assassinated head of the “Peace Council” was unprotected, despite the fact that his predecessor was murdered, and that he had been receiving death threats. I guess death threats are so common in Afghanistan that they don’t merit any particular attention.

Oh, and two British soldiers were just killed by an Afghan “policeman or a man dressed in an Afghan police uniform.” (You can buy such uniforms freely in the bazaars in Kabul, e.g. Yeah, they got things under control there.)

Not to worry, the Afghan “security forces” will be ready to take over by year-end 2014. At least that’s what the U.S. poohbahs keep saying. And the line that U.$. media scribes dutifully regurgitate.

Once in awhile we hear from soldiers on the ground who seem to think exactly the opposite.

One fact- about half the Afghan “security forces” disappear/desert/quit each year. That’s sort of a high attrition rate, wouldn’t you say?

Oh, and hardly any of them can even read or write.

And their commanders are corrupt.

And lots of them are in cahoots with the Taliban or are Taliban infiltrators.

And they can’t fight their way out of a paper bag, except perhaps for the small number who are U.S. Special Forces mascots. (Shades of “South” Vietnam, where U.S. Special Forces similarly cloned Vietnamese versions of themselves, ideologically fanatical and zealous killers.)

Other than all that, everything is “on track,” in Official-Speak.

A footnote on the colossal waste of our money in Afghanistan: the Washington Post just revealed a real scandal- unlike the ginned up pseudo-“scandal” of the GSA conference cum party that didn’t even cost one million dollars, but cost the head of the agency her job, even though she was unaware of it. The State Department signed a ten year contract to build a consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. The building was finished, and then it was finally recognized what was obvious all along- this part of Afghanistan was “dangerous.” (Are there any “safe” parts of Afghanistan?) (2)

This scandal cost $80 MILLION, but no heads are rolling- except possibly the head of the anonymous leaker who gave documents to the Post. That person risked their career, if not criminal prosecution by the vindictive Obama administration.(3)

I guess some scandals are just more scandalous than others.

It turns out that this boondoggle was the doing of the thuggish Richard Holbrooke, who bullied the State Department apparatchiks into approving this total waste.

But Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, that weird, controlled, Queen Bee who has spent her life shimmying up the slippery pole of state power [Notice how alike she and Obama actually are? He’s just better at it.] ran interference for the undeserved reputation of the late and greatly-lamented (by the bourgeois elites) Holbrooke, saying, ““Everything that we have accomplished that is working in Afghanistan and Pakistan is largely because of Richard Holbrooke. It may have to wait until I write my memoirs, but that is a fact.”

Well, if she says it’s a “fact,” it must be. Actual facts be damned.

Explain it to me again, Madame Secretary, what exactly is it that is “working” in that region?

And the “accomplishments”? Well, Al-Qaeda was driven out of Afghanistan- they went elsewhere. And the Taliban were (apparently temporarily) driven from power.

But Bush did that. Holbrooke had nothing to do with it.

Any other “accomplishments?”

Anyway, Holbrooke and Clinton belong to a very charmed, elite club, a mutual admiration society of made members of the U.S. nomenklatura.

Of course, aside from money, there is also the misery caused by maimed and killed Afghans, U.S. soldiers, and aid workers who try to help ungrateful, stubbornly primitive Afghans. No price tag can be put on those losses.

I truly despise the anti-human Taliban and their cynical Paki masters. But unless one is going to go to war with Pakistan, I fail to see any way to “win” this. [Mitt Romney, on the “campaign trail,” during one of the GOP candidate “debates,” attacked Obama in empty rhetorical terms and vowed that he’d attack the Taliban “wherever they are.” What a phony bastard. You’re not gonna go to war with Pakistan, Willard. What a blustering phony.]

1) But apparently not obvious enough for some- like the Obama and Karzai regimes and the U.S. media. For example, NPR, in a brief headline report on the hit (5/13/12, 11 am EST) spun it thusly: “Gunmen dealt a blow to the effort to negotiate a peace agreement with the Taliban” by shooting the Peace Council head. 

As if “gunmen” and “the Taliban” are separate entities. This preserves the illusion that there is a point in “negotiating” with the Taliban as they or their allies murder the negotiators.

But NPR let slip a couple of interesting facts. The assassination was carried out with a silenced gun, and with a single shot. I.e. it was done by highly trained professionals, and they have access to hard-to-get weaponry. To me that indicates that these hitmen are one of the ISI’s cat’s paws.

2) “U.S. abandons consulate site in Afghanistan, citing security risks,” Washington Post, undated article on their website, as all their web articles unprofessionally are, at:

The “print”version online says “published May 5.”

For a compendium of items on waste and futility in Afghanistan, see cashiered and persecuted State Department career official Peter van Buren’s site at

Van Buren is being kicked out of the State Department 6 months shy of retiring (and qualifying for his pension) in retaliation for publishing a book about waste, fraud, and abuse in Iraq. That’s the Obama regime for you.

All those politicians and bureaucrats yammering about how they’re against waste, fraud, and abuse are apparently full of shit. They’re actually FOR it. It’s how their crooked capitalist patrons get paid (out of our pockets) and how they line up cushy post-government sinecures for themselves. More and more, the U.S. Government looks like a big criminal racket.

3) Gee, Obama sure is like Nixon. Not his personality, his behavior. The fact that he sneakily knifes people unemotionally, coldly, calculatingly, not in a frenzy of angry cursing like Nixon, merely makes him more chilling than Nixon. And he’s a much better public liar than Nixon. Nixon always licked his lips nervously and even broke out in a sweat. Apparently Nixon had a conscience, unlike, by all evidence, Obama, who’s cool as a cucumber when he lies, with oh-so-convincing tonal qualities. He’s on a par with Reagan, acting-wise.

But who remembers Nixon? Not the historically-amnesiac American people. And those who didn’t actually live through the horrible Nixon years are taught nothing but exiguous lies in their “history” classes. The same classes that indoctrinate people to view the Confederacy as a noble if misguided enterprise, not a horrible slave empire, and reviles “carpetbaggers” and irresponsible blacks who needed to be put back in their place by the KKK. And that Andrew Johnson was unfairly impeached! In fact he was a virulent racist who openly violated the Reconstruction laws enactly by Congress and thus should have been removed from office.

These days we’re told that Nixon was a liberal! The architect of massive terrorist bombing of Vietnam, of invasions and “secret” bombings of Laos and Cambodia, the architect of the Pinochet coup in Chile, backer of the fascist junta in Greece, overseer of repression and assassination programs against black “militants” and leftist opposition movements- this man is a “liberal” because, we’re instructed, the EPA was created during his term, and he saw the obvious about Russia and China- that they were adversaries, not allies- hell, they fought lethal border skirmishes with each other!- and he played on that division to “open” to China in order to try and “win” the Vietnam war. Which he failed to do.

No, I didn’t mention that little peccadillo, the Watergate burglary. That nothing event is the only black mark on his record as far as the U.S. bourgeoisie are concerned. Which tells you all you need to know about the morality of that bunch.

Trying to bug the Democratic Party? THAT warrants removal from office. Unlike instituting neoslavery via terrorism in the Confederate states!

(Nixon was forced to resign when he was informed that two-thirds of the Senate was ready to vote to convict him. To save his pension, free S.S. guards, free office, and other lifetime perks, he quit.)