Thursday, October 23, 2014

1 Dead Terrorist + 1 Dead Soldier = Increased Police State Power in Canada

So a "terrorist" shot a soldier to death outside a war memorial, and ran into Parliament in Canada, where he was killed. This provides yet another occasion for Western media to go into a paroxysm of terror-threat hyping. Logically, if you wanted to tamp down terrorism, you wouldn't do this, as obviously all the attention brings publicity to the terrorist, inflates their significance, and acts as a recruiting tool for them. It only encourages MORE TERRORISM. (So-called. Why a murder that is ideologically motivated should get the "terrorism" label is purely a political matter. If the Western media didn't TRY TO SCARE PEOPLE every time an incident occurs, where would the "terror" be?)

A hoary trope of "terrorism experts" used to be "publicity is the oxygen of terrorism." They don't say that anymore. Apparently they're in on the game of the Western power elites. "Terrorism" suits their purposes perfectly. As with "drugs," another excuse for ever-increasing police state power and ever-diminishing citizens' rights, "terrorism" is justification for more and more domestic repression and stripping away of the last rights left to citizens and empowering police to do whatever they want to, with impunity. Lately that includes attacking journalists at unwanted protests here in America.

Interesting how an event in Canada IMMEDIATELY results in headline news in all media forms (television, radio, print, online) not just in Canada, but in the U.S., UK, and etc.

We just saw the same thing after the Terrorism Theatre raids in Australia, which netted one whole sword. That took hundreds of cops, with helicopters, to seize. Talk about deliberate threat inflation!
Immediately after, awful Aussie Prime Minister Tony "The Gnome" Abbott dropped a pre-written police state bill on Parliament there.

The same is happening in Canada. Just check out these headlines on the UK Guardian website today: "Canada signals new powers for security agencies" with the subhead "Prime minister says he plans to strengthen counter-terrorism efforts as parliament returns day after shooting." And this is the top story. And Canada's corrupt and venal boss, Stephen Harper, didn't miss the opportunity to beat his chest: "Canada not intimidated by Ottawa shooting – PM" Well bully for you, Harpman.

This comes at a good time for Harper, whose party is at a paltry 26% in national polls ahead of 2015 elections. [1]

Of course, the sinister fascistic Deep State elements of various Western countries sometimes commit false flag terrorist acts themselves,such as they did in New York September 11, 2001, when they arranged with Saudi Intelligence to allow some Islamic stooges to fly planes into two of three buildings pre-wired with demolition explosives. (Or as they did in several European countries under the Gladio operation, using NATO as cover.) [2]

The propaganda system (aka "the free press") plays its part, including the "liberal" organs, in all this.

George Orwell understood all this well. In his masterwork, 1984, the populace was conditioned to hate and fear external enemies. But in Orwell's fiction, the enemies were large nations which were perpetually at war. The way gangs of cutthroat Islamic fanatics are inflated into an existential threat to powerful nation states testifies to the irrationality of the average person, and to how easy it is for those who control media propaganda systems to emotionally manipulate them.

A sick irony in all this is that we citizens are insecure as long as we are held hostage by fascist terrorists with police state power. Yet they claim they need us to surrender to their power completely in order to be "secure" and "safe." But our safety and security isn't their goal. Our powerless enslavement is. Watch the documentaries I have linked to below, and you will understand what I mean.

1]  "Anybody-but-Stephen Harper trend gains momentum: Hébert," Toronto Star of Canada, Oct. 20, 2014.

2] For the demolition of the three buildings in Manhattan on September 11, 2001, see the definitive work of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a group of over 1,000 experts. They have a long documentary on youtube, "9/11: Explosive Evidence -- Experts Speak Out (Full)," a shorter version, "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out (Free 1-hour version),"
and a brief synopsis/highlights video on the top of their youtube page,

For the Gladio terrorist campaign, which was a series of false flag terrorist bombings and assassinations committed by fascist elements in the military and secret police blamed on leftists with the goal of putting right-wingers in power, there is voluminous evidence. See for example "NATO's Secret Armies (2009)" and  "Operation Gladio - BBC Timewatch."

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Arrests in Murder of Venezuelan Congressman and His Companion

The Venezuelan government has announced two arrests in the murder earlier this month of charismatic Congressman Robert Serra and his female companion in his home. Both were stabbed to death in what was deemed a political assassination. Serra's head of security has been arrested- apparently the hit was in part an inside job. Four more culprits are being sought. The Venezuelan government tied the murdered to Colombian so-called "paramilitaries," that is, fascist death squads long backed by the Colombian government and rich elite.

The murders come at a time when the new Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, has been seeking better relations with Venezuela and a peace agreement with FARC rebels. His predecessor, the vicious cutthroat and major landowner Álvaro Uribe Vélez, who founded the death squads, has repeatedly and hysterically denounced in public the efforts of his successor to achieve an internal peace not based on extermination and normal relations with Venezuela. I have a suspicion Uribe arranged the assassinations to sabotage relations with Venezuela. Violence is what fascists always resort to when something blocks them from getting their way.

Uribe was a darling of the U.S. Government, the Obama regime and Obama personally, and the U.S. media. The New York Times practically had a crush on him.

The earlier post right below this one also deals with the Serra murders.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Is U.S. Behind Terrorist Assassination of Charismatic Venezuelan Legislator?


Robert Serra, a member of the Venezuelan Congress, was murdered in his home in Caracas along with a woman (unidentified in the extremely brief account in the U.S.' self-appointed “newspaper of record,” the New York Times). He was only 27. A member of the governing party despised by the U.S. government and media, the Times described him as “a rising star in Venezuela's governing party” and “a lawyer and former student leader.” [1]

Identifying key leaders and murdering them early is standard operating procedure for the U.S. Of course, it's possible that indigenous fascists did this all on their own, without any U.S. guidance or prompting. But the long historical record of the U.S. directing the fascist forces of Latin America, down to the level of providing them with the identities and whereabouts of people to be victimized, makes it probable that the U.S. has more blood dripping from its fingers. [2]

The New York Times didn't consider this major act of political terrorism against an “enemy” regime particularly noteworthy. (In contrast to the huge display of “shock” and “horror” over the Islamonazis calling themselves the “Islamic State” chopping off the heads of four- so far- Westerners. That's a much bigger deal than the thousands of non-”white” people IS has murdered so far. And by the way, the U.S.' Good Buddies, the Saudi rulers, chop off heads weekly, including those of women they “convict” of “sorcery.” That is happening as I type. But the Saudis, the font of this vicious ideology, are said to be “allies” in the fight against IS. Sure.)

1] “Venezuela: Lawmaker Killed in His Home, Police Say.” October 3rd. The Times devoted all of a column-inch, and five sentences, squeezed into a third of the page-width on the bottom of page A11 for this.

Another unimportant (to the NY Times) story shoehorned into the same bottom corner of the page gives the briefest “coverage” the Kiev regime in Ukraine murdering a Red Cross official by bombarding the Red Cross office in Donetsk with artillery fire. See “Western Client Regime in Ukraine Shells Red Cross Office, Killing Administrator.

2] Five examples, of thousands, come to mind of how the U.S. orchestrates mass political torture and murder. 1: The Phoenix Program in Vietnam, run by William Colby, in which the CIA directly ran U.S. death squads that assassinated around 50,000 Vietnamese. 2: The 1965 massacre of 800,000 in Indonesia, which the CIA instigated. 3: Operation Condor, in which Henry Kissinger gave the fascist military dictators of the “Southern Cone” of South America permission to run an international assassination program against their “enemies.” This included the carbombing assassination in Washington, D.C., of Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt. 4: The Chilean coup of 1973, planned and set in motion by the CIA and U.S. military. A U.S. Navy Captain instructed the Chilean military to murder two American citizens, Charles Horman and Louis Teruzzi, considered “leftists.” 5: Phil Agee, the late CIA officer, describes CIA operations of providing names to Latin fascist regimes of people to arrest, torture, and murder.

Western Client Regime in Ukraine Shells Red Cross Office, Killing Administrator

The Kiev regime has been shelling the cities of the eastern Ukraine that it doesn't control for months. Now it has hit the offices of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the breakaway city of Donetsk with a number of artillery shells, indicating the attack was deliberate. A 38 year old Swiss national, cut down in the prime of life, was murdered in the bombardment. His name was Laurent DuPasquier.

The Kiev regime no doubt wants to terrorize the Red Cross and other organizations out of the east in order to more rapidly starve and freeze the inhabitants of the region into submission.

How's that for an atrocity? If the “rebels” (those who reject the coup regime) had done it, you could be sure the Western media would be screeching about it. But it was their boys, so there's barely a mention.

Here's how the self-anointed U.S. “newspaper of record,” the haute bourgeois New York Times “covered” it.

The New York Times ran a one-inch blurb about it. On a page that's 22 inches by 12 inches, one column inch by 3 and a half inches across. It was one of five items under “World Briefing,” a section taking up a sixth of page A11 October 3rd. [1]

If high-handedly dismissing this atrocity as insignificant wasn't bad enough, the Times compounds its crime by trying to disguise the culprits' identities. “It was not immediately clear who fired the shells at the office, which is in the city's center. The fighting in eastern Ukraine has not abated despite a cease-fire agreement.” The End. Bylined “Andrew Roth.”

Yeah, maybe the rebels are shelling the city they control. That makes sense.

On the other hand, it apparently was “immediately clear” that rebels shot down that Malaysian airliner earlier this year. (Only now it's turning out it may have been regime jet fighters. But while the Malaysian press ran that story, the U.S. media didn't.) [2]

Bending over backwards to protect their allies isn't new for the Times. For example, when an American cop egregiously murders a black or Hispanic, the Times explanation is that “the gun went off.” Guns shoot themselves, didn't you know? Likewise, the Times is a big fan of U.S.-backed dictators.

On the other hand, when official enemies are accused of wrongdoing, the shrieks of media outrage rise to the very heavens. We can guess how the Times would handle the story if a rebel shell hypothetically hit a Red Cross office in Kiev. (Kiev of course isn't under bombardment.) The headline would run across the top of Page One.

How do you like your hypocritical double-standards? Straight-up, or with a chaser of moral condemnation for the “bad” guys?

Speaking of atrocities, Reuters posted a video October 1st about the Kiev cabal shelling a school playground. See “Ukraine shelling hits school playground, killing at least 10 people.”

1] The Times managed to commit two crimes in the same “World Briefing” section. Another item mentions in similarly exiguous fashion the terrorist murder of a Venezuelan lawmaker in his home. CIA plot, anyone? Fascist terrorism is one of the “tools” in the U.S. “toolbox.” See “Is U.S. Behind Terrorist Assassination of Charismatic Venezuelan Legislator?

2] See “US analysts conclude MH17 downed by aircraft," August 7th, 2014, in the Malaysian New Straits Times, a paper with close ties to the Malaysian government. The article mistakenly identified Robert Parry as an AP reporter. He was once, in the past. But being too honest a journalist to last there, he has had to become an independent journalist. This Western media has shown its usual incredible lockstep discipline in ignoring the story completely. Who needs a state-controlled media when a “free” press functions exactly the same as one?

Obviously the U.S. corporate propaganda system doesn't want any questioning or doubt about the U.S. line that the rebels shot down the airliner. So far, the public evidence is mixed on what happened. The Russians released radar tracks purporting to show Kiev regime jets chasing the airliner. Stephen Cohen, a retired American professor of Russian history, says that the Kiev regime has never released the recordings of the communications from the airliner crew, and the British won't reveal the black box contents. The Dutch are claiming the rebels shot down the plane. And there's those audio tapes the Kiev regime made public purportedly of rebels talking about their missile shooting down the plane, which in the tapes they express surprise when they discover at the crash site that it was a civilian airliner