Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Revenge of ISIS?

A few weeks ago the U.S. proudly dropped the "largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal" on a cave complex to kill some ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan. The bomb apparently killed a few of them, and was used to gain a tactical advantage.

Now a huge truck bomb was set off adjacent to the "Green Zone" in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, near the German embassy. So far, 90 people, mostly just passersby, including women and children, have been killed, and about 400 wounded. No claim of responsibility has been issued. The Taliban have denied it was them. One report claims a group "affiliated with" the Taliban may have committed the atrocity.

Usually ISIS likes to brag about its crimes. So maybe it wasn't them. But I suspect it may have been their response to the Big Bomb dropped on them earlier by the U.S. Time will possibly tell.

Sometimes various terrorists decide after a particularly gruesome atrocity that the PR or "optics" as the U.S. nomenklatura refers to the public impression, is bad. So they keep quiet.

Among the wounded were eleven U.S. "contractors." That means they work for a company hired by the U.S. to do various tasks. Sometimes "contractor" is a euphemism for hired, mercenary killer.

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