Thursday, June 15, 2017

Slow-Motion Coup Against Trump Takes The Obvious Next Step

Well, who couldn't have seen this one coming?

"Special Counsel" Robert Mueller, who was head of the dreaded secret police agency, the FBI, for 12 years, has expanded his criminal investigation to include obstruction of justice charges against the president of the U.S., Donald Trump. Ostensibly he was appointed to "investigate" possible collusion between Russian "meddling in Our Election" and the Trump campaign. In short order, the "investigation" has been "expanded" and the true target has been made manifest.  [1]

We learned this not through any official announcement, but by the usual method, the surreptitious planting of "news" in complicit media organs.

This latest step in the campaign to neutralize/remove Trump follows the pattern of so many of the previous steps. Elements of the Deep State illicitly "leak" (plant) a story with cooperative media of choice, this time the Washington Post, the hometown newspaper of the power elite of the capital city of the U.S. empire,  with damaging information aimed at Trump. (The other favorite receptacle of the secret police for their excretions is the New York Times. The media pack of running dogs then take the stories from those papers and run with them.)  Next, the Trump camp, often Trump himself, futilely issues an ineffectual verbal counterattack, which is always brushed off by the media.  In this case, Trump's lawyer shrieked his outrage about the leak. (Many of the leaks have been criminal acts under U.S. law, namely the providing of classified information to people not authorized to receive it- namely "journalists. The criminals are either secret policemen of the FBI, CIA, or NSA, or polticians with security clearances.)

So now, for the first time, Trump is a target of a criminal probe. This shortly after Trump finally got public acknowledgement that he hadn't been under investigation all along, before now. (He could never get the FBI boss he recently fired, James Comey, to public state that Trump wasn't under investigation, even though he wasn't. Comey speciously justified keeping a black cloud like this over the head of the president of the U.S., in his recent orchestrated testimony before the Senate "Intelligence" Committee.)

While Mueller, the designated hatchetman du jour, violates ethical an legal standards by sneakily planting a story in the complicit press, we are simultaneously subjected to a propaganda campaign extolling the same Mueller as a paragon of virtue and uprightness, a man of sterling integrity. J. Edgar Hoover himself didn't have a more fawning press.

The upshot of the campaign to get rid of Trump is that the secret police are made ever more supreme in the hierarchy of U.S. power. This is latest contribution of the Democratic Party to constructing the U.S. police state. Starting with Woodrow Wilson, the man who initiated the modern U.S. police state, imprisoned anyone who dared voice oppostion to World War I or the draft and gave us the hated Espionage Act, through FDR, then Truman, who created the CIA and NSA, then LBJ, who unleashed every element of the secret police state on the anti-war and black power movements, to Obama, who perfected NSA total domestic electronic surveillance and used the Espionage Act bequeathed to him by Wilson to terrorize and persecute whistleblowers, the Democratic Party, far from being "liberal," has proven itself a politically repressive menace.

But it must be noted in passing that Donald Trump is one of the most monumental assholes that has ever existed.

1]  The list of crimes against human rights committed by Mueller when he was boss of the FBI is way too extensive and detailed to adequately summarize here. There was a systematic campaign of entrapment operations to create fake "terror plots" which the FBI then "smashed." Books and articles have been written exposing this fraudulent political theater. And the FBI of course continued  the practices it has throughout its existence, of warrantless burglaries, planting of spy devices, harassment, sabotage, theft, and overall persecution of all manner of political dissidents of a progressive persuasion and people the FBI just doesn't like. The use of illegal NSA intercepts to bring criminal cases became institutionalized under Mueller. See "Robert Mueller Arrogated To Himself Sweeping Power To Ignore U.S. Constitution."

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