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U.S. Bourgeois Political and Media Elites In A Tizzy Because Trump Said Mean Things About One Of Their Number

Tongues are clucking and fingers are wagging at Donald Trump, the current president of the U.S. (and thus the man in charge of maintaining and expanding U.S. global dominance and preserving the hegemony of billionaires everywhere possible) for insulting Mika Brzezinski.

For something like 99.999% of the world's population, Mika Brzezinski is an unknown person. But U.S. political and media elites, who genuinely feel themselves to be at the center of the universe, have the attitude that they are "everybody." In fact, the words "everyone" and "everybody" have been used in regard to this pathetic contretemps.

For days on end now, if you turn on a radio or television, or look at a news website, you're deluged with the scandal du jour, Trump's Meanness to Mika. The U.S. media actually thinks this is something Important. (Apparently any club, or stick, or twig, with which to beat on Trump, will do.) The Washington Post, the hometown "news"paper of the capital city of the global U.S. empire, has numerous articles on its homepage devoted to this trivial story, all breathless in their outrage, shock, and indignation at the caddish, "inappropriate" (the mildest term of condemnation being used in the deluge of denunciations against Trump) behavior of Trump.

Brzezinski is where she is because her Daddy was the notorious imperialist apparatchik Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Polish emigre who harbored a lifelong hatred for and grudge against Russia. Brzezinski was the Man with the Plan to sucker-punch the Soviet Union by luring it into invading Afghanistan. In fact, it  is true to say that if it hadn't been for U.S. machinations, the Soviet Union probably would never have invaded that country. The U.S. conspired to place a regime hostile to the S.U. in power in Afghanistan. Brzezinski, who was the "National Security" Advisor to U.S. president James Earl Carter, advised Carter that the Soviets could be sucked into a war in Afghanistan to bloody their nose, as it were, and as "payback" for the U.S.' self-inflicted Vietnam War (really Indochina War, as the U.S. devastated Cambodia and Laos in addition to destroying Vietnam) debacle.

Brzezinski is the co-host of a pointless TV show on MSNBC, hosted by her lover, Joe Scarborough, called, modestly, "Morning Joe." Scarborough was previously a Republican Congressman, so of course he is a right-winger. This ego trip program is centered around Scarborough spouting his opinions- and he has opinions on every topic, free of any special insight or edifying analysis- with others sitting around a table on a studio set to chat, and with power-system guests, meaning various politicians, polemicists, and what passes for "experts" in the pantheon of the U.S. propaganda system.

Scarborough was a Trump enthusiast and booster, but once the bourgeois elite turned against Trump with a vengeance, Scarborough duly sailed his little media boat with the tide and turned against Trump. So both he and his lover/co-host turned into harsh critics of Trump.

Eventually Trump responded as he always does when he perceives hostility or even resistance, with insults. He called Dear Mika "dumb," and this was taken as something beyond the pale by the blatherariat and various politicians. He claimed she turned up at Mar-a-Lago, Trump's personal Florida Xanadu, with her paramour, bleeding from her face from recent plastic surgery. Trump says the duo repeatedly sought admission through the Magic Gates, and were repeatedly turned away. The media elite were duly aghast at the unflattering comments about one of their own. Republican politicians weighed in, harrumphing that Trump should can the trash talk, as it was unseemly, beneath the dignity of the president (it's certainly not beneath Trump's personal dignity!) and, of course, "a distraction" from important matters, like gutting Medicaid for millions of people, lavishing billions in tax reductions on the ultra-rich, neutralizing the Environmental Protection Agency, increasing the military budget by 11%, and so on. (In that case, let's hope the "distractions" continue for however long Trump remains inflicted on the world as U.S. Emperor.)

Scarborough/Brzezinski then retailed a story asserting that Trump's minions threatened them with a hatchet job in the so-called "National Enquirer," controlled by Trump's longtime friend, admirer, and ally, David Pecker, unless they apologized to Trump and called him to beg him to spike the story. The Washington Post helpfully provided an op-ed slot for Joe and Mika to feed this story to the public.

Pecker rules a stable of pseudo-newspapers, burlesque versions of actual newspapers, that are placed weekly in racks right at tens of thousands of supermarket checkout lines. Thus millions of people see their covers and lurid headlines every week, and are at least subliminally influenced by them. Pecker's rags, with their drumbeat of Trump-boosting covers during the campaign for the presidency, no doubt aided Trump's "victory." (He actually lost to Clinton by 2.9 million votes, but under the bizarre system of U.S. "democracy," he won in the so-called Electoral College, which is what counts, not who people actually vote for.) [1]

Trump's side denied the Scarborough/Brzezinski extortion story, but it seems credible to me.

The Epitome of Elegance: the very debonair David Pecker

Even though Trump is besieged by hundreds of media voices and political hacks, he apparently never tires of punching back, and indeed of picking new fights, gratuitously, as when he speciously attacked the Mayor of London in the wake of a terrorist attack there on June 3. [2] I don't see Trump tiring of the constant conflict, because he thrives on it. Unlike what is often said about bullies, he is no coward. In fact, he's a lot gutsier than his predecessor, Barack "The Drone Assassin" Obama, who always, always, shied away from taking on the GOP, and made numerous attempts to appease them. Likewise he rewarded Israeli prime minister Binjamin Netanyahu for heaping years of abuse and insults directed at him with a 10-year, $38 billion dollar gift of U.S. weapons, paid for by American taxpayers. [3]

One could expect no end to the media's high dudgeon against Trump's rudeness to Mika until another factoid comes along for Trump's power establishment enemies to wax indignant and outraged over. Sure enough, something came along, in the form of a dopey 28-second video of Trump tackling someone at a burlesque "professional wrestling" show, with a CNN logo superimposed on the "victim's" head. Trump tweeted the video (allegedly the work of a known white racist) and the media were off to the races again. CNN issued a pained statement about Trump inciting violence against journalists and neglecting the duties of the presidency.

 And all the while, the major propaganda offensive, "Russian meddling/interference in Our Democracy" has been non-stop political theme music for months now. The Democrats and most of the corporate media (and the prime movers behind this campaign, the secret police agencies FBI, CIA, and FBI that are the beating fascist heart of the Deep State) hope to build that into a crescendo that will oust Trump from the White House.

We shall see. This should be interesting. For the objective, perspicacious analysis that reveals the hidden truth, check back here regularly.

Poor Mika and Joe! Bullyboy Donald keeps PICKING on them!

MEANEST President EVER! He hurt Mika's feelings! And he exterminated Native Americans! And lots of Filipinos! And overthrew governments and imposed murderous fascist regimes in those countries! And he NUKED two defenseless cities! And laid waste to Vietnam and Cambodia and Laos! And... Oh wait, that was other presidents. Never mind.....

1]  An example of Pecker using the rags he controls to help Trump was his publication during the GOP presidential primaries of a photo of Ted Cruz's fascist fanatic father next to CIA agent (not CIA officer) Lee Harvey Oswald, with the imputation that Cruz senior was involved in the JFK assassination, for which Oswald was the fallguy. When Trump picked up on this, he was roundly denounced by much of the media blatherariat, who are ever-alert and allergic to any examination of that assassination. (The picture proves nothing about Cruz senior's involvement with the JFK hit, of course.) Ted Cruz was also running for the GOP nomination for president at the time.

For a timely description of Pecker, his "career" as a purveyor of media garbage, and his intimate ties to Trump, see "The National Enquirer’s Fervor for Trump ," The New Yorker, July 3, 2017 issue.

2]  See "Anti-Muslim Bigot & Demagogue U.S. President Trump Slimes London Mayor After Terrorist Attack," June 5, 2017.

3]  Two caveats to the Obama Cowardly Bully thesis. One is that he was a reactionary, who never had any intention of even trying to enact progressive policies. All his campaign rhetoric to the contrary was standard  Democratic Party deception, perfected over several decades by that vile gang. Second, one wonders if he was trying to "triangulate" in the manner of his predecessor as president, fellow accomplished-con-man Bill "Mass Murderer Times 4" Clinton. Clinton outflanked Congressional Republicans on their right, gutting welfare and instituting 60 new Federal death penalty crimes, among other things. Then-leader of the House GOP, the political mountebank Newt Gingrich, felt compelled to go along. Obama tried something similar with his healthcare "reform," devised originally by the far-right wing Heritage Foundation. To his surprise, the Republicans in Congress adamantly refused to provide even a single vote for it. Apparently Obama hadn't read the news reports of Senate GOP Boss Mitch McConnell stating the Republican priority for the Obama regime- to ensure its "failure." The fact that the Gang Of Plunderers announced in advance their plan for total obstructionism wasn't enough to stop Appeaser-In-Chief Obama from repeatedly trying to craft rightwing legislation they would support. And when Obama was first elected, the Democrats held majorities in both Congressional chambers, and could have enacted progressive legislation. But then, this is a party that has had ample opportunities to repeal the anti-labor Taft-Hartley Act of 1947, which is a key factor in the destruction of labor unions in the U.S. Yet they never had.

Unions that continue to support the Democratic Party are the equivalent of abused wives who never leave their abuser.

Still, the thesis stands. Obama consistently kow-towed to the powerful (like the financial industry) and took out his wrath on the weak, such as when he ordered the assassination of the 16-year-old son of Anwar al-Awlaki (who was driven into exile by the FBI and became a propagandist for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) and arranged for the Egyptian secret police to break the arm of peace agitator Medea Benjamin in retaliation for interrupting one of his orotund, mendacious speeches. Or keeping political prisoner and then Army soldier Chelsea Manning naked for a year in a Marine Corps brig prior to being railroaded for revealing U.S. crimes to the world via a document transfer to WikiLeaks. Or the incredible persecution of Julian Assange. Or many more examples. For an excellent documentary on some of the lengths the U.S. has gone to "neutralize" Assange, using Britain and Sweden (and even Assange's native Australia) as willing puppets, see "Sex, Lies and Julian Assange," by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 4 Corners Program. It used to be available free on youtube, but now you have to pay. I downloaded it before that happened.

For Medea Benjamin, See "Obama Has Egyptian Military Regime Break American Peace Activist's Arm," March 8, 2014, and "Medea Benjamin’s Arm 'Wakes Me Up Every Single Night in Pain,'*" July 2, 2014.

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