Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oh, the Outrage! Russia is Selling Air Defense Missiles to Iran!

Yes, it's true. The Russians are jumping the gun. Before any nuclear agreement has been signed with Iran, they've announced that they're selling almost a billion dollars worth of anti-aircraft missiles to the Devil Iran. They are blatantly ignoring the anti-Iran sanctions and acting as if Iran has a right to self-defense. This in open defiance of the U.S.-organized stranglehold on Iran.

So those treacherous Russians are at it again. They're failing to conform to U.S. diktat. Don't they get it? The U.S. rules the world. How many times do they have to be told that?

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, made a few somewhat pointed comments in announcing the sale. [1]

He noted that the weapons were purely defensive, and thus a threat to no one.

Mr. Lavrov apparently doesn't understand the definition of the world “threat.” A “threat,” as defined by the U.S., and Israel too, which is germane here, means a country that needs to be attacked. For example, Iraq was a “threat” to the U.S. in 2003, necessitating its invasion and conquest. A “threat” is also the existence of a government or political entity that defies the wishes of the U.S. or Israel or opposes them in any way. Thus it is “threatening” if Iran might be able to shoot down U.S. or Israeli warplanes that are bombing it. Aggression is self-defense, and self-defense is aggression. This is how reality is inverted by propaganda. (You see why Russia too is a “threat” because it refuses to roll over and play dead as NATO pushes right up to Russia's borders, a doublecross of the deal Gorbachev made to allow the reunification of Germany. And it won't let the U.S. take over Ukraine, another “threat.”)

We would like to know, Misters Lavrov and Putin, what will you say to the families of any U.S. or Israeli pilots who are shot down while bravely bombing Iran? Your evil defensive missiles are certainly a threat to those noble pilots doing their duty! How will you answer to them for your crime?

Lavrov also referenced the U.S.-backed Saudi aggression against Yemen, conducted while the Saudis keep screeching about Iranian aggression in Yemen (nonsense that is echoed by the U.S. power establishment) as indicating a need at this time for Iran to be concerned with defending itself. (Not to mention the ever-present, decades-long threat of U.S. or Israeli aerial assault. Which would be on top of the planted explosives, the assassinations, the computer sabotage, and who knows what else those two parties have actually done and keep doing to Iran- and the continuation of this covert violence is by no means ruled out by the outline agreement for a nuclear deal with Iran released by the White House at the start of April.) But everyone knows that what's happening in Yemen is all Iran's fault (everyone who accepts Saudi and Western propaganda without question, that is).

And Lavrov even had the cheek to assert that Russia needed the money from the missile sale because of U.S.-EU sanctions imposed on Russia over Ukraine! (The price tag in U.S. dollars is around $800 million.)

Well, Sergey, let us explain something to you! Sanctions were imposed on Russia for a very good reason. Russia outrageously moved to defend its own interests in a state on its very border, Ukraine, which, although 5,000 miles away from the U.S., rightly belongs in the U.S. bloc. If you Russians weren't so intent on restarting the Cold War and conquering all of Europe, maybe you'd understand this self-evident fact. It's very naughty of you to try and evade your punishment for your misbehavior! [2]

As if this weren't bad enough, now Russia has been cozying up to China, in an attempt to counter the fair and just U.S.-EU sanctions on Russia. Russia knows damn well it's supposed to join the U.S. in containing China, not allying with it! When is Russia going to start behaving properly so it can join the Civilized Community of Nations? (CCN, an imaginary, purely rhetorical club of countries that do the bidding of the U.S.)

Defending its core strategic interests in Ukraine, trying to counter sanctions it deserves to have inflicted on it, selling purely defensive weapons to a nation the U.S. and Israel want to keep under threat of aerial attack- how much more of this does Putin expect the West to put up with?

Some people are just nasty thugs, I guess. What can you expect from a former secret policeman? So unlike civilized leaders, like George H.W. Bush, 41st president of the U.S. and former Director of the CIA! (Well, he DID help murder Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt in that earlier job, but they deserved to die. As the terrorist bombmaker Michael Vernon Townley explained, they were enemy soldiers in a war. And all those Cuban exile terrorists Bush the Elder protected? They're Freedom Fighters.TM Anyway, his son Jeb wanted to be Governor of Florida.)

1] Lavrov said: "I want to stress that S-300 is an air defense missile system, which is of a purely defensive nature. It is not designed for attacks and will not put at risk the security of any regional state, including Israel. But for Iran, taking into account a very tense situation in the region surrounding it, modern anti-aircraft systems are of great importance. Proof of this is the rapid and very worrying recent developments around Yemen and the development of a military situation around this country."

2] Actually 4,881 miles as the crow flies from Washington, DC to Kiev, Ukraine. Or 7,855 kilometers, if you prefer.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Iran’s Big Boss Demands All Sanctions Be Lifted At Beginning of Nuclear Deal

Iran’s ultimate ruler, “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah  Ali Kamenei, has publicly announced that foreign sanctions against Iran must be lifted when Iran signs the nuclear deal complying with the foreign demands to cripple its nuclear program. This is completely at odds with the 4-page outline agreement the White House released at the beginning of April. That outline specifies that Iran FIRST has to comply with all the terms imposed on it and then some sanctions will be eased. So the theocratic autocrat of Iran has just dumped a bucket of cold water on the deal. Perhaps this is a negotiating ploy, and the sides will come to some compromise by June. The Iranian officials who negotiated the outline agreement already contradicted the Obama regime’s written outline before this. (An actual deal is supposed to be agreed by June 30.)

Under the outline released by Obama’s White House, all sanctions will not be lifted even AFTER Iran complies with the diktat of the six nations ganging up on it. (The so-called P5+1; the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, which are the U.S., UK, France, Russia, and China, plus Germany.) For one thing, the White House outline specifically states that sanctions that were imposed to punish Iran over “support for terrorism,” “human rights,” and ballistic missiles, are unaffected. (That’s rich, given that the U.S. is the greatest cause of terrorism in the world since 1945, by far; it is responsible for massive “human rights violations”- torture and murder- all over the world in numerous countries by installing and supporting fascist regimes; and of course has two large ballistic missile arms, one for the Air Force, one for the Navy, carrying nuclear warheads, on land and in submarines. Each missile has up to 12 nuclear warheads, independently targetable.)

For another thing, regarding just the sanctions the U.S. Congress imposed on Iran ostensibly over its nuclear program, ONLY the U.S. Congress can actually LIFT those sanctions, as opposed to the president temporarily suspending them. And given that the U.S. Congress is slavishly loyal to the State of Israel, this will never happen unless there’s a pro-Israeli regime in Tehran. [1] After the White House unveiled the outline, Netanyahu immediately demanded that any deal must include Tehran’s recognition of Israel, ceasing support for “terrorism,” and basically withdrawing from the region Iran inhabits. (Israel of course is free to continue to attack neighboring countries and maintain a nuclear arsenal of hundreds of weapons, not to mention continue its daily gross violations of human rights. But mentioning any of that is either “anti-Semitic” or the mark of a “self-hating” Jew. So we won’t mention it. I hate being called names, don’t you?)

And there will never be a pro-Israeli regime in Tehran (not as long as the Israelis keep oppressing the Palestinians, at any rate) unless the U.S. manages to overthrow the Iranian government, and maybe reestablish the Peacock Throne and put the Shah’s son on it. (I’m being facetious- I hope. With some of the fanatical reactionaries in the U.S. power structure, one cannot assume any degree of rationality. These are people who blew up three buildings in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001, and ever since everyone is pretending two airplanes did it. If you can get away with that, you probably think you can get away with anything. [2])

The next president will be even more “pro-Israeli” than Obama is. Obama has gagged a little at some of the shit Israel has forced him to eat. (Like announcing “settlement” expansion at the exact moment a high U.S. official like VP Joseph Biden is visiting Israel, or arranging for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address his puppet U.S. parliament behind Obama’s back.) It’ll either be Hillary Clinton, or some Republican. Either way, the next U.S. president will be ardently Zionist, out of fear or conviction or a combination of the two. So that president will immediately be under intense pressure to unsuspend any sanctions Obama suspended. Then Iran will have the worst of both worlds. It will have largely dismantled its nuclear program and handed over its stockpile of enriched uranium, plus destroyed the core of the Arak power reactor, and STILL be getting economically crushed, since the U.S. controls the world financial and banking system, and oil is sold in U.S. dollars, and the U.S. has the power to punish nations and foreign companies that violate ITS sanctions on Iran (or on Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, etc.).

But at that point, ex-president Barack Obama can claim that was his clever plan all along!
Of course, the real goal is what is euphemistically called “regime change,” that is, overthrowing the government of Iran. Now I don’t particularly care if the horrid religious autocrats who impose themselves on the Iranian people are overthrown. I hope someday they are. But Iranians will have to do it. 

Remember the last time “the West” overthrew the Iranian government was when it was a democracy, back in 1953, when the president, Mossadegh, was smeared as a communist and deposed in a CIA-MI-6 organized coup, complete with mob violence and black agit-propaganda. (The usual CIA playbook, used over and over.) The horrible Shah was installed as dictator, compiling the worst human rights record in the world according to Amnesty International, killing 250,000 Iranians during his rule, and finally being overthrow in 1979. Then, AFTER the U.S. granted him refuge, the U.S. embassy in Tehran was seized in response, and discovered to be a nest of espionage, subversion, and “covert ops” (crimes); in other words, a typical U.S. embassy. The U.S. then stole billions of dollars from Iranian bank accounts, which it proceeded to hand out to foreign (especially U.S.) corporations that had sweetheart contracts with the Shah’s regime. Even unfulfilled contracts were paid off involuntarily. To this day the World Looter U.S. holds Iranian assets.

But nowadays, things are different. With the demise of the Soviet Union and the capitalist road taken by the one-party dictatorship of China, run by the absurdly misnamed “Communist” Party of China, “communist” has been replaced as a political curse word and license to commit mass murder and mayhem by the epithet “terrorist.” So now one’s enemies, be they environmentalists, peace activists, anti-Wall Street, protesters, or whoever, are “terrorists.” (No joke. That’s what the FBI and police in the U.S. call them, in private. Our state fascists like to be discreet, you understand.)

So do you see the great changes that have occurred? Different nomenclature now. In “the West” at any rate. Not in China, where the rulers still babble in a cheap burlesque pseudo-socialist lingo, a sort of pigeon Marxism, and where Mao’s successors and inheritors of the totalitarian system he built still pretend to be “communists.” As indeed Mao pretended to be. A system of totalitarian socialism with a cult ruler at its apex is the diametrical opposite of communism. Communism means no state, that is, no government, and no classes, meaning complete equality of economics and power. It is a pure democracy, where all power is in effect communal. It may be a utopian fantasy or an actual human possibility, but it most certainly was NOT what the Soviet Union was, what China was or is, what North Korea is, what the auto-genocidal Khmer Rouge brought to Cambodia, what the relatively benign Cuban dictatorship is. That’s just a matter of definition. And Karl Marx defined communism, not I.

Anyway, good luck to the political rulers in Tehran, Washington, D.C., Jerusalem, and elsewhere. Thank you for bringing peace and prosperity to your subjects.

1] The evidence of Israeli control of Congress is voluminous and overwhelming, and well documented by now. A particularly stark manifestation of Congress’ slavish submission to Israel is the rapturous frenzy with which “the representatives of the American people,” as they cynically style themselves, greeted the Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu earlier this year, when he and Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner stuck their thumbs in Obama’s eye by having Netanyahu address Congress without even telling Obama.  It looked like a totalitarian ruler appearing before his puppet parliament. Unreal. And it took chutzpah to deliberately insult the head of the World’s Only Superpower, on which Israel depends for support. Alan Dershowitz would approve. See “Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's Full Speech To Congress (March 3, 2015).” His name is misspelled in that title. It’s Binyamin. Back when he was still an American some decades ago, he went by the moniker Ben Nitay.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Why Has the U.S. Abandoned Its Citizens in Yemen?

Because they’re of Yemeni extraction. Pure and simple.

And ironic, given that the U.S. president is “black.” Apparently blacks can be bigots too.

Also there’s apparently a presumption on the part of the U.S. secret police and Imperialist managers that any American in Yemen must be up to no good. (That’s the same logic that got hundreds of men who happened to be in Afghanistan when the U.S. attacked, branded as “terrorists” when bounty hunters and the cynical Pakistani government sold them to the U.S. for torture and shipment to Guantanamo Bay. Out of about 800 unfortunates consigned to the tender mercies of the U.S. military and CIA at that military gulag, there are about 50 whom the U.S. still insists are “terrorists.” Some really were members of Al-Qaeda or the Taliban.) 

Numerous other nations have been evacuating not only their own citizens from Yemen, but those of other nations too. Not the U.S. 

China saved 600 of its own citizens plus the citizens of numerous other countries. Russia evacuated civilians. India is flying jetliners into Sana’a international airport and flying out overloaded planeloads of Indian and other civilians. That civilian airport was one of the first targets the Saudi savages bombed, according to the BBC. (A BBC correspondent also described bombed-out hangers in an April 9th broadcast.)

Even Somalia has managed to send a ship to evacuate its nationals. Somalia is barely  a nation anymore.

But the Mighty U.S. of A., with the world’s most powerful military and major bases all around Yemen in places like Bahrain, is pretending to be helpless to lift a finger to help its own citizens leave the besieged country. 

The U.S. split from its embassy a few weeks ago. After that, U.S. “special forces” cut and ran from their Yemeni base, leaving behind half a billion dollars worth of military gear. (Wonder whose hands all that is going to fall into.)

But it’s not one-hundred-percent correct to say that the U.S. government has provided no help at all to Americans in Yemen. It offered to pass along their pleas for help to their families by posting messages on the State Department website.

Well, thank YOU, “Uncle Sam”! You really go the extra mile to “protect Americans.”
But the U.S. has some company in abandoning its citizens. “Great” Britain has done the same. This is the ultimate U.S.-stooge country that almost always marches loyally behind the U.S. in its footsteps. [1]

Apparently the Obama regime and the secret police state he backs to the hilt assume that if an American is ethnically Arab, or believes in Islam, they’re a “terrorist,” especially if they travel to Muslim lands.

And here’s a kicker. An American, who Obama caused to be imprisoned in Yemen since 2010 as a “terrorist suspect” in U.S. secret police jargon, fears he’s about to die in jail there. Sharif Mobley is a Muslim convert with a wife and three children in America. And guess what else?

He’s a black American.

Obama-irony squared!

The behavior of Obama’s State Department makes clear that the U.S. government wants Sharif to die in Yemen. If Mobley comes back alive, he will be talking about what the Obama regime did to him for the past five years. [2]

The same logic led Obama to order the murder of Anwar al-Awlaki's 16-year-old son two weeks after killing the father. The son was obviously going to be a source of bad publicity for years to come for the assassination of his Dad. The drone strike that blew away the teen (he was decapitated and his body blown to pieces) in a Yemeni cafe also killed his cousins as "collateral damage." Or maybe that was intended too.) 

So don’t be surprised if a Saudi airstrike destroys the prison Mobley is locked up in.

And look forward to smears trashing Mobley popping up in U.S. media from unnamed government “sources” after Mobley is dead. Because that’s how the U.S. rulers roll.
Hey, thanks for “protecting us,” Obama!

 Obama Wants This Man Dead

There’s a good lesson here for the chumps who feel it’s their duty to be “patriotic.” With a nation like the U.S., loyalty is a one-way street. You owe the rulers. You owe them your money. You owe them your blood. You might even owe them your life. But they owe you NOTHING. In fact, they are constantly scheming to take away Social Security from you, and public education now too. (Hedge fund bosses, insatiably greedy, are unsatisfied with their billions and want more. Their “charter school movement” is a Trojan Horse to steal the billions spend on primary education in America.)
Iran, the scapegoat for the Houthi uprising, is calling for a ceasefire in Yemen and a halt to the U.S.-backed Saudi aerial blitzkrieg. 

It’s a Big Lie that the Houthis are Iranian puppets. The Iranian support is rhetorical. The Houthis rebelled because of years of venal misrule by a faux government. Here’s an irony: the real behind-the-curtain player in Yemen is former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh. Forced out of power after 30 years and replaced by his vice president, Hadi, he controls military bases and forces in Yemen and is backing the Houthi rebellion in an attempt to put himself back in the presidential palace. The Saudis and their American allies are trying to put Hadi back on the pedestal of power. But Yemen doesn’t really have a government anymore. Humpty-Dumpty cannot be put back together again by U.S.-supplied bombs dropped from U.S.-supplied planes on U.S.-identified targets flown by Saudi pilots.)

1] As I said, almost always. Britain just signed up to China’s new Asian Development Bank, much to U.S. chagrin. This was motivated by economics. British upper-level capitalists have all kinds of deals in China, and want more. Furthermore, London is a global financial center, and thus Britain wants to draw China in to its financial and property markets. And down the road, as the Chinese currency becomes an international currency, London will want a piece of that currency business, transactions both commercial and speculative.

Britain’s joining the new Bank set off a stampede of other U.S. allies signing up also, European countries and even South Korea, Australia, and Taiwan. (Taiwan!) Only Japan, that nation of extremely obedient people, obeyed U.S. orders and stayed away from China’s party.


Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Unfair Trial For Guilty Boston Marathon Bomber

For the past month, the U.S. government has been working assiduously to inflame the rage and hatred of the jury in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving Boston Marathon bomber.
The defense in the trial of has conceded the guilt of the now-21-year old. (He was 19 at the time of the bombing.) So there was no need for the month-long display of blood and gore and survivors tears presented as “evidence” to the jury. No one is contesting the bombing or that Dzhokhar planted a bomb.
The sole purpose of the grisly “evidence” is to convince the jurors to impose a death sentence on Tsarnaev. (He is being charged with 30 crimes by the Federal government, 17 of which carry a “possible” death sentence.)
The Federal Judge overseeing the case has been an eager accomplice to the prosecution. (That is the case in most criminal trials in the U.S.)
It is the fervent wish of Federal Judge George A. O’Toole, Jr. to fry Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. He has made this abundantly clear by his actions and rulings through the prosecution and trial. [1]
He doesn’t even have the decency to feign neutrality until the conviction, when he is going to formally impose the death penalty, as preordained by U.S. government decision. (The individual who personally ordered the drive for the death penalty for Tsarnaev, Eric Holder, Jr., the U.S. Attorney General, claims, preposterously, to oppose the death penalty. See “As Eric Holder Relentlessly Drives Towards Execution of Tsarnaev, He Proclaims Opposition to the Death Penalty,” Feb. 23. Holder had the gall to give a speech in February proclaiming his putative longstanding opposition to the death penalty, while in that same month he gave his prosecutors the green light to seek the death penalty in yet another case, that of a gang leader being tried in Federal court in New Jersey.)

So all the culpability and odium for the bombing is being heaped on a hapless 21-year-old (who was nineteen at the time of the bombing) while the role of the sinister Deep State actors in the background is not merely kept hidden, but these secret police murderers are hailed as heroes who are “protecting us.”

What the FBI hasn't answered at the trial is where the bombs were made. Which means they also cannot say for sure who made the bombs.

Here's some things we DO know:

-The Russian secret police warned the FBIabout the Tsarnaev brothers. The FBI had two stories in reply to this- the info was too “vague” to do anything about, or they FSB never warned them. Take your pick which to believe. (If you believe either, you're a credulous fool.)

-The FBI tried to recruit the elder Tsarnaev brother as an informer. (They deny it.)

-The FBI, after two days of interrogation, murdered an acquaintance of the Tsarnaev's, Ibragim Todashev. Then they deported several of his friends forthwith.

-Even though he was unarmed when he was cornered hiding in a small boat on a homeowner's property, the police tried to kill Dzhokhar, shooting him several times as he lay inside the boat. They had already killed his elder brother.

Most Americans think a “fair” trial means a verdict is produced that they agree with. Of course that is a brain-dead understanding of judicial fairness.

1] For more details see “Legal Railroad on Track For Surviving Boston Marathon Bomber,” February 4.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

More on Al-Shabab Slaughter at Kenyan College: Ugandan School Now Under Threat

Regarding the attack on Garissa University College in Garissa, which is 90 miles from the Kenyan-Somali border; Two people found hiding on campus were arrested as suspected terrorists. That would bring the number of terrorists in the attack to six. One was an Tanzanian who isn't a student and couldn't explain what he was doing there. (Al-Shabab is lying and claiming that all their terrorists either escaped or were killed- “martyred,” as they like to say.) The death toll in the terrorist rampage is 147 but could go higher. (Some reports are saying 148.)

A surviving student says an attacker spoke by phone in Swahili (not a language spoken in Somalia) to a controller and asked what to do with some captives. Then he murdered them. Swahili is spoken in parts of Kenya and Tanzania.

Al-Shabab is demanding as a condition of ending their terrorism in Kenya that it vacate “Muslim lands.” “Muslim lands” in their minds includes part of Kenya.(A BBC reporter says that a referendum in the Kenyan region where the college that was just ravaged is located, which was held to allow the residents there to decide whether to join Somalia or remain part of Kenya, was canceled when it went the wrong way from the Kenyan government's point of view.)

Since 2011, when Kenya sent troops into Somalia to back the U.S. efforts there against Al-Shabab, over 100 terrorist attacks have been launched in Kenya by Al-Shabab.

Uganda announced that a school there is under threat of terrorist attack. Uganda also has troops in Somalia.

Regarding the high number of dead and wounded inflicted by only a half dozen terrorists armed with AK-47 assault rifles, the New York Times slipped this intriguing sentence into the 18th paragraph of a 25 paragraph story. The last sentence of that paragraph reads, “It was unclear whether any bystanders had been killed by the security forces.” The NY Times frequently plays coy like that, with cryptic, opaque statements left dangling without elaboration. [1]
Another thing they like to do is bury significant information in the third to last paragraphs of stories, where the fewest number of people will see it. (Some people skip to the end of articles, the Times editors correctly figure.) In this story, the 23rd of 25 paragraphs mentions that Osama bin Laden rejected Al-Shabab's bid to join Al-Qaeda. (It got in a year after his assassination by a Navy SEAL death squad.) Maybe they're afraid someone might think bin Laden wasn't so bad?

Bin Laden thought the Shababoids were too bloodthirsty, and he didn't like killing Muslims, a problem he also had with Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

There is an amusing irony in a Shabab document found in Mali by the Associated Press. The Shababoids justify their killings of Muslims using the Israeli “human shields” argument. As Israel claims it kills Palestinian civilians because Hamas “terrorists” are using them as “human shields,” Shabab wrote that “all Muslims must stay far away from the enemy and their installations so as not to become human shields for them,” because there is “no excuse for those who live or mingle with the enemies.”

Yeah, and it serves those Palestinians right too for voting for Hamas.

The Kenyan college that suffered the horrendous attack and mass slaughter is now closed. So the educations of thousands of people has been disrupted, probably permanently in some cases. Boko Haram (“Western education is forbidden,” the Nigerian Islamofascist terrorist group) will probably send a shout-out to Al-Shabab for a job well done.

The Islamofascists keep proving they are enemies of civilization and humanity. They consistently violently attack and destroy education, art, culture, world heritage sites, music, and every form of personal expression and freedom, such as clothing and personal grooming, and exalt barbarism, sadism, and sexual slavery. It is eminently reasonable to try to annihilate these vicious nihilists. The only caveat is that it should be done in ways that do not harm the innocent (and pay compensation and sincere apologies to innocent victims- that would go a long way towards limiting the counterproductive effects caused by such “collateral damage”) and with great discrimination and intelligence. I mean intelligence in the sense of a sophisticated understanding and approach to the task at hand. Of course, this won't happen, since all the regimes arrayed against the Islamofascists are venal, all the Arab ones and also the U.S., Israel, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. (The U.S. of course being an arch-enemy of humanity itself, Israel now a quasi-fascist apartheid state, and the latter three currently ruled by corrupt, dishonest, reactionary regimes headed by loathsome leaders.) On the one side, cruel and callous power entities. On the other, maniacal sadists and killers hypnotized by their own fanatical and remorseless ideology. So it's not a case of Good vs. Evil. It's Evil vs. Unbelievably Awful Evil. Which puts us in the position of rooting unenthusiastically for Evil, at best.

The locals in the region where the school is located are complaining that warnings were ignored and the Kenyan government hadn't taken protective steps. But compared to the Westgate Mall fiasco, in which a handful of terrorists were holed up in the mall in Nairobi, Kenya, for days, and returning shopkeepers discovered that the Kenyan troops had systematically looted the place, the performance of Kenyan “security forces” in the college rampage was a big improvement. (No luxury goods to loot at the college.) The terrorists were dispatched much more quickly this time, even though it was claimed the terrorists were posted as snipers.

One reason the mall siege lasted so long was so the Army could have time to thoroughly clean out the stores they looted. This fact is never mentioned by Western media. But that's how Western media rolls. That's why I call it propaganda, not journalism. It deliberately distorts reality and is dishonest in the service of its hidden political and ideological goals.

Other examples of key facts erased from memory are what precipitated the Iranian “hostage crisis.” It was the U.S. admitting the fugitive Shah into the country. Omitting that fact is like discussing the outbreak of World War I without mentioning the shooting of Archduke Ferdinand. Or the fate of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who worked to save Jews from Nazis in Hungary during World War II, who was illegally arrested and imprisoned by the Soviets. No mention is ever made of the fate of his superior, the man who authorized his activities. His role in saving Jews can never be mentioned, and he too is whited out of the story. His name was Count Folke Bernadotte. Right after World War II, he was serving as UN High Commissioner in Palestine. There he was murdered by the Jewish terrorist organization the Stern Gang (LEHI), headed by one Yitzhak Shamir, later a prime minister of Israel. I needn't explain why in the oft-repeated tale of the “righteous” Wallenberg and his sad fate, you never hear about Bernadotte. Wallenberg outlived his superior by many years, but in Soviet imprisonment, one of the innumerable crimes of the Bolsheviks.

The Bolsheviks, by the way, were no friends of actual communists and Marxists, who they vigorously wiped out under Lenin and Stalin. Thus did the Bolsheviks actually serve capitalism in the long run. No wonder all those former “communists” of eastern Europe now sit comfortably in the European Parliament and in positions of power in their home countries as newly -minted reactionary capitalists. Once an authoritarian oppressor, always an authoritarian oppressor, I suppose.

1] “Somali Militants Kill 147 at Kenyan University,” New York Times, April 2, 2015.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Somali Islamofascists Slaughter Students in Kenya

Al-Shabab, the Somali Islamofascist terrorist mob, is boasting about its mass murderous attack on a Kenyan university. The death toll has been revised upwards- from 2 to 147. Others are missing. Many were wounded.
The terror raid started with a mad killing spree according to survivors. Some Al-Shabab mouthpiece put out the propaganda that they separated Muslims from Christians and spared the Muslims. That certainly wasn't true initially. So Al-Shabab lied. What a surprise.
Al-Shabab offered two justifications for their latest atrocity. First, that they are at war with Kenya (okay, so you just committed a war crime, guys), and that this region of Kenya belongs to Somalia. (The majority of the region are Kenyan citizens of Somali extraction.) So you just murdered a slew of fellow Somalis, people you think you have the right to rule.
Initially there were said to be 10 or so attackers. After a day, when the Kenyan forces reestablished control, the number was put at 4. I'm skeptical that so few could kill so many, (plus the wounded), especially as the students would be fleeing. BBC had reported that one terrorist who ran off early was captured. Haven't heard another word about that.
A Kenyan former security officer said they had intel 3 months ago about a possible attack on the college. A government spokesperson said they had word of LOTS of targets.
Still, there were only two guards on site (both murdered), but an army base is nearby.
Lefties and pacifists have a simple solution: just negotiate with these bloodthirsty lunatics. Talk to them! Let’s understand each other.
Well I for one understand these deranged murderers quite well. And they don’t have the slightest interest in understanding anyone else.
But to all the handwringers who advocate “negotiating,” I invite you to go to Somalia and negotiate with Al-Shabab. Go to Afghanistan and “talk” to the Taliban. Go to Nigeria and talk Boko Haram into freeing the schoolgirls it kidnapped and dragooned into sexual slavery. Test your theory.

Deranged Netanyahu Calls Iran Surrender a “Threat to Israel’s Existence”

And it “legitimizes” Iran’s nuclear program, he thunders. In other words, it’s illegitimate for Iran to have ANY nuclear power reactors, produce ANY isotopes for me, medical treatments, to enrich ANY uranium to even 3.67% (you need 95% enrichment for weapons’ use).

Netanyahu decreed that any deal must force Iran to stop intervening in other countries in the region. A truly amazing demand.  And an ironic one, in light of the adamant U.S. refusal of Iran’s repeated requests to discuss all issues. The U.S. has always insisted on dealing with the nuclear issue in total isolation to all else.

Oh yes, Netanyahu also demands total dismantlement of all Iranian nuclear projects and programs.  Well of course!

And get this; Netanyahu is demanding that any deal must force Iran to recognize Israel (as a Jewish state, of course). 

Rest assured, if Iran were to cravenly knuckle under to all these ridiculous demands from Israel (which isn’t even a party to the negotiations) Netanyahu would add NEW demands, just as he has done every time the Palestinians have surrendered to his “conditions” for “peace talks.” 

Of course, the Western media always gives prominence to Israeli and Zionist operatives on any topic they want to weigh in on. For example, the BBC hauled Dore Gold on (a fanatical Israeli imperialist and adviser to Netanyahu until last December) to attack the nuclear deal. “Connect the dots,” he intoned ominously, and then went through a litany of Iranian activities in the region, concluding that Iran seeks regional “dominance” (which would supplant Israel as regional hegemon, he neglected to mention- and the nice BBC lady didn’t point that out) and is “imperialist.” (Look who’s talking.) 

What that has to do with a nuclear power reactor that will be crippled so it can’t produce plutonium, or to small amounts of barely-enriched uranium that will be under constant foreign surveillance, Dore didn’t say, and wasn’t asked. [1]

What is clear from his screed is that Israel’s real motive and goal is to crush Iran, as it had the U.S. do to Iraq, and the nuclear weapons bogeyman is just a scare tactic to drive towards that goal. Speaking of wrecking Iraq, that worked out real well, didn’t it? It greatly increased the Iranian influence that Gold and his ilk wax hysterical about. It opened the door for even more virulent Islamofascism, first in the form of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and now the even more evil “Islamic State.”

But maybe the Israelis are happy with this state of affairs. They see the U.S. dragged ever-deeper into military involvement in the region, fighting Israel’s enemies. The Saudis and the other Arabian peninsula oiligarchies lined up behind the Saudis form tighter relations with Israel. And Netanyahu used the “turmoil” in the region as an excuse why there can be no Palestinian state “at this time,” in a post-Israeli election interview on U.S. television. (Pop Quiz: When is it the “right time” for a Palestinian state? Answer: No time.

Extremists thrive on crises. Sometimes they even create them in order to take advantage of the resulting fear and chaos and use them as excuses to put in motion their evil plans. Examples are the use of three kidnapped and killed Israeli teens to justify a mass roundup and rampage on the West Bank, precipitating the desired response of Hamas rocket fire (thus justifying the latest “lawn mowing” of Gaza by Israel- that is, mass destruction and slaughter); the Reichstag fire; and the controlled demolitions of three buildings in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001, to justify invading Iraq and instituting a more repressive police state in the U.S.

Israel’s U.S. puppets and fellow travelers wasted no time popping up behind Netanyahu. For example, within hours of the announcement of the surrender terms, a Republican Senator, Ron Johnson, popped up on U.S. government propaganda radio network NPR to rant that it was a “bad deal.” This is insane. (See my previous essay, below, to see just how completely detached from reality these denunciations are.)

And while Iranians were deliriously dancing in the streets, falsely believing that their suffering was about to end (untrue- see the following essay), it was reported that Iranian “hard liners” complained sourly that the deal gave away too much for too little. (Objectively, they’re right.) The Iranian Foreign Minister, Zarif, dishonestly put a positive spin on it, claiming to have saved Iranian “pride” because no facilities will be shut down completely. He didn’t mention the huge amount Iran was forced to surrender. (See details in previous essay below.) He also falsely claimed that “all sanction” will be lifted. (See below.) In fact, the U.S. will continue sanctions it imposed using “terrorism,” “ballistic missiles,” and “human rights abuses” as alibis. And UN sanctions won’t be lifted until not only has Iran gutted its nuclear programs and torn out the core of the Arak reactor and rebuilt it to the winning side’s specifications, Iran also has to answer all past questions the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) deems Iran hasn’t satisfactorily answered. But some of those “questions” are based on fabricated documents fed to the IAEA by Israeli (and U.S.) “intelligence.” Iran already answered those questions- the documents are forgeries. Now Iran will be forced to pretend the forgeries are genuine, and falsely plead guilty to weapons activity, if it wants UN sanctions lifted! 

And if and when Iran surrenders to THAT outrageous demand, you can bet that Netanyahu and his eager stooges will be braying that “You see? We TOLD you Iran can’t be trusted! This is a bad deal!” 

And John McCain can treat us to another chorus of his song, “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb Iran.”
Well, what do you expect from an unreconstructed war criminal?

In summary, Netanyahu is perhaps the world’s most dishonest politician. It is simply deranged to say that this deal, which puts Iran in a straitjacket for 25 years and disembowels its nuclear program, is a “threat to Israel’s existence.” It is a telling proof of the intellectual and ethical bankruptcy, and of the moral cowardice, of the U.S. media and political establishments that they treat Netanyahu’s insane propaganda as serious and legitimate. Worse, many in those establishments bellow their agreement with this nonsense.

The unreasonableness of the world’s superpower creates insoluble problems and makes life worse for everybody. The sad truth is that, as loathsome as the Chinese ruling class is, it is far more rational than the U.S. one, and amazingly there may actually be global benefits when China supplants the U.S. as the global dominator. Which, if the U.S. keeps up its idiotic behavior, is likely to happen. They just drove Russia into China’s arms by creating a crisis in Ukraine, instead of enlisting Russia in a coalition to contain China. Smart. That’s the American elite: drunk on power as usual.

1] BBC “World Service,” April 3, 2015.