Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How the Democrats Helped Create an Ultrareactionary Supreme Court- And Strip Women of Their Abortion Rights

It's long past time to call out the Democratic Party of the U.S. on one of its major con games. The one in which they claim to be the sole bulwark protecting America from a right-wing "takeover" of the Supreme Court. The one in which they claim that they are the guardians of abortion rights, rights in permanent peril from unnamed right wingers.

Before I continue, I want to bullet-point the critical facts you need to take away with you:
  • Extreme reactionary Antonin Scalia was elevated to the Supreme Court by a Senate vote of 98-0. Those weren't 98 Republicans. Scalia was later one of five GOP apparatchiks on the high court who stole the 2000 presidential election for George Bush (Bush the Younger). [1]

  • Democratic Senator Joe Biden (later  vice president in the regime of Barack "The Drone Assassin" Obama) functioning as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, was instrumental in putting known sex offender Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. Thomas, like Scalia, voted to steal the 2000 presidential election for the GOP (Gang Of Plunderers). [2]

  • EVERY reactionary elevated to the top court, with its immense power, has gotten there with the support of Democratic Party senators. Even the ones who vote against confirming them soft-pedal how awful and evil the nominees are.

  • In the last year of the presidency of Hit Man Obama, a vacancy opened up on the Supereme Court. In an unprecedented power grab, the Senate Majority Leader, Republican Mitch McConnell (a venal coal industry stooge from Kentucky) announced that Obama would not be allowed to fill that vacancy. And Democratic response was- some grumbling under their breath and acceptance. Obama himself didn't give any evidence of even caring! (Yet there are still morons who think he is a "progressive" who was somehow thwarted by forces beyond his control. Now imagine if the situation was reversed, and a Democratic-controlled Senate denied a GOP president the right to fill a Supreme Court vacancy! There would be DAILY howls of outrage, even calls for a military coup "to restore the Constitutional order." That's because the Republicans are like rabid wolverines and are serious about power. That's how, with a minority of the populace behind them, they have taken over the presidency, the Congress, the Judiciary, and two-thirds of the state legislatures and governorships. (They have long dominated and controlled the military and secret police apparatus.) They have used their control of state legislatures to draw districts that allow them to elect the majority of Representatives to the national House of Representatives with a minority of overall voters. The Democrats are mainly a party of grifters, unserious about power, just looking for profitable sinecures for themselves.

Okay, that last bulletpoint was a long one, but essential. Now on to the body of the essay, which will illustrate the utter cynicism of the Democrats in manipulating people who are duped into relying on them to protect the few hard-won rights we have.

Every election "cycle," which is to say, every two years [3], Democratic political hacks running for office send out tons of political junk mail to citizens, hoping to woo their votes. One of the perennial themes of this propaganda bombardment is how the Supreme Court hangs in the balance, and the need to protect the right to abortion, which was only granted to women by a divided Supreme Court in the Roe vs. Wade decision. That decision was made under pressure from the women's movement, and only granted a limited right, in the first trimester of pregnancy, after which the government was deemed to have an "interest" in interfering in personal and medical decisions and exerting control over people's bodies.

In the years since, the organized reactionaries of the U.S., including the Republican Party (GOP), rightwing religious zealots, the Catholic Church bosses, and assorted rightwing media and political cadres, have relentlessly attacked abortion. The terrorist arm of this novement has assassinated doctors and clinic workers with bombs and guns, committed thousands of arson and other attacks on abortion clinics, blockaded clinics and much else. The legal offensive has been even more devastating, with states controlled by the GOP (Gang Of Plunderers) virtually eliminating abortion clinics by various legislative encumbrances that in effect persecute the clinics. Some states have functionally outlawed abortion drugs, which in early pregnancy are the cheapest and easiest way to terminate a pregnancy. (By the way, these same creeps who care so much about "unborn children" are the same ones who deport children fleeing gang and state violence south of the U.S. border back to their deaths, who destroy water containers left in the desert for them, who rip children and infants away from their refugee parents and separate them by thousands of miles. They have historically supported the murder of children by fascist death squads in the U.S. empire, and bombing cities and villages in Vietnam, Korea, and elsewhere that kill large numbers of children, babies, and mothers. So I have a sneaking suspicion that reverence for the sanctity of life isn't their actual motive.)
There IS no abortion provider in almost every town in the U.S. Over 90% of U.S. counties have no abortion facility. Abortion has been stigmatized and isolated, banished from the body of the medical profession. The cowardly medical schools don't even teach their students how to perform abortions,

And what has the Democratic Party been doing all the while the assault on abortion rights has continued unabated for 44 years?

Every election they yell at their voters that the right to abortion is under assault and therefore you must vote for them. And that's pretty much it.

And they ensure that the Supreme Court has a hard rightwing majority, They do this to have a scare tactic to run in elections on, and they do this because they too are fundamentally reactionaries. They serve the corporate oligarchy, which of course wants a reactionary judiciary. They believe in state power over citizens- as the repressive legislation pushed into law by their presidents Truman, Clinton, and Obama proves. Obama gave the government the power to indefinitely imprison U.S. citizens in military gulags without charges or legal representation, by government fiat. The government need only label the victims "terrorists." That is now law because of Obama.

Let's dispose of another myth. The repeated, false assertion that the court is divided into a "liberal" wing and a "conservative" one. The actual division is conservative and reactionary. The conservatives ("liberal") mostly try to preserve the status quo, which is the definition of conservatism. The reactionaries want to change the status quo to make it more repressive, and to decrease the influence of the population and give the rich and large corporations ever more power. This is a program of radical change, NOT "conservatism."

1]  In a bit of ironically poetic justice, the Democratic candidate who along with his party let the GOP steal the 2000 election, Albert Gore, was one of the Senators who voted to put Scalia on the Supreme Court.

2]  Biden made sure Thomas, an arch-reactionary black man who is an enemy of African-Americans in many ways, including his attacks on affirmative action, made it through the confirmation process by stifling witnesses who would have buttressed Anita Hill's testimony about Thomas' vulgar sexual harassment of his underlings, and more critically Biden privately assured his Democratic Senate colleagues not to believe Hill. The story of  Biden's treachery is told in the book "Strange Justice: The Selling of Clarence Thomas," by Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson. The authors were reporters at the Wall Street Journal at the time the book was written. Mayer went on to be a staff writer at The New Yorker magazine, where she is today. Abramson became the very first female to ascend to the top editor post at the oh-so-august New York Times.

Abramson's tenure as top editor was short. She accidentally discovered that the publisher and chairman, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., whose family has long owned the paper and its other properties and who inherited his job from his Daddy, was chiseling her on her pay, paying her less than her male predecessors. Sulzberger was miffed when Abramson confronted him about this, proceeded to fire her, and then engaged in a campaign of character assassination against her.

So "liberal" of him!

This sexist asshole also hired the scandalous former BBC boss Mark Thompson. After notorious pedophile and BBC star Jimmy Savile died, the BBC had an expose ready to air. That was killed, and in its place a tribute to Savile was aired. Thompson claimed to know nothing about any of this, despite being in charge. Sulzberger thinks this guy is worth paying millions for.
The result so far has been a discrimination suit against Thompson for the toxic environment he's helped create (or perpetuate) at the NY Times. Two black female employees allege in their lawsuit that Thompson introduced an "environment rife with discrimination based on age, race and gender." It further links his behavior to similar actions by him during his BBC tenure. ["New York Times chief executive accused of discrimination," BBC News, 29 April, 2016.]

3]  In the U.S., one chamber of the national legislature, the "House of Representatives" of the U.S. Congress, stands for election every two years. There are 435 Congressional districts, thus 435 representatives covering all the 50 states. Congressional districts are proportioned roughly by population.

The other chamber of Congress, the U.S. Senate, has 100 Senators, two Senator for each state. This gives grossly disproportional weight and power to sparsely populated states hard rightwing states, and greatly weakens the political weight of populous states. So California has two Senators, and the 20 least populous states, whose total population equals that of California, have 40 Senators. So arch-reactionary states like Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, the two Dakotas, Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana, and so on, are a powerful structural and institutional factor in making the U.S. a rightwing nation, even though only a minority of the population is rightwing in this putative "democracy."

Senators are elected for six year terms. Every two years, one third of the Senate stands for reelection.
U.S. presidents serve 4 year terms. The years that aren't presidential election years are called "off-year elections."

The terms of Congresspeople and presidents is set out in the Constitution. The Republicans passed a Constitutional amendment in the 1950's limiting the president to two elected terms. This was done in reaction to the fact that the Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president four times in a row starting in 1932. Ironically, Republican Dwight David Eisenhower, elected in 1952 and 1956, may well have won a third term if not for this amendment.

Monday, July 09, 2018

The Sham "Suspense" Over Trump's Second Supreme Court Nominee

U.S. corporate propaganda systems (aka "the media," as if it's the one and only media) and politicians are pretending there is something to wonder about which awful, fanatically reactionary ideologue in a judicial robe president Trump will nominate to replace the "swing vote" Justice Anthony Kennedy who announced his retirement from the high court. But it doesn't matter, since Trump long ago announced that ALL his Supreme Court picks will come from a list of career reactionaries approved  by a cabal of conspirators called "The Federalist Society." They are all the same!

Trump has repeatedly announced that when he packs the high court with reactionaries, Roe vs. Wade, the 1974 Supreme Court decision that decreed that women had a limited right to abort pregnancies, would be "automatically" overturned.

What the U.S. corporate media REFUSES to report is the ultra-reactionary nature of the so-called "Federalist Society." As always with reactionary organizations, "the" media disguises their actual political nature and presents them as legitimate and respectable. ("The" media does the same with criminal state arms like the CIA, FBI, NSA, U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, the murderous Immigration and Customs Enforcement, et al.)

Meanwhile, politicians, mainly Democrats, but also one or two "moderate" Republican Senators claim they're going to "protect" Roe v. Wade by... oh, I don't know, it's so vague what they say. They'll urge Trump to appoint someone who won't overturn it. (That's a joke. They're pretending to be divorced from reality when they say that.) Or they'll closely question the nominee about it. (All nominees these days refuse to answer such questions during their confirmation hearings. And the Senators know it.)

The phoniness of these political hacks is unbearable.

Here's Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell, speaking July 1st on the NBC Sunday morning political propaganda show "Meet The Press:"

"Well, we, well I would love President Trump to pick somebody in the mainstream of American views who are going to hold up years, and years and years of precedent. The one great thing about our nation is an independent judiciary. In times of intense political debate, the fact that we have that independent judiciary that will uphold the law is key to what is so great about our country. We're a 51/49 Senate. And if he wants to throw an extreme conservative who basically says, "I'm not going to follow precedent -- "

What mealy-mouthed gibberish.

While we're demystifying ruling class rubbish, let's dispose of a myth. The repeated, false assertion that the court is divided into a "liberal" wing and a "conservative" one. The actual division is conservative and reactionary. The conservatives ("liberal") mostly try to preserve the status quo, which is the definition of conservatism. The reactionaries want to change the status quo to make it more repressive, and to decrease the influence of the population and give the rich and large corporations ever more power. This is a program of radical change, NOT "conservatism."

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Israel Eradicates Another Arab Village- U.S. Media Aids and Abets the Crime By Blacking it Out

And not just U.S. media either.

Continuing a tradition dating back to 1948, the self-proclaimed "Jewish homeland" has violently depopulated and bulldozed yet another Arab village, Khan al-Ahmar. The Bedouin villagers had the misfortune to be living in a "strategic location." That is, it was situated until today between two Jewish-only "settlements" (colonies) in the West Bank (which is called "Judea and Samaria," by Jewish imperialist zealots, using the language of religious fanatic cism) and was thus in the way of the ongoing Israeli project of colonization of the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, a project begun in 1948 and pursued relentlessly ever since. [1] Israeli soldiers assaulted the residents for refusing to leave, injuring 35, four of whom were hospitalized.

Israel's judiciary has ruled the existence of the village "illegal." (Under Israeli law, Arabs functionally have no rights, and in fact are unlawful squatters in "the land of the Jews.") As in every repressive state, including the U.S., Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and many others, much repression in Israel is carried out under color of law. Thus Arabs are never permitted to build houses. So their "illegal" homes are routinely bulldozed.  In 2003 American humanitarian activist Rachel Corrie was murdered by the Israelis while protesting a home demolition, assassinated by a bulldozer river who undoubtedly was acting on instructions. Other foreign activists and Palestinians protesting home demolitions have been maimed and killed over the years.

Israeli general Moshe Dayan once boasted of how 450 Arab villages were wiped off the map during and after the 1948 creation of the state of Israel. We can take him as an authoritative source on that, as he was part of it.

At the same time that "law" is used as an instrument of repression, as in the case of depopulating "the land of Israel" of non-Jews, the laws of the repressive state are themselves transgressed with impunity by the government to carry out yet more repression. Only the oppressed and the average citizen is bound by law, not those in power, who use law as a weapon. [This is true all over the world. See for example the Trump-Sessions regime's current war on refugees fleeing violent U.S.-created Central American hellholes, a violation of refugee law, or U.S. government policies of torture and assassinations.]

The U.S. government has invariably backed Israel's crimes, with very few exceptions. The U.S. media has been a reliable arm of Israeli propaganda efforts over the years,

If you call this obviously racist state, which separates groups by law, and which wipes out Arab villages to make way for Jewish only towns, an apartheid state, which it is, Israel's propaganda chorus in "the West" smears you as "anti-Semitic." In the U.S., virtually the entire establishment media is part of this chorus. U.S. politicians and government officials sycophantically bray the Israeli propaganda line of the day. We just saw that again after Israeli snipers spent two months murdering and maiming thousands of protesters along their fortified border with Gaza, the world's largest prison camp, holding almost two million souls, half of them under the age of 18. Medics, journalists,
children, even a disabled man in a wheelchair (crippled as a result of earlier Israeli violence) were all shot dead by Israeli snipers "in self-defense," according to Israeli propaganda, propaganda amplified by U.S. media, politicians, and government. Hamas was officially blamed for Israel's massacre, by Trump regime apparatchiks like his hand-picked UN ambassador, the horrid GOP (Gang Of Plunderers) career politicial Nikki Haley, who has distinguished herself in that post by her hate-filled demagoguery aimed at Palestinians and at the UN and its various bodies. Not to be outdone in slavish devotion to Israel's "defense," leading Democratic Party politicians like U.S. Senator Charles "Wall Street's Valet" Schumer denounced Hamas and exonerated Israel for its mayhem.

The two political parties that form a cartel an monopolize political power in the U.S. try to outdo each other in hysterical fealty to Israel and endorsement of its every crime. We see that each time Israel launches one of its periodic wars on Gaza, which it calls "mowing the lawn," destroying the laboriously-created infrastructure of Gaza- the power plant, the waterworks, greenhouses, shops, factories, hospitals, apartment buildings. Now there is no potable water in Gaza, literally. This concentration camp for almost two million people will soon be the site of pandemics and mass die-offs. That seems to be Israel's mass murderous plan for the Palestinians, which will get the usual full-throated approval from U.S. politicians and a complicity U.S. media.

1]  Or we could date the project of colonization to the birth of the Zionist movement itself around the beginning of the 20th century. 1948 is the year the UN, dominated by the U.S. and with Soviet concurrence, decided to give most of the land of Palestine to the minority Jewish population. The Jewish "settlers" then waged a terror campaign against defenseless Palestinian inhabitants, driving out hundreds of thousands illegally, and illegally barring their return as required under international law. The Palestinians' insistence on their right of return is painted as an unreasonable demand, when it is in fact their due under international law. At the same time, Israel, its Western backers, and the propagandists pretend that they are the lawful ones, and the Palestinians nothing but international terrorists.

Then Israeli propagandists invented a story as to why hundreds of thousands of Palestinians all up and fled their homes simultaneously. The legend they invented was that a Muslim Imam broadcast an order to the Palestinians to leave, to make way for invading Arab armies. The Palestinians, being obedient sheep, all heeded this fictive radio message. Western media stooges of Israel dutifully repeated this mythological tale for years. Years later, researchers examined recordings of radio broadcasts from that time and found that no such broadcast existed. Of course, Western media has never retracted the disinformation they repeated for years, issued no corrections to "the record." That is typical Western media behavior. [In what seems odd for privately owned, allegedly independent media. Western media often functions just like state-controlled media in places like China and Russia. Witness the frenetic war propaganda in "the" media leading up to the U.S.-UK invasion of Iraq in 2003. There were even purges of media personalities who didn't jump on the pro-war bandwagon, such as of Phil Donahue and others at MSNBC.]

The Holocaust is frequently invoked as justification for the dispossession, immiseration of, and violence against Palestinians. But the Germans are the culprits in the Holocaust. So if justice demanded a homeland for Jews- Jews unsatisfied with their current homelands all over the world, that is- then the State of Israel should have been carved out of Bavaria, heartland of the Nazi movement.

As for the rationalization that Jews- and here we must pause to note the ironic fact that both Zionists and Nazis agree that all Jews belong to a single entity, "the Jewish people," and their bonds to and loyalty to this group supersedes any and all other ties, a super-conspiratorial idea that is clearly false, and indeed, while there are Jews of numerous stripes, including atheists, "the Jewish people" as an entity is as fictive as "the white race," for example. Both things, and other such "races" and "peoples" exist only as delusions in the minds of various chauvinists- but as for the rationalization that "Jews," ALL Jews, need a "homeland" to which to retreat at some future moment of peril when no other place on earth is safe for Jews, this is such an absurdity that it cannot bear the most cursory analysis- which is why the propagandists who promulgate it make sure that such cursory analysis never occurs. Because how could Israel survive if the entire world wanted to kill Jews? Israel is powerful because of Western and ESPECIALLY U.S. backing! If the U.S. wasn't a safe haven for Jews- and today Jews are prominent, powerful, and rich far beyond their numbers in the U.S.- Israel would not be a refuge but a concentration camp for Jews.

But propaganda is successful because the propagandists can monopolize the media systems that target the populations they wish to indoctrinate and brainwash. That is certainly the case in the U.S., where the establishment media is almost uniformly, and relentlessly, Zionist.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

U.S. Media Propagandists Rush to Take Advantage of Murder of 5 Newspaper Staffers in Annapolis, MD

In a naked pitch for public sympathy, major "news" media all over the U.S. have made the murder of five employees at an obscure local newspaper the top national story of the day for several days running.

A vicious jackass, angry over accurate reporting of his conviction for stalking a women, attacked the offices of the Capital Gazette paper in Annapolis, Maryland, and shot to death five workers and wounded six others.

U.S. establishment media of all stripes immediately went into "national grief" mode.

Let's put this in perspective.

Every day, people are murdered in the U.S. Thousands are murdered every year.

They are auto mechanics, secretaries, cashiers, air conditioner repairmen, trash collectors, accountants, construction workers, computer technicians, taxi drivers, dietitians, librarians, cooks, bank tellers... do you see where I'm going with this?

What's so special about the particular occupation, "newspaper employee"?

The establishment media feels itself under heavy assault in the Age of Trump, and feels the need to generate public sympathy for itself. Hence the saturation coverage.

The two New York City tabloid rags made it their front page story- as if it had happened in their offices.

The government-established radio propaganda network NPR (National Public Radio) waxed hysterical, with this verbiage: "the deadly shooting an attack on free speech," and it's "courageous" of the reporters at the Capital Gazette to cover the story of their colleagues deaths.

Huh? Why wouldn't they cover it? And given that the killer was immediately arrested at the scene, and denied bail, what's so damn "courageous" about reporting it? Weird assertion.

Meanwhile, the U.S. media barely makes a peep about the ongoing slaughter of journalists in Mexico, for example. Or the persecution of journalists in Turkey, who are regularly jailed on bogus "terrorism" and "coup conspiracy" charges by the autocrat who rules there, Erdogan. There are innumerable other examples of U.S. "journalists" indifference to the murder and oppression of journalists.

How about all the times the U.S. bombed the offices of Al-Jazeera? Nary a word in U.S. establishment media.

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are demonized by U.S. media and subjected to a relentless campaign by the U.S. government aimed at their destruction. WikiLeaks makes information available to the public. That is journalism!

Hey, here's another one. The U.S. government murdered U.S. journalist Michael Hastings. The attitude of the U.S. media towards that one was "good riddance."

So I find this cynical opportunism by U.S. establishment propagandists to generate sympathy for themselves disgusting. They spent 365 days cheerleading for corporate oligarchic capitalism and aiding and abetting the crimes of the U.S. state, domestic and foreign, with their lies and coverups.

They are accomplices to the murders of millions of people killed as a result of U.S. aggression and U.S. coups that install and support fascist death squad regimes. They want me to feel sorry for them because five people employed by some newspaper no one outside of Annapolis has ever heard of got killed?


Monday, June 25, 2018

Trump Adopts Tent Concentration Camp Idea From His Hero, Fascist Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Trump wants to imprison tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the three Central American hellholes the U.S. deliberately created by its policies going back decades, at least since the 1954 CIA coup in Guatemala that destroyed democracy in that country, ordered by Eisenhower. His plan now is to create tent concentration camps on military bases. This replicates the tent concentration camp the notorious sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona created to imprison "illegal" immigrants.

The Obama regime let Arpaio get away out outrageous civil and human rights violations for years, finally forced to act very late. If Obama had been a moral human being and acted in a timely fashion, Arpaio could have been stopped and punished earlier. As it is, Arpaio defied a Federal court order and was ultimately convicted of contempt of court. Trump rescued him with a presidential pardon, which erases the conviction. (A commutation is a reduction in sentence.)

The other two nations whose helpless citizens are fleeing to escape death are Honduras, victim of an Obama-regime coup about which Hillary Clinton bragged of her role in. She was Secretary of Stte and instrumental in using U.S. coercion to force other nations to recognize the illegitimate coup regime, which went on to run a death squad government. Then there's El Salvador, scene of a savage fascist war against the poor and leftist insurgents, with first Jimmy Carter and then Ronald Reagan
throwing the weight of the U.S. behind the death squaders, as usual.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trump Tries To Evade Responsibility for His Cruel Treatment of Refugees With Despicable Lies

Trump may have sunk to a new low of brazen, vulgar, disgusting lying with his defensive attack on Democrats for his own vicious policy of tearing children away from their parents- parents who are would-be immigrants either seeking political asylum (meaning they are refugees, NOT "illegal immigrants" as the U.S. media- and BBC too- has it, or "criminals" as Grand Inquisitor Attorney General of the U.S. and head of the "Justice" Department Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III and his boss, president Donald J. "Jackass" Trump, have it) or are forced to try and sneak across the Mexican U.S. border to save their own lives to survive economically inside a ruthless empire.

Trump displaced responsibility for his own acts onto Democrats, an act of demagogic dishonesty and evasion that rivals the "stab in the back" propaganda of World War I German generals, Nazis, and other "nationalists" which blamed "politicians" "defeatists" and "Jews" for Germany's defeat in that war. In fact, the top Field Marshall, Hindenberg, told the government to sue for peace after the U.S. entered the war and Germany was facing imminent military defeat.

Here is what Trump said a few days ago:

 "The Democrats forced that law [sic] on the country! I hate it, I hate to see separation of parents and children!" [1] Trump pretends he is being forced to do something by "law," and further that it is "the Democrats" law. A double lie. Since this cruel tactic of turning migrant children and babies into de facto orphans held in prisons (not "shelters," another lie by the Trump regime, since they are imprisoned there and cannot leave, and their parents are kept in the dark as to their whereabouts) is something that was never done before, it is spurious in the extreme to pretend it is required by law.

He is also lying when he pretends to "hate it." He wouldn't be DOING it if he "hated" it!! Someone get a fire extinguisher to put out the blazing inferno on that guy's pants!

Apparently pleased with the additional outrage he provoked by his original libelous, demagogue smear, he kept it up in the following days, repeating his canard: "The Democrats have to change their law." Now there's a mind-twisting act of displacement of responsibility. Trump is acting as if HE is outraged by what HE is doing, and it is the Democratic Party doing it!!

Like all demagogues, Trump's irrationality has emotional logic for those attracted to him. The hate object, the scapegoat, is blamed for one's own sins. Since Trump is always blameless in all things, and his opponents guilty of all that is wrong in the world, it follows that the policy of Trump and Sessions and ICE to rip children away from their parents as a "deterrent" to "illegal" border crossing is the fault of the Democratic Party.

No matter that there is no basis in fact for his smears. Like Ronald Reagan, he knows that "facts are stupid things" is an effective operating principle for demagogues. Especially when "the" media is muted or silent in rebuttal. His target audience, the racists, xenophobes, nationalists, reactionaries, will hear him and not the feeble response. ("The" media, that is, the corporate propaganda system, hasn't broadcast LOUD Democratic rebuttals that I have heard.)

Trump has conditioned his followers not to believe news reports that contradict his outrageous lies. Such facts are "fake news," as he has repeatedly insisted. (A standard propaganda technique is to repeat and repeat a lie, to get people to believe it. All demagogues do it.)

Adolf Hitler was a believer in the Big Lie. He thought big lies were actually MORE credible than small ones, because the average person tells small lies all the time but not big ones, and assumes that since he or she wouldn't tell a big one, neither would the demagogue. On the other hand, since they themselves tell small ones, small lies are paradoxically less credible than big ones.
Trump however tells all sizes. Medium-sized ones too, for that matter.

Trump's minions, as well as various stone-hearted sadists who are Border Patrol and ICE agents, are carrying out the cruelty with vigor. (Ward Churchill's phrase "little Eichmanns" comes to mind.) Agents snicker at crying children ("All we need is a conductor," one snidely sneered in the presence of distraught young children) and the more openly thuggish GOP politicians are similarly callous. Michael Grimm, who once threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony for asking him a question he didn't like, and who went to prison for tax evasion, which doesn't stop him for running right now for his former seat in the U.S. House representing the reactionary New York City borough of Staten Island, and he's ahead of his primary opponent, said crying babies in U.S. prison camps is no different from babies crying at day care centers after being dropped off by their mothers. [Except, it seems needless to point out, it is only for the day, and the mothers know where their children are, and the children aren't prisoners, and the parents aren't prisoners, and oh what's the point of applying reason to the arguments of these cruel creeps!]

Trump's Grand Inquisitor, the unreconstructed Confederate racist and arch-reactionary Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, continually spews execrable lies and dishonest statements. His parents named him after the arch-traitor Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, a fact "the" media hides by referring to him ONLY as "Jeff," as if his name is Jeffrey. And Beauregard is honor of Confederate general P.G.T. Beauregard, who kicked off the U.S. Civil War or War Between the States by ordering the attack on Fort Sumter, South Carolina. (However, it is claimed that after the war, he advocated for Black civil rights and Black suffrage. But Sessions hates black suffrage and has prosecuted blacks for registering blacks to vote when he was a U.S. Attorney for Alabama and Alabama state attorney general at different times. His victims were acquitted after enduring a legal ordeal, which still had the desired chilling effect on other blacks who might be so bold as to become politically active in Alabama.)

And twin Trump harridans Kellyanne Conway, an indefatigable spewer of bullshit as a television spokeswoman for Trump, and Kirstjen Nielsen, head of the Department of "Homeland Security," which includes ICE and its Border Patrol, have been relentless in their lying, seeming to try and outdo their boss Trump in mendacity. (Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and flattering the boss is a condition of employment by Trump.) Both inhabit alternate universes from the one we are actually living in. You can do a search for their despicable statements on the scandal of the ripping of children from their parents. I'm not going to reprint all their grotesques crap here.

After weeks of media coverage (actually the "alternative" media started it, and the "mainstream" media tardily picked it up, while still misrepresenting things, watering down the cruel treatment, pretending it is only affecting "illegal immigrants" when in fact asylum seekers, who are NOT "illegal" but are being treated as such by the outlaw Trump regime, which cloaks its crimes against humanity in "law," standing reality on its head, are also having their children forcibly taken or taken by subterfuge.

The best ongoing coverage I'm aware of has been by democracynow.org.

With polls safely showing a two-thirds majority of the public disgusted by the "policy," Democratic politicians have duly noted the direction of the political winds and have gotten involved. To be fair, some did so sooner than others. Democracynow.org has interviews with some. [However 55% of Republicans approve of the vicious "separation" policy, falsely claimed by Trump and his henchmen and women to be required by law, while all but officially announcing the fact that the goal is "deterrence," i.e. make Hispanics fleeing violence stop coming to the U.S. Come here and we'll take your children away from you is the "message" they want to "send."]

Congressman Frank Palone described one example of how the  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (which goes by the chillingly apt acronym ICE) and its thuggish arm, the "Border Patrol,"   "separates" children from their parents. The governments' goons snuck into a cell at 3 AM and snatched a child from her father while they slept. Many similar stories have been aired in the past few weeks. There are other such stories. (This one came via WNYC radio in New York City.)
But contrary to the squeals of outrage, cruelty is nothing new as a U.S. practice. It is as old as the nation itself. Furthermore, it cannot be otherwise, as the U.S. is an empire. And empires are based on force, violence, coercion. And the U.S. is an empire founded on the twin pillars of genocide and slavery.

That all sounds like rhetoric to most Americans. The facts proving it fill numerous books, so I cannot prove the case in a short essay. Nor should I have to, given the massive amount of documentation that is openly available. People who don't know these very obvious truths by now are either willfully ignorant, hopelessly brainwashed, and/or fanatical nationalists.

1]  "The Democrats forced that law upon our nation. I hate it. I hate to see separation of parents and children. The Democrats can come to us as they actually are in all fairness, we are talking to them, and they can change the whole border security. We need a wall. We need border security. We've got to get rid of catch and release." Trump to reporters at the White House, June 15, 2018. Yes, the fractured syntax is accurate. From CNN and other sources.

Detention center? What detention center? This is just a nice cozy shelter for kids!
Oh stop being such a little crybaby! 
(Republican advice for little brats who come here uninvited.)

Does Secret Police Chief + Vagina = Feminism?

It does if you are a secret policewoman named Gina Haspel.

At least that's one of the cynical propaganda themes that was used to push through her nomination as head of the CIA, the U.S. global Gestapo. (Official title: Director of Central Intelligence, or DCI.)

Haspel was up to her eyeballs in the CIA torture program unleashed after a cabal of the Bush-Cheney regime, Saudi Arabia, and elements of the U.S. secret police apparatus (CIA, FBI, and NSA) with co-conspirators NYC mayor Rudolph Giuliani and insatiably greedy billionaire Larry Silverstein blew up three buildings at the World Trade Center site on September 11, 2001. But that's another and rather long story.

Haspel was basically the number two CIA person in the torture program, under the fascist fanatic Jose Rodriguez. (If you've ever heard this rabid humanoid rant, you'd see why "fascist fanatic" is the correct description.) She oversaw the destruction of evidence, namely videos of the actual torturing of prisoners. And she ran the CIA torture center in Thailand. (All this is no doubt just the tip of the iceberg of her criminal career.)

In her confirmation hearings, she refused to condemn torture (which would have been hypocritical, absent a true rehabilitation), but promised not to "break the law." Which is completely disingenuous, since the CIA's position is that the torture was legal. So she actually promised NOTHING.

But that's good enough for the imperialist U.S. Senate, which duly confirmed her. The U.S. Congress has always been an accomplice in U.S. crimes. Some "liberal" fakers posture and pose and spout empty rhetoric, but are content to allow the crimes to go on. They could actually make real trouble if they chose to. Senator Ron Wyden is a good example of one of these fakers. He plays along with the "classification" game. A Congressman has immunity for anything he says on the floor of the House or Senate. He could read into the record various "secrets." But he doesn't want to lose his precious classification "clearance." So he's in on the "secret" crimes (no secret to the victims, who are barred by the U.S. media from informing us) but his lips are sealed.

The "feminist" argument for Haspel is particularly cynical, a bit of rhetorical/ideological jui jitsu. Of course a person who works for an organization that is dedicated to oppressing the world's poor, who are majority female, cannot be a feminist. Unless by "feminist" you mean "self-interested woman careerist promoting her own interests."

Oh Happy Day! At last the glass ceiling at the CIA is broken! 
Another milestone in the march to Women's Equality!


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Donald Trump Is the Most Honest U.S. President, Because He Says What He Thinks, Mostly

Witness his tweets. Is there any doubt they are true expressions of what he actually thinks at the the moment he writes them?

Yes, Trump does lie a lot. So do ALL U.S. presidents! "The" media counts every falsehood from Trump as a lie, but that is not accurate. He actually believes a lot of the false things he says. So those aren't lies. You want to see presidents who lied a lot, look at Johnson, Nixon, Obama, the Bushes. And their lies were even more evil than Trump's. Trump's lies are blatant and ludicrous. Those of the aforementioned were calculated as part of plots to commit evil. Trump tells stupid lies, then sometimes denies he told them, or brags about how he lied! [1]

Now, when I say Trump is the most honest president, some points must be made. I do NOT mean he never lies. And I don't mean he is completely honest. There is no such thing as complete honesty anyway. For one thing, most of our own minds are unconscious. We aren't even honest with ourselves! What I mean is, much of the guff he spews is what he's actually thinking while he's spewing it. Other than not cursing, my bet is there's little self-censorship going on when he tweets. (Note the chronic moaning of his would-be handlers, which "the" media feeds us, about how they can't control his tweeting.)

For those who recoiled in disgust at the title of this essay, understand this: Honesty isn't a virtue, per se. That's a very important point to keep in mind. Adolf Hitler was honest about what he thought about Jews. Saying that is emphatically NOT to give Hitler a compliment! It is merely a statement of fact. Ditto calling Trump (relatively) honest.

His tweets are not those of a master manipulator. A cheap bully whose instincts are purely tactical, is what they show us. His fulminations obviously represent his feelings of the moment. It's hard to see much calculation in them, contrary to the conspiracy-mongering of his many media foes as they "analyze" the tweets for hidden meanings and subtle strategies that aren't there. (In fact, the Blatherariat is constantly overthinking Trump's impulsive and improvisational acts. They're doing it right now, trying to divine a "strategy" in his dealings with North Korea. There IS no strategy. He just grabs opponents by the psyche an yanks them around, like someone grabbing your sleeves and tugging to move you in a simple direction.)

Whether what he says is true or false, there is no question that Trump is FAR more honest than most if not all of his predecessors. In fact, Obama, the Bushes, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon,  Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, FDR, and down the line, were manipulative liars, and clearly flat-out con artists in the cases of Obama and Clinton. Trump too is a con man and a liar, but SO obvious about it that he's like a burlesque act of a con man. The fact that he gets over with many people is a testament to the credulity and stupidity of those people. He shouldn't be able to fool anybody.

Trump often ends up exposing himself by blurting out his true thoughts and motives. For example, when he told a TV interviewer that he fired Comey as FBI secret police chief because of the "Russian collusion" investigation.

Even when Trump says true things, the media nomenklatura and the Democratic Party's political elite claim they're false. And what clearly discombobulates them is when he violates the taboo against contradicting U.S. imperialist ideology. Like when he said in response to an interviewer who wanted him to denounce a foreign despot that the U.S. has done some bad things. (You're never supposed to admit that, even though it is glaringly obvious.) Or just now, in the wake of his meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, that U.S. war games with South Korea are "very provocative." This set off the Blaterariat and the Dems. And as if a memo was sent to every talking head, they all also objected to the term "war games," insisting they are merely "military exercises." In fact, they include practice nuclear attacks on North Korea, "decapitation" strikes aimed to exterminating the North Korean rulership, and invading the North. Obama conducted such "exercises," and Trump has allowed them too. He actually said it was a waste to send bombers all the way from Guam for these practice runs at annihilating North Korea.

Now, let us use another Nazi analogy to clearly illustrate an existential truth about the morality of lying. Say I was living in Nazi-occupied Europe, and I had hidden some Jews on my property. The Gestapo (or their indigenous police collaborators) knocks on the door and asks if I know the whereabouts of any Jews. Of course I LIE. Here, lying is a GOOD thing. In fact, in this instance, lying is a moral imperative! (Off the top of my head, I cannot think of any positive lies by Trump.)

"Honesty is the Best Policy" is a simplistic bromide fed to children by adults to make them easier to control. (And fed by adults to other adults to gain advantage over the target person.) To dictate to another person, "honesty is the best policy," is to attempt to exercise power and control over that person, pure and simple. Knowing what they really think, and what they have done, while one does not reciprocate, is an exercise in interpersonal domination.

Politicians and secret police types are well aware of this, which is why they themselves always strive NOT to be honest. They want to thwart others having a potential advantage over themselves.

So, I will conclude by saying that unlike U.S. media natterers, I like to go past the superficial events of the moment, the existential ephemera of passing events, and delve into the underlying structures of reality. The daily soap opera drama "the" media and political hacks focus on is like the sea spray from breaking waves, a constant yet ephemeral phenomenon, the obsessive and breathless daily scrutiny of which tells us nothing about the tides, the deep currents, and all the other underlying structural aspects of the oceans themselves.

1]  It must be noted that some of Trump's lies and falsehoods are extremely malign and cause tremendous harm to people- such as his demagogic attacks on immigrants. Hispanic immigrants, that is.

And of course he lied about his intentions regarding taxes, and then shamelessly lied about the actual tax law he and his GOP (Gang Of Plunderers) fellow travelers enacted.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Mistress of Torture Scales Summit Of CIA, An Event That Will Go Down In The Annals Of Feminism

At least, that's what the CIA propaganda campaign, aided and abetted by various media organs and stooges, would have us believe.

It's not every day that a CIA torturer is hailed as a feminist Icon.

Mistress of Torture Gina Haspel, Feminist Flag-Bearer? Really?

I don't think so. But that's one line of propaganda that was used to promote her as CIA Director to replace Michael "Death to Edward Snowden!" Pompeo, and is being echoed still after her successful promotion.

Oh, the quibbling and denials that would be hurled in reaction to "CIA torturer," if there was an actual political opposition in this country that was allowed to be heard in "official" forums, and in the "official" media. First of all, they refuse to call it torture. They prefer the Gestapo terminology, "enhanced interrogation techniques." Literally, that is the English translation from the Gestapo torture manual, and the CIA didn't just borrow the euphemism, they borrowed some of the "techniques" too. Sometimes "reporters" and "commentators" use the phrase "brutal interrogation techniques," I guess to show how daring and independent they are. Occasionally one is so bold as to say "torture," then quickly retreat back into the euphemisms.

When they stop using the euphemisms "law enforcement" and "intelligence agencies" for secret police, and "defense" for aggressionthen I'll sit up and take notice.

The CIA quibblers and their enablers and protectors  would also seize on the technicality that the aforementioned CIA secret police officer, Gina Haspel, was merely in charge of a "black site" in Thailand, that is, a CIA torture center. She didn't do the dirty work with her own hands. For some reason, the CIA was squeamish about torturing people inside the U.S. Maybe they didn't want to rely solely on the permission slip written for them by Bush regime apparatchik John Yoo, a type of lawyer reminiscent of Third Reich lawyers who wrote the various genocidal Nazi laws and the legal "philosophy" that put an intellectual patina on Nazi ideology. Yoo has been rewarded for his Service To The Nation with a professorship at the University of California, Berkeley, Law School, an alleged bastion of liberalism. And by the way, "the" media has whitewashed most of the torture used. It was a lot more than waterboarding, as they are now presenting it, and the other "techniques" which they have tossed down the memory hole have been well documented.

Saying Haspel didn't torture anyone is like saying Adolf Hitler didn't kill any Jews. He didn't, actually. Not by his own hand, that we know of. Heinrich Himmler never tortured anyone either. In fact, the one time he ever witnessed people being executed, he vomited. Such a delicate soul.
The point is, it's completely disingenuous and dishonest for the CIA to deny Haspel's command responsibility for torture.

But no matter. As I expected, the U.S. Senate confirmed Haspel as the DCI, Director of Central Intelligence, chief of the CIA global Gestapo.

So the "glass ceiling" of secret police chief has finally yielded to a female. What a glad day.
Like the day a "black" man was elected president. You remember him. The guy who protected torturers, and imprisoned the only CIA officer who publicly denounced torture, John Kiriakou. The president who perfected the secret police total  surveillance state that the Bush regime began under the name "total information awareness." (A form of total population control.)

The "black" president who took Woodrow Wilson's Espionage Act and ran with it, going after all manner of whistleblowers and journalists. Oh, what a "historic" presidency that was! A real advance for "black people." (That's why blacks stopped being imprisoned in vastly disproportionate numbers, and police stopped murdering blacks. Oops, those things didn't happen. But blacks got richer under Obama. Oh wait, they got poorer. A LOT poorer, especially since his banker buddies scammed so many of them out of their homes with mortgage chicanery. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...)

Before the whole sorry saga of the campaign to elevate Mistress of Torture Haspel is permanently consigned to the memory hole by the power establishment, let's take a stroll down memory lane and review some of the criminal media complicity with the CIA and its Torture Mistress. Come with me now back to the day Trump announced the nomination of Haspel to replace the loathsome billionaire Koch brothers toady Pompeo, who was picked to replace Rex Tillerson, unceremoniously bumped from his seat as Secretary of State by Trump, who announced his firing on Twitter without telling Tillerson, in order to publicly humiliate him.

 It was March 13, 2018.  At 8 am East Coast time, the alternative program Democracy Now!, a self-styled "progressive" show, came on the air and announced Trump's choice as new CIA director, and that she ran a CIA "black site" in Thailand where kidnapped prisoners were tortured and interrogated in secret.

Democracy Now! may have been aghast, but the reaction of the establishment media was celebratory. And they were apparently briefed in advance by the CIA on what line to push, unless they all just coincidentally think exactly alike.

For example, one of the main local New York City "news" radio stations, WCBS, a cog in the CBS/Viacom media empire, at 8:59 am hailed as historic the first woman to head the CIA. No mention of that key part of her resume, overseeing a secret torture prison and ordering the destruction of videotapes of the interrogations, evidence of her crimes.

Later that day, the U.S. government-created national radio "public" propaganda network, NPR, on their  4 PM "news" show, the propaganda reader Laksmi Singh falsely asserted that Haspel will likely face "tough questioning" over black sites at confirmation. Which was obvious bullshit, as turned out to be the case.

The British government's propaganda arm, the BBC, predictably made itself a handmaiden to the CIA propaganda campaign. The BBC "News"Hour show, that afternoon, promoted the "advance for women" line. As they so often do, they hauled on a U.S. imperialist apparatchik to spew propaganda without being challenged. This creep, a former chair of the House "intelligence" committee, a Congressional body under the control of the secret police, pushed the CIA line, asserting that Haspel "broke the glass ceiling."  He insisted that "no law was broken" by kidnapping, torture, and murder of prisoners. The mealy-mouthed Gestapo cheerleader gushed, "Not a blemish on her record to any degree...Trust me on this," she'll be great, he insisted.

In the ensuing months, establishment propaganda coverage continued to push the CIA's ersatz "feminism" line, minimized the torture (reducing it to just waterboarding) while usually substituting the aforementioned euphemisms for "torture," rarely mentioning the destruction of evidence (and never the deaths of prisoners in CIA captivity), and mostly focusing on wondering whether Haspel would be confirmed, making a drama out of what was really a foregone conclusion given the reactionary, imperialist majority in the Senate, all the while pretending that the Senate "confirmation process" isn't just a show, or that there was any doubt about her confirmation. There was a small moment of semi-drama when the dying Senator John McCain (he has an incurable brain cancer) urged his colleagues to reject Haspel. McCain was shot down while bombing northern Vietnam and tortured in captivity, which taught him that torture was evil. Unfortunately that's the only lesson he learned, as he is going to his death still a fanatical believer in U.S. imperialism, aggression, militarism, and war against small and weak targets. A Trump aide counseled that McCain could be ignored since he would be "dead soon." This comment was duly leaked and then ginned up into a political soap opera pseudo-scandal for days on end by the establishment media and Democratic Party hacks, who demanded an apology or even firing of the offender.

But I actually don't think Haspel is any more egregious as a CIA head than predecessors like Pompeo, or Hayden, or Panetta, or Tenet (who delivered "faulty," i.e. mendacious, "intelligence" to prompt the invasion of Iraq in 2003), or Colby (who before he was DCI headed the Phoenix torture and mass murder program in Vietnam, which created over 50,000 corpses), or Helms, responsible for the CIA coup in Chile in 1973, or the fascist Allen Dulles, who organized the assassination of president Kennedy in 1963 (after he was out of office, but not out of power) and innumerable other crimes.

The CIA is responsible for millions of deaths, most of which they instigated by getting fascist militaries and secret police agencies to kill people whose names were mostly supplied BY the CIA. In Indonesia in 1965 they instigated the murder of a million "communists" by the military, and greased the skids for the awful dictator Suharto to take power as a U.S. client.(The horrible propagandist Fareed Zakaria, is to this day pushing the CIA disinformation story that what happened in Indonesia was an attempted "Communist coup" that was thwarted by the Indonesian military, an absurd story on its face given the million unarmed civilians who were murdered.) Under Allen Dulles, there were the fascist coups in Iran (1953) and Guatemala (1954) which destroyed democracies in those nations and ultimately resulted in a quarter million state murders in each of those countries. These "operations" were done on the orders of president Eisenhower, who most of the American left only remembers fondly for a couple of throwaway sentences in his farewell address of January 17, 1961, where he says "we must guard against the undue influence, whether sought or unsought, of the military industrial complex." The complex that HE did so much to build up! And MOST of the speech was devoted to defending that complex, and denouncing the Communist Menace. He also uttered the standard guff about the U.S.' "peaceful" intentions and methods! But apparently leftists so crave "respectability" that they'll seize on an establishment icon, even the man who ordered the two most notorious coups in CIA and U.S. history, to "legitimize" their criticisms of an evil, anti-human power structure they think can be talked into reforming itself! Good luck with that! (Most leftists are fatally compromised by their compromises with the system and collaboration with it. Oh, and there's money too, if you trim your political sails.)

And speaking of torture, the CIA has been torturing people since its inception, and training fascists around the world in torture. One of the reasons the CIA scientist Frank Olson was murdered by the CIA was his disillusionment with the agency after he discovered it ran a torture/murder center in West Germany, with "ex"-Nazis, to interrogate defectors from the Soviet bloc who were suspected of being enemy agents. [1] JFK created the so-called "Alliance of Progress," to counter the revolutionary influence of Fidel Castro and Cuba in Latin America. One of its branches was the diabolically misnamed "Office of Public Safety," which sent CIA torture tutors to train fascist secret policemen and military interrogators. One of these monsters was a guy named Dan Mitrione, sent down to Uruguay to do his evil work. According to former CIA officer John Stockwell, Mitrione would have a homeless person kidnapped to demonstrate torture techniques on for his "students," after which the victim would be murdered. Human life to these monsters has no more value than an insect's. But on the all too rare occasions when one of them gets what's coming to them, oh the HOWLS of outrage, and the bathetic beating of breasts in melodramatic media-ready grief! Mitrione was captured and ultimately put to death by the Tupumaro guerrilla group, a rare instance of justice in the U.S. empire. Mitrione is regarded as a heroic martyr by the CIA. (Reminds me of how the Nazis took the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the number two man in the S.S., a much more important cog in a machinery of evil than Mitrione was.)

So Gina Haspel will have to commit some much more major crimes to really make her bones. Torturing a few Muslim "terrorists" is small change in the annals of CIA crimes against humanity.

Does Secret Police Chief + Vagina = Feminism?

1]  There are a number of documentaries about the Frank Olson case. See for example "CIA Documentary - Biological Weapons & Experimentation on Humans (Frank Olson)."

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

FBI Caught Spying On Trump Presidential Campaign- and Trump Attacked for Objecting!

We're in an era of total supremacy of the secret police state when they are caught infiltrating a presidential campaign of one of two political cartel parties (of course they do it to the Greens, Socialists, Communists, etc.) and the president's demand for an investigation is met with howls of outrage from politicians (Democrats) and the corporate media chorus.

You'd think the FBI would have to run for cover. Instead we're being hysterically ranted at that Trump is "threatening national security" (!) and "endangering lives" (!!) by ordering the Department of "Justice" to investigate, and wanting to know who the spy was. (Turns out he was some shitheel retired professor.)

Sure, Trump is loathsome, but this is yet another example of how the Democratic Party and corporate media have put the secret police agencies on a pedestal and demand that we worship them. It's disgusting.

These are the same agencies that daily commit perjury, burglaries, stealing personal property, issuing 50,000 bogus "national security" letters a year demanding personal bank, medical, and every kind of record under the pretense of "investigating terrorism," and oftentimes assassinations.

They are no one to glorify.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Trump Opens Door to Revived Iranian Nuclear Program, Europe Confirms It's America's Bitch, and Israel and Saudi Arabia are Kvelling

Kvelling is Yiddish. It means "to be extraordinarily pleased; especially, to be bursting with pride." Certainly the Israelis and Saudis have reason to be. Both nations are eager for the U.S. to go to war with Iran, and have been pushing the U.S. in that direction for years.

Trump finally carried out his threat to kill the hard-won nuclear agreement with Iran. Two years of negotiations by the U.S., France, Germany, Britain, China, and Russia, all arrayed against Iran, with U.S.-imposed sanctions choking the Iranian economy, produced the best deal that could be squeezed from the theocrats ruling that nation. Iran surrendered ALL its enriched uranium, agreed to permanently shut down a reactor capable of producing plutonium, mothballed its centrifuges, and accepted extremely stringent oversight by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency).  All this to last for 15 years.

If Trump wanted a better deal, he had plenty of time to negotiate one. But he has demagogically insisted for several years that the agreement was the "worst deal ever." A preposterous assertion.

The European "partners" (in reality, they're nothing more than junior lackeys to U.S. Imperialism) pleaded with and cajoled Trump to try to make him see reason, to no avail. French President Emmanuel Macron came all the way to Washington and endured demeaning treatment by Trump (Trump ostentatiously pretending to pick something off Macron's suit in front of the world press and announcing it was "dandruff," forcing Macron to submit to the insult) for absolutely nothing. Britain dispatched their foreign minister, the buffoon Boris Johnson, to Washington to pointlessly lobby various Trump regime apparatchiks on the matter.

Macron addressed the U.S. Congress, delivering a relatively honest speech which no doubt annoyed most of that body.

The Europeans are already caving in, reaffirming their status as the U.S.' bitch. This proves that the European Union is a bust. It was supposed to allow Europe to swing its proper weight. Instead it is a bad joke. The European bourgeoisie just cannot or will not free themselves from their position of slavish subordination to the U.S.

Trump has made clear that, as usual, foreign corporations must abide by U.S. "law" and conform to U.S. foreign policy. Just a day after Trump wrecked the agreement with Iran, which the U.S. got Russia, China, Germany, Britain, France, and the EU to sign on to against Iran, his Ambassador to Germany is already ordering German companies to shut down their Iranian business operations "immediately." Well, when you're the Boss of the World, you can issue such orders.

Unless companies want to quit the U.S. market, which is many times the size of the Iranian one, AND subject themselves to ruinous U.S. "fines," AND risk criminal indictments of the company and its executives, effectively confining those executives to their home countries or risk arrest and extradition to the U.S. to "face American justice" (decades in prison) for refusing to be agents of U.S. Imperialist foreign policy, these non-U.S. businesses have to knuckle under to U.S. diktat.

Some U.S. media "commentators" are fatuously saying canceling the agreement of the U.S. government was Trump "making good on a campaign pledge." As if Trump feels an obligation to keep his word on anything. And he made numerous pledges to snooker people into voting for him- all the good ones he has reneged on, only keeping the venal ones. (As I expected.)

Here are some choice excerpts that the bombastic  blustering bullyboy Trump spewed in making his announcement on May 8th:

Trump- "this deal is catastrophic for America, for Israel, and for the whole Middle East."

He sneered at "the decaying and rotten structure of the current deal." (Reminds me of Adolf Hitler "freeing" Germany from the "shackles" of the rotten Versailles Treaty.)

Trump says the new deal he pretends he'll force on Iran "will benefit all of Iran and the Iranian people." (I'm sure he cares so much about the Iranian people! This is a guy who's trying to ban all Muslims from the U.S.) He wants to throw in "terrorism" and Iranian "meddling" in Syria and Yemen as part of new demands on Iran.

Trump threatens "any nation" that aids "Iran in its [non-existent] quest for a nuclear weapon" will also get slammed with U.S. sanctions.

Of course, Iran wasn't developing nuclear weapons, it was developing the capability to develop such weapons. And right now, iran isn't even doing THAT!

But the lying jackass demagogue who is president of the U.S. Empire could care less about facts, as he has shown throughout his entire adult life. Nor did the U.S. media bother informing the millions who are forced to rely on it for information that what Trump said was false. For all their bleatings about his "lies," they reinforce some of his lies.

Iran now has to decide whether to accept being completely ripped off, having surrendered its nuclear program (mainly consisting of uranium enrichment) for nothing, or restart it. Trump is making gangster threats implying violence. Many imperialists in the U.S. and Israel, and the evil, medieval rulers of Saudi Arabia, have long been urging the U.S. to bomb Iran. (Dying U.S. Senator John McCain would love to see that.)

Iran's major commodity is, of course, oil. And since oil is traded on the international market in U.S. dollars, and the U.S. Treasury Department controls dollar transactions, that makes it extremely difficult for Iran to sell its oil without U.S. permission. So the U.S. has Iran over a barrel, so to speak. (One of Saddam Hussein's fatal mistakes was floating the idea of using a medium of exchange other than the U.S. dollar for oil transactions. The U.S. tends to react violently to impingements on its power.)

The Israelis and Saudis are eager for the U.S. to wage war on Iran, especially a bombing campaign. Terrorism ("covert action") would also be part of the war. The U.S. under Obama infiltrated Special Forces teams into Iran to plant surveillance devices, including radiation monitors disguised as bricks in walls, and spy gadgets to monitor truck traffic disguised as rocks. The Israelis of course were busily assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists, creating terror to discourage Iranian scientists from participating in nuclear research. And Obama infiltrated the Stuxnet malware into Iran's nuclear program computer system, destroying centrifuges.

Understand that it is official U.S. policy to overthrow the Iranian government. (This would be the second time they did that, the first being in 1953, which destroyed Iranian democracy.)  The U.S. is still bitter that the client dictator it installed in 1953, the Shah, was overthrown in 1979. And while the quarter million Iranians who died under the brutal reign of the Shah are never, ever mentioned in U.S. media, they still reference the so-called "hostage crisis," when the apparatchiks in the U.S. embassy in Tehran were  seized and held for 444 days, and the U.S. media engaged in a daily drumbeat of hysterical propaganda about it. ABC "News" even started an entire evening program devoted to the "crisis," which became "Nightline," hosted by Kissinger maven Ted Koppel. What's never said, what has been consigned to the memory hole, is why Iran seized the U.S. apparatchiks. Obviously a key part of the story. But not in the U.S. propaganda version of it.

Iran warned the Jimmy Carter regime not to give sanctuary to the fleeing. Shah. Then Henry Kissinger called the president of the U.S. and transmitted an order from David Rockefeller, a man at the apex of the U.S. ruling class, that Carter must allow the Shah in. Carter protested that there would be bad consequences, but obeyed his master. (Carter was chosen to be president in 1976 by the Rockefeller-created Trilateral Commission, which assigned Zbigniew Brzezinski as Carter's "national security advisor." Brzezinski went on the engineer the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, something he has boasted about. Time magazine, an organ run by Trilateral Commission members, presented Carter to the American public as the second coming of JFK.)

Well, the "hostage-taking" duly followed the Shah's entry into the U.S., the resulting media-generated "crisis" ultimately cost Carter re-election. And the racist neo-fascist Ronald Reagan, running against Carter in the 1980 election, made a sub rosa deal with the Khomeini regime to only free the U.S. personnel minutes after Carter was no longer president.

Now back to the present. What of the non-U.S. lackey nations that are a party to the nuclear agreement with Iran, China and Russia? They too operate under the oppressive umbrella of the U.S.-controlled global financial system. [1]

And the U.S. has a veritable galaxy of laws, rules, and regulations that give it infinite power over the financial transactions of others. No bank that wishes to do transactions outside its home country's boundaries can defy the U.S. People and companies that have never set foot in the U.S. or done any action inside the U.S. are routinely indicted by the U.S. and either extradited or kidnapped to "face justice" inside the U.S. and ultimately be subjected to often draconian sentences imprisoned in the vast U.S. gulag. (The U.S., with about 4.7% of the world's population, holds 25% of the entire planet's prisoners. The U.S. imprisoners a higher percentage of its adult population- close to 1%- than any nation on earth. China, a country with four times the population of the U.S., has slightly fewer prisoners.)

The U.S. considers its laws binding on everyone on earth- and indeed enforces them. The railroading of the Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who was set up in Thailand by U.S. DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agents pretending to be arms buyers for  the Colombian rebel group FARC, and who now sits in a U.S. prison, is one of many examples. (What the hell is an alleged drug agency doing setting up fake arms deals to entrap foreign citizens? Good questions.) Britain has shipped hapless citizens to the U.S. to face bogus charges, to the outrage of its own media and public.

So what does Europe do when its arms are twisted by the U.S.? It says "Uncle!" Europe is paying the economic price for U.S.-imposed sanctions on Russia to punish Russia for "meddling" in Ukraine. The U.S. has fined Europe's banks billions of dollars in a shakedown racket for violating sanctions on countries the U.S. doesn't like. (Other nation's banks have been hit too. See chart.)

But the cowardly bourgeois rulers of Europe are good at one thing: punching down. They sure know how to oppress their own people, as the corrupt Spanish government of the Francoist Mariano Rajoy is doing in Catalonia, or as the remorseless British Prime Minister Theresa May is doing, deporting tens of thousands of Commonwealth citizens who came to Britain legally decades ago and are now being reclassified as "illegal" because the British government failed to issue them documents when they arrived. Theresa May, the architect of the Grenfell Towers Fire massacre who slashed funding for fire and police protection starting in her previous job as Interior Secretary. (A job in which she began the targeting of immigrants.)

Anyway, sit back and enjoy the coming war between Iran and the U.S./Israel/Saudi Arabia. Iran is not completely alone. It is fighting side by side with Russia in Syria to prop up the murderous Assad regime. It also has the loyal support of Lebanon's Hezbollah movement and militia. (The Israelis have been busily bombing Iranian weapons shipments in Syria they claim are destined for Hezbollah.) Every time Iran counterattacks, except the propagandists and governments of the U.S. side to shriek "IRANIAN TERRORISM!"

Israel has wasted no time lighting the fuse. Today they bombed fifty Iranian targets inside Syria, using as justification an alleged Iranian missile fired into the Golan Heights (former Syrian territory that Israel conquered in the 1967 war). No mention in U.S. (and other "Western") media that this follows months of Israeli bombing raids on Iranian targets inside Syria, with no response from Iran at all until now, with the alleged missile. (Or 20 missiles, as CBS later asserted. CBS is virtually a propaganda arm of the Israeli government in the U.S.) Israel threatened more to come if the Iranians don't take it lying down. Russia has expressed alarm over the Israeli pummeling.

This war, if it comes, will go on for years. Like some other wars the U.S. started in the region, eh?

1]  The U.S. isn't even satisfied with controlling the world's financial system. It even has to spy on everybody and hack into bank computers. Even SWIFT, the system for international bank transactions, was hacked by the NSA. (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication- SWIFT. SWIFT has cut off Iran's banks from the rest of the world, on U.S. orders.)

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Idiot or Moron? The Great Debate over Trump's Intellectual Capacity

General John Kelly, current (but maybe not for long) White House chief of staff, is reported to have called his boss, the President of the United States of America, one Donald J(ackass) Trump, an "idiot." Kelly denies it, calling the reports "bullshit."
Rex "Big Oil" Tillerson, the former Secretary of State who Trump fired via Twitter so the whole world would get the news before Rex did, was reported to have referred to Trump as a "fucking moron." Tillerson repeatedly refused to confirm or deny saying it, a tacit confirmation that he had said it.
Which man is right?
Let's look at definitions. An idiot is:
1. Informal. an utterly foolish or senseless person:
If you think you can get elected president, you're an idiot!

2. Psychology. (no longer in technical use; considered offensive) a person of the lowest order in a former and discarded classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25.

Whereas a moron is:

1. Informal. a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment:
I wonder why they elected that narrow-minded moron to the presidency.

2. Psychology. (no longer in technical use; now considered offensive) a person of borderline intelligence in a former and discarded classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69.

Under the discredited psychological definitions, it is clearly worse to be an idiot than to be a moron.

Trump clearly lacks good judgment. On the other hand, he seems to have excellent shark-like instincts. Socially, politically, and in terms of the psychological manipulation of others, he is brilliant, unfortunately for us.

And while he says utterly foolish and senseless things, it is hard to conclude that he IS utterly foolish and senseless.

What he is is a pig-headed bigot, a man with a closed-mind who doesn't like to learn and who has strong prejudices about the world. Now he has U.S. government power to try and impose his beliefs about the world on the world.

But George Bush was the same. Just not as outré.

And in regard to using U.S. power to bully, that's what U.S. power has been used for since the U.S. was created in the 18th century.

Trump is rather like the Roman Emperor Nero. Or the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Or Vlad the Impaler. He is a particularly noxious ruler of a noxious system. People who think "the problem" is Trump ignore the fundamental reality of the existence of this system. They are laboring under the false consciousness of U.S. nationalism, which blinds them to the evil reality of the system. Of course it is no accident that the Democratic Party, its political hacks, the establishment media, and the secret police agencies, ignore that reality. They are pillars of this system, and they work assiduously every day to perpetuate it.

More disappointing are their fellow travelers among the "alternative" media and putative "progressives." Useful idiots, they are. (That would be Lenin's definition of idiot.)

Shaking hands with an idiot.

Fired by a moron: Oh Boy!


Monday, April 23, 2018

Democratic Party Descends Deeper Into Political Dementia, Sues WikiLeaks, Russian Government Officials, and Trump Campaign For "Conspiracy To Attack U.S. Election"

U.S. elites love deriding exposes of their state crimes as "conspiracy theories," and painting the exponents of such factually substantiated crimes as paranoid, delusional crackpots.

But that doesn't stop them from pushing ludicrous conspiracy theories of their own invention.

For example, historically, social unrest in the U.S. has been attributed to a nefarious, hidden "communist conspiracy," including the movement of African-Americans to be free of racial oppression. The establishment media, politicians, and secret police agencies (first and foremost the FBI and CIA) have all relied on this propaganda trope- and seem to believe it themselves in many cases.

President Lyndon Johnson was convinced that the millions of people who marched against his war on Vietnam were zombie puppets controlled by the Kremlin, and he ordered the CIA to find the "links" between Moscow and the anti-war movement. (That movement, by the way, consisted of numerous organizations with wildly varying political orientations, and millions of people of all ages, classes, personalities, etc. So Lyndon Johnson's conspiracy theory, that his multifarious opposition to his vicious, criminal, murderous attack on Vietnam was all a creation of the Soviet Union, was truly demented,)

Since the election of Trump as president over a year ago, the main U.S. secret police agencies (FBI, CIA, and to a lesser extent NSA), the Democratic Party, and most of the U.S. elite media (and much second and third tier media) has, day in and day out, assiduously peddled a conspiracy theory, that Donald Trump is a Manchurian Candidate elected and controlled by Vladimir Putin, the autocrat of Russia. Even elements of the allegedly alternative media, which is supposed to be in opposition to the establishment power structure and act as a corrective to the propaganda of the ruling structure, has drunk deeply of this hallucinogenic-spiked Kool-Aid.

And now, the Democratic National Committee has dived off the deep end into the pool of delusion.

Refusing to call for reform of the Electoral College, which prevented the person with the most votes, their party's candidate and Queen Bee Hillary Clinton from winning, instead the Democratic National Committee, headed by a horrible hack named Tom Perez, is once again acting in moral and political cowardice, absurdly scapegoating Russia for revealing the party's dirty conniving, WikiLeaks for providing a public service (information), and the winning Trump campaign. Perez and the DNC has filed a lawsuit in a U.S. Federal court in Manhattan alleging a conspiracy by Russian government officials, the Trump presidential campaign, and WikiLeaks to sabotage the Democrats' electoral prospects and elect Trump. [1]

Which is utterly ridiculous.

The DNC's frivolous lawsuit names as defendants Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (he apparently hasn't suffered enough at U.S. hands yet), and the Russian Federation. The suit hysterically alleges "previously unimaginable treachery." The DNC chairman, the noxious creep and cynical political hack Tom Perez, beat his little breast with this pronouncement:

"We're seeking justice and we're seeking deterrence."

Revealing the emails that uncovered the DNC's treachery in the primaries to ensure the defeat of Senator Bernie Sanders and the victory of Queen Hillary, and the secret speech she made to an audience of high financiers in which she explained what she really stood for, and don't pay attention to all that guff she feeds the public, is hardly "previously unimaginable treachery."

Here's real treachery from past U.S. elections.

Nixon 1968. Conspired with the generals ruling "South" Vietnam to sabotage the Paris Peace talks being conducted by the Johnson regime, to help Nixon get elected president. Madame Chiang Kai-Shek was used as a go-between. Johnson knew what was happening from telephone taps.

Reagan 1980. A deal was cut with Iran to not release the American imperialist hostages being held in the U.S. embassy/spy nest in Tehran in order to ensure Carter's defeat. Later U.S. arms were surreptitiously shipped to Iran, a country then publicly reviled by the U.S. government and media.

But I digress.

Since the proximate causes of Clinton's defeat was the archaic Electoral College, and then-FBI director James Comey's reigniting of the scandal of Clinton hiding her emails as Secretary of State on a private server, which he did only 10 days before the November 7 election, causing Clinton's advantage in the polls to plunge precipitously from a lead of 14% to just 3.5% (within the margin of error) or even in some polls, it is perverse for the Democratic Party to pick the scapegoats they have chosen.

Given that this is the second election in two decades in which their candidate got more votes and "lost" because of the Electoral College (Al Gore and the party allowed the GOP to steal the 2000 Election in Florida, engineered by Florida Governor Jeb Bush, brother of "winner" George Bush), you'd think the Democrats would notice a problem with the fairness of the system. Instead we are subjected to propaganda screeching that "Russia is trying to undermine confidence in our elections!" and "Russia is attacking Our Democracy!" ("Our Democracy" is code for Our System of Rule, the corporate oligarchy, the bourgeois class dictatorship, the power establishment that cannot be voted away.)

But the Democrats don't want to challenge the Electoral College. They also don't want to make a PEEP about the Republicans' success in disenfranchising traditional Democratic voters. They refused to challenge the stolen elections in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, all of which Trump "won" by small margins thanks to voting machine chicanery engineered by Republican officials in control of the voting process.

See "With Trump’s Margins of Victory Shrinking, Lawsuits Filed to Block Recount in Two States," The Real News Network, December 2, 2016. All the details of the GOP (Gang Of Plunderers) election thefts in those three states are explained.

1] Actually there are even more defendants in the 66-page complaint - Roger Stone, former campaign worker George Papadopoulos, former campaign associate Rick Gates, "John Does 1-10," and more are named as part of what was apparently a vast conspiracy against the poor innocent Democrats.

The suit claims the defendants are guilty of violating numerous laws- everything from conspiracy to violations of federal copyright laws and the Trade Secrets Act. And of COURSE the Democrats are suing for millions of dollars in "damages." Hey, it wouldn't be the Democratic Party if they weren't angling for money!

Tom Perez, Obama-Clinton Puppet & Stooge, Tool of Corporate Rule