Saturday, August 25, 2012

Looks Like I Was Right Again

This time about Lance Armstrong. During all the hype about his winning the Tour de France 7 times, I never believed it was possible without cheating. I figured he must be using illegal drugs. Turns out my natural skepticism was justified.

I've been right so many times over the years about things great and small that others were blind to. The fact that James O'Keefe was going to get off scot-free after being caught in the act of trying to tap the phones in the U.S. Senator's office, for example.

Or to take an example from some years back, I always loathed that phony choir, "Up With People." Cloying bullshit like that always fills my nostrils with the stench of sanctimonious hypocrisy. In that case, it turned out that they were secretly backed by one of the most evil, mass murdering organizations in [pre-] human history, the CIA.

Too bad few people are interested in seeing reality the way it really is. It is painful to do so, given the subhuman, indeed in many ways anti-human state of the world. (Not the Armstrong example- that's small beer.)

Thursday, August 02, 2012

"Incredible India" Sets World Record!

For an electricity blackout, that is. 22 of 28 states, 720 million people deprived of power. Wow! That's impressive.

You have to wonder, why with all the hype about India's faaa-bulous economic "development," no one thought to prepare for increased electricity demand.

Actually the blackout was all the farmers' fault. You see, thanks to an absence of rain, those crazy farmers all turned on irrigation pumps so their crops wouldn't die. What were they thinking! Those pumps are just for decoration, not actual use.

Here's a quote I found noteworthy:

"India has more poor people than all of Africa combined." -Gardner Harris, NY Times New Delhi correspondent , speaking on NPR news, 8/1/12, Morning Edition.

Somehow the capitalist Panglossians who spew the economic hype about "emerging economies" never mention facts like that.