Friday, January 28, 2011

U.S. Sweats As Its Lovely Arab Dictators Wobble

The U.S. is sweating over the "stability" of its favorite Arab dictatorships. First the Tunisian tyrant Ben-Ali fell. Now Egyptians have found their courage and are defying the state thugs of the monstrous Mubarak, armed by the U.S. The question becomes, what will the U.S. tell the Egyptian army? As that army is recipient of arms purchased with a good chunk of the $2 billion yearly U.S. bonanza, the U.S. is in a position to tell it either "Make sure Mubarak doesn't fall, or you're off the weaponry gravy train," or "Let Mubarak fall or you're off the gravy train. (By the way it's our tax money, being used to oppress and torture Egyptians- but hey, people who oppose abortion have a RIGHT not to have THEIR MONEY spent by the Federal Government on abortion- hence poor women who don't live in states willing to foot the bill, ahve to pay, and foreign population control orgs. that want U.S. funds can't even MENTION abortion, and on and on, because abortion is a MORAL issue, don't you know, unlike, say, torture, or state terrorism, or dictatorship, or police state repression. I'm SO glad the United States is sooooo moral!)

Yemen and Jordan, two other U.S.-propped-up dictatorships, are seeing their people start to rise up now, inspired by the examples of the Tunisians and Egyptians- which they know about thanks to Al-Jazeera, a force for decency and humanity- quite unlike the U.S. media. (I.e. corporate propaganda system.)

Who Promotes Democracy and Human Rights, the U.S. or Al-Jazeera?

In the Middle East, Al-Jazeera is hated by almost all arab regimes. This is because it's on the side of the people.

A perfect example is during the current crisis of stability for a number of U.S. lackey dictatorships in the region- Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Jordan so far.

In Tunisia, after a month of the people taking to the streets and standing up to "state security" thuggery, the long-time dictator and U.S. chum, a brazen thief named Ben-Ali, had to take it on the lam to Saudi Arabia (which provided sanctuary for Ugandan butcher dictator Idi Amin when he had to hotfoot it out one step ahead of his victims).

Inspired by the example, which they knew about from Al-Jazeera's coverage, the people of Egypt are now braving U.S.-supplied tear gas, bullets (both rubber-coated and the naked metal kind), armored vehicles, batons and etc. to shake the awful dictatorship of U.S. favorite Hosni Mubarak. While the U.S. pays lip service to human rights and democracy, its money doesn't go where its mouth is, but rather to weapons of repression for the dictator to the tune of $2 billion a year, second largest recipient of anti-human U.S. largesse in the world, after the sainted state of Israel.

In Yemen, seeing the examples of the Tunisian and Egyptian people on Al-Jazeera, tens of thousands are demonstrating against another tyrant pal of the U.S., "President" Saleh, a good ally in "the war on terror." (As was Ben-Ali of Tunisia.)

Turd Joe Biden, a loathsome piece of work who gave us doltish masher Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, among other crimes, insisted on PBS that Mubarak isn't a "dictator." Because he's very "responsible." "Responsible" is U.S. Imperialismspeak for "does the U.S.' bidding." Like helps oppress the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, the world's largest open-air concentration camp. And makes nice with Israel. That's the most imporltant U.S. goal in the middle east, that Israel should be accepted on the regional hegemon by the arab states. Hence Syria is the "bad" arab state, because it doesn't. And they could bludgeon Lebanon into line, if only they could exterminate Hezbollah, as Israel tried and failed to do in 2006. (Right now you can read handwringing articles bemoaning Hezbollah's rising influence, in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and other such high-tone ruling class rags.) Jordan, also with a restive population, has a Made-In-USA "King," son of a previous Made-In-USA "King." Both married American uber-WASP type women, who they made their "Queens." (I put them in quotes because as a democrat, I do not recognize aristocracy as legitimate.)

So Al-Jazeera, by standing with the people, for their freedom, their human rights, and their democratic rights, is helping to shake the loathsome, backward dictatorships that keep their people in poverty and fear, armed and back by the U.S. So which one is pro-human, and which one is arab?

Now you know why the U.S. murders Al-Jazeera journalists and precision-bombs their offices in Kabul and Baghdad.

Rahm Emanuel Gets Ruling Class Privilege

Rahm Emanuel is running for Mayor of Chicago. He's virtually inheriting the seat from torture Mayor Richard M. Daley, the spawn of 1968 Democratic Convention Police Riot Mayor Richard J. Daley.

Emanuel is only running because Daley decided to retire.

Illinois law says a candidate for Mayor of Chicago must be a resident of the state for at least a year prior to the election. Emanuel was living in Washington D.C. during that time as chief of staff to President Barack "Pied Piper of Chump Lefties" Obama.

You probably thought "residing" means "living there." Well, that's true for Chicago civil servants, who are required to live in the city.

It doesn't mean that for Rahm, though. He gets the Establishment Made Man privilege.
The Illinois Supreme Court unanimously overturned a lower appeals court ruling that Emanuel didn't "reside" in the state while he was living in Washington. They had to reach all the way back to a musty, moldy, cobwebbed decision from 1867 to kinda sorta justify their "reasoning."That was all they could come up with.

So, does this mean Chicago's teachers, firemen, and police, etc. don't actually have to live in Chicago to be "residents"?

Don't bet on it.

It's nice to be a made member of the Establishment.
Emanuel is a thuggish product of the Chicago Democratic political machine. His stock in trade is screaming verbal abuse, especially of progressives who whine when the Democrats screw them. A super Zionist, his father is a hate-filled anti-Arab bigot.

As for the Daley's, the elder dead one unleashed his goon police on people against American slaughter of Vietnamese, in the streets of Chicago, and even had them attack convention delegates. Famously, Dan Rather was punched in the stomach on the convention floor by Daley's goons. The official government report on the violence called it a "police riot." (Rewriting history, bourgeois propagandists these days pretend the protesters were rioting, a political libel.) Even in the years before the convention, Daley's thugs clubbed peaceful anti-war marchers and chased them off the streets.

His loathsome son is an accomplice in the Chicago PD's torture program, which tortured at least 100 black men, obtaining false confessions in order to imprison them, even putting some on death row. As the City attorney, and then as Mayor, he shielded the police torture squad.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Push To Strip Marijuana Smokers Of Second Amendment Rights

The U.S. political elites never miss an opportunity to take away more human rights or increase their repressive powers, it seems. Now they're using- predictably- the murderous rampage by the vicious weirdo Jared Loughner in Tucson, AZ, as a wedge to strip grass smokers (who number in the tens of millions) of their "guaranteed" right to keep and bear arms. The Second Amendment to the Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights, says that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." Of course there's been plenty of infringing of that right for the last century. Now "drug users" are to be banned from gun ownership, if Senator Charles Schumer (Wall Street's main agent in the Senate and a big fan of repressive legislation) and the New York Times get their way.

Schumer says that Loughner could have been barred from buying a gun had the military, which rejected his enlistment attempt because he smoked grass, had reported him as a drug user, and if "drug users" (marijuana is a plant, of course, not a "drug," not a "narcotic" either, both epithets routinely applied to it by the establishment propagandists) are excluded from gun ownership. The NY Times thinks this is a swell idea. And dwarf economist and Bill Clinton stooge Robert Reich chimed in in an op-ed piece in the Sunday NY Times Week in Review section on Jan. 23, 2011. Not only does he call for the stripping of Second Amendment rights from people who fail military "drug" tests, he also wants everyone on the Government's "terrorist watch lists" added, as well as people who receive mental health treatment.

Well, there's hundreds of thousands of people on these various "terrorist" watch lists. As it has done throughout its history, the FBI shitlists everyone it can identify with progressive political or social values. These days they're branded "terrorists." Every year the FBI sends out 50,000 demands for personal information on people from banks, ISPs, email providers, libraries, and the like. Do you really think there are hundreds of thousands of terrorists in the U.S.? Examples of people the Government considers "terrorists" include environmentalists, peace activists, Quakers, and nuns. Reich thinks all of the above and more are too dangerous to be allowed to have guns. (Too bad most of them don't even want guns- they could sure use them.)
Of course, once you establish the principle that "drug users" should be stripped of a basic constitutional right, there's no reason to stop at barring just those who try to join the military. MILLIONS of people are arrested EVERY YEAR in this very repressive country for marijuana possession. All those people have court records. (Which includes "sealed" ones, a bogus farce.) They've already stripped us of our right to be secure in our homes and possessions (and cars) using the "war on drugs" as an excuse. What's one more basic right down the toilet?

And would such massive crushing of rights have stopped a deranged missile like Loughner? Of course, Loughner could still have bought a gun at a gun show, from a private individual, or stole a gun, or borrowed a gun. Or used ID other than his own to buy in a store. The gun "controllers will never admit that their end goal is total disarming of the civilian population. All their half measures inevitably fall short of "preventing tragedies" and "keeping guns out of the hands of criminals." And they give the game away by describing their suggestions as "the minimum" or "a good first step." (NY Times anti-gun editorials do this for example.)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Obama's Latest Crime

The "anti-business" (as the crackpot big business ideologues and CEOs of huge corps. have it) Obama has ordered the Dept. of "Justice" to exhort the Supreme Court to rule in favor of big greedy pharmaceutical companies that overcharged public hospitals and clinics serving the poor. Legally, these providers are entitled to discounts, which the evil drug corps. cheated them out of. The Obama regime, typical for U.S. administrations, and esp. for "New" Democrats in the Clinton-Gore-DLC mold, takes the side of Big Business against people. They are actually arguing on behalf of the thieving drug corps. that those they ripped off have NO RIGHT TO SUE.
But don't expect neofascist rags like the Wall Street Journal to stop raving that Obama is "anti-business." You can't appease fascists.

See "U.S. Backs Drug Firms in Lawsuit Over Prices," NY Times.
Published: January 9, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creepy Murderer Loughner Won't Be Executed

Bad news about the nasty wacko Jared L. Loughner, who murdered 6 people in Tucson, AZ, including a Federal Judge and a 9 year old girl, and put a bullet through the brain of Representative Giselle Giffords- he won't be executed, in all probability. (Just look at the creep's mugshot- it is completely revealing of who he is. An evil Uncle Fester.) He has defending him Judy Clarke. Judy Clarke has a history of saving notorious murderers from the death penalty by some kind of legal magic.
mugshot of Jared Loughner

She got Ted "Unabomber" Kaczynski off the death penalty hook. That was an extremely notorious case of multiple mailbombs, which took years to catch him. (And only because his brother turned him in after the FBI finally forced itself to overcome its hypersecretitiveness and release his philosophical writing.)

Anti-abortion cop murderer, nurse maimer, Olympics bomber Eric Robert Rudolph is another piece of vicious scum who she saved.

And toddler-slaughterer Susan Smith of South Carolina, who drove her car into a lake to drown her own children, in the delusional belief that being rid of them would enable her to hook up with a start a new life with some guy she longed for, after originally sentenced to death in that cruel southern state, got resentenced thanks to Judy Clarke.

I don't know what legal alchemy Clarke works, but she's obviously very effective. Too bad in some cases.

there are various youtube posts of the mugshot with commentary.