Thursday, September 20, 2012

In Ironic Twist, Leftists Ensure Obama Victory

Looks like Obama will win in November, barring GOP electoral theft as they committed in 2000 (Florida) and 2004 (Ohio). Obama owes Mother Jones big time for unearthing a video of Romney's secret meeting with rich scum like himself, who paid $50,000 apiece to hear Romney regale them with their own class bigotry, which Romney shares to his core, and his utterly reactionary foreign policy "views."

 Nice to have confirmation of the obvious: that Romney is typical of his class, a class that has contempt for the masses. He and his ilk view us as parasites on "wealth creators" like himself. No wonder these scum love Ayn Rand.

In the wake of this video, which has gotten establishment media play for more than one "news cycle" (a day), Obama is opening a lead in the polls, now at 8%, supposedly the largest lead for a candidate at this point before a Presidential election since 1996.

Of course, Obama will have no gratitude for progressives. Leftists in America who slavishly support the Democratic Party suffer from a severe case of Political Abused Wife Syndrome. The Democrats abuse leftists year after year, and each election year promise that this time things will be different. Desperate, and trapped, feeling she has nowhere to go, the wife (Left) never leaves the abuser. Same story with unions and the Democrats.

The Democrats consistently do absolutely nothing for labor and progressives, in fact actively attack their interests. The Obama regime protects the Colombian bourgeoisie's murder of unionists, which is ongoing despite a cynical ploy in this year's "free trade" deal with Colombia, hailed by Obama, which Obama claims assures environmental and labor protections. (The Colombian death squad ruling class continues to murder unionists as this is written.)

Regarding progressives, if the vituperative contempt directed at them by the likes of Jim Messina (Obama's thuggish campaign manager) Jay Carney (the smarmy WH press secretary) and the vulgar obscenity-screamer Rahm Emanuel is not evidence enough of leftists' masochism, there's the Obama regime's record of increased domestic oppression of progressive dissent. Examples: nationally-coordinated repression of the Occupy Movement; persecution and imprisonment for Tim deChristopher; FBI raids on homes pf peace activists and Grand Jury inquisitions directed at them; refusal to release "cleared" Gitmo prisoners; signing the law, put forth by "liberal" Democratic Senator Carl Levin, giving Presidents the power to imprison Americans for life in the military gulag by merely labeling them "terrorist," a law the Obama regime is vigorously defending in court against legal challenge, despite his "promise" not to use it; personally choosing people for assassination; and on and on.

When you support your persecutor, you have a serious case of masochism.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Attack On Iran To Include Bombing Syria and Lebanon Too

You have to carefully monitor the enemy's publications, because sometimes significant information is slipped in.

For example, the June 25, 2012 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology, a trade rag for the military-industrial complex and to a lesser extent the commercial aviation industry, had an article under the heading "Defense" [sic] titled "Bombing Iran: U.S. military planners ponder when a kinetic attack might make sense."
["Kinetic attack" is a euphemism for attacking with bombs, missiles, bullets, etc., as opposed to "cyberwarfare," for example. In other words, directly killing people and blowing stuff up.] The story is illustrated with a photo of a B-2 Stealth Bomber dropping a string of bombs. It goes over the outlook from the perspectives of U.S. and Israeli imperialists, enumerates in minute detail the various weapons that would be used [e.g. "Lockheed Martin F-22s upgraded for the use of independently targeted, ripple-fired GBU-39 small-diameter bombs, which are designed to destroy or suppress enemy air defenses," and "The AGM-158 Jassm-ER," the kind of jargon weapons fetishists must drool over] quotes the U.S. ambassador to Israel saying the U.S. is ready to attack, and so on. Cyber and electronic attack were also mentioned as components of a direct military attack on Iran.

But what stood out to me was paragraph 15, which stated:

         "A worrisome issue for U.S. planners is that Iran also has intelligence allies. Syria's surveillance and air defense radars, command-and-control (C2) and sigint [jargon for signals intelligence, the interception of communication signals] organizations share information with Tehran. Any attack against Iran would likely have to travel over Turkey north of Syria, over Jordan and Saudi Arabia to the south, or directly over Syria, Lebanon and Israel. Any of those routes would require electronic or kinetic attack of Syrian radar, communications and C2 centers - some of which are in Lebanon - to hide the approaching force. Alternatively, the fall of Syria's current government could provide enough chaos to camouflage a raid on Iran." [My italics.]

While they're at it, they'll probably bomb the "terrorist" Hezbollah in Lebanon, despised enemy of Israel and seen as a cat's paw of Iran.

ANY of the routes to attack Iran would REQUIRE bombing Syria and Lebanon, they said.

On the magazine's website, the article is split into 3 pages. Here's the link to the third page, which has the paragraph in question.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

So, Paul Ryan Is a Fan of Rage Against The Machine, Is He?

That's what he claims. Odd thing is, the $ media practically ignored this biographical revelation. I'm sure they must be familiar with the content of that band, being the alert ideological watchdogs that they are.

Rage Against The Machine was a radical, anti-capitalist band that explicitly attacked the exploitative system of oppression enforced by the U.S. They even targeted specific U.S. corporations by name in the song “Wind Below” on the Evil Empire album. (And the empire they meant wasn't the U.S.S.R.!) They also cursed a lot. The dyed-in-the-wool capitalists I know hate RATM.

Ryan saying he's a fan of RATM is like Adolf Hitler revealing that in his spare time he liked to dance the hora. It's really rather stunning. I've have thought Ted Nugent would be more his cup of tea. Or a gay-basher like Axl Rose.

What is he, a closet commie?

Isn't someone like Ryan supposed to enjoy, oh, I don't know, country and western, or gospel, or maybe Lawrence Welk? (Ok that was a low blow. How about The Eagles then?)

Ryan was made to do a bit of squirming over the fact that his intellectual lodestar, Ayn Rand, was an atheist. The media made sure to bring that up. But liking RATM is no problem? It's not just a brand of beer, bourgeoisie!