Friday, October 07, 2005

JFK Assassination and the Real Wackos

The Establishment likes to discredit anyone who won't toe the official line on the JFK hit by ridiculing them as nuts. "Conspiracy theorist" has been turned into a synonym for "crackpot" by the establishment media (propaganda system). But to believe that "Lee Harvey Oswald, (a Cuban agent, if you accept that CIA part of the lie, which was designed to provoke an invasion of Cuba in retaliation for the killing of JFK putatively by Castro), acting alone, assassinated Kennedy," you have to ignore volumes of facts that disprove that. But even more, you have to ignore the basic laws of physics, namely the one that says when an object is moving through space with momentum and strikes another object, the struck object has force applied in the direction the object hitting it was moving. In other words, when a cue ball strikes another poolball, for example, the struck ball doesn't go BACKWARDS in the direction the cue ball CAME FROM. This is a basic fact of the universe that all people learn as infants, and of which we are reminded every day.

The Zapruder film showed Kennedy's head being violently snapped BACKWARDS, (and his brains and pieces of skull splattered on the trunk of the limosine in which he was riding with his wife and Texas Governor John Connolly) from a shot fired from the grassy knoll by CIA assassin Frank Sturgis (nee Fiorini- he took the same Sturgis from a trashy spy novel written by his fellow CIA assassin E. Howard Hunt, who was with him on the grassy knoll that day).

"Oswald" (in fact a double, and if you've seen the photos it's amazing how like Oswald he looks, nearly identical) was said to have fired from above and behind from the Texas School Book Depository- so a shot from there could not have caused the head to snap violent BACK and the contents of the skull to explode to the REAR. Not in this universe anyway.

The elites have also made "grassy knoll" a term of ridicule and contempt. This is how they debate. They have to ignore the facts. They can hardly admit to the facts about the JFK hit, as it reveals the undemocratic nature of their system and the ruthlessness and murderousness that lies at its heard.