Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Missouri Rulers Cynically Let Black Businesses Burn in Ferguson

I was following the news from Ferguson, and two parallel things stood out. First, the police did their usual thing of refusing to respect the right of people to peaceably assembly (one of those sham paper "rights" "guaranteed" by the U.S. Constitution) and immediately attacked them when the anti-climactic refusal to charge killer cop Darren Wilson with any crime at all was announced. The police attacked with tear gas and various other "sublethal" weaponry.

Soon after, looters and rioters went to work on a street of black-owned businesses, setting fires in about a dozen. Odd, that with the gigantic local, county, and state police forces, plus the National Guard, this was allowed to happen. The white areas were heavily defended, so the angry mob attacked targets of opportunity- predictably. The have-nots got themselves some goods before setting fires. [1] 

Even more damning- no fire trucks showed up for hours.

Conclusion: the cynical political bosses of Missouri conspired in advance not to intervene against actual violence,

I've seen this pattern repeatedly in the U.S. Angry blacks finally pushed over the edge by years of racist oppression have their anger channeled into destroying their own community.

Just as young blacks assert their pride and manhood by forming rival gangs and killing each other.

The white racist establishment must chortle in their cocktails and martinis when they contemplate it.

They can discredit the protesters by lumping them in with looters and rioters. And they divide the black community. I'm pretty sure those black shopkeepers and their families and friends aren't down with having their stores burned out.

Those bastards must be pleased with themselves. They killed two birds with one stone.

My hunch, and analysis, was soon confirmed when journalist Amy Goodman, on the scene in Ferguson, reported as follows:

"Democracy Now! is on the ground in Ferguson Monday night as protesters were met by walls of police officers, many in riot gear and heavily armed. The burning and property damage was worst on West Florissant, a strip of largely black-run businesses. The National Guard, heavily touted by the governor? We didn’t see them there. We did see, though, a heavy police presence just blocks away on South Florissant, home to the Ferguson Police Department headquarters. That’s where we began. We’re here on South Florissant. Down the road are fires. Cars are on fire. We’re following a group of protesters. Right now the police in riot gear. We have also seen state troopers are moving in. So, we are going to follow the protesters who are walking down the street." [2]

"I want to talk about what burned and what didn’t. We were on South Florissant. In fact, I saw Jelani at South Florissant. The riot police were lined up. There were armored vehicles, automatic weapons. They were really taking on the protesters. But when we went to West Florissant where the buildings are, the businesses, mainly black-run businesses, there was no National Guard in sight. When we were here months ago, when we were here months ago on West Florissant, you cannot even make a turn there. They had completely sealed off the area. But last night, to our shock, we drove unimpeded right down West Florissant. People were breaking windows. They were setting the buildings on fire. This is black Ferguson that was left by the National Guard, is that right?" [3]

It's clear from Goodman's description that those in power deliberately wanted black businesses to burn. Now they can say "See? You NEED police to protect you from those hoodlums who protest cop killings. (And sotto voce to the white audience: you see how violent and crazy those blacks are? That's why we have to kill them from time to time.)"

1] I wonder how much of the arson and looting was the work of police infiltrators, informers, and agents provocateur, egging people on and even participating. That is standard operating procedure. A notorious example was the presence of FBI informer Gary Rowe in the car of Klansmen who murdered civil rights worker Viola Liuzzo. He may even have been the triggerman. Viola had 5 children when the racist terrorists murdered her.

Another example was when an undercover FBI agent went on a terrorist assassination attempt with a member of an underground fascist terror group in San Diego, California, the Secret Army Organization. The target was a "leftist" professor, A shot was fired into the professor's house, hitting a woman in the elbow and permanently crippling her arm. Oh yeah, this stuff happens all the time in the Land of the Free.

2] "Black Lives Matter: Ferguson Erupts After Grand Jury Clears Officer in Michael Brown Killing," Democracy Now!, November 25, 2014.

A New York Times reporter on the Washington, D.C.-based "public" radio show the Diane Rehm Show today professed bafflement by the lack of fire and police response. Of course she would have to. Do a systematic analysis like I just did is the kind of thinking that cannot appear in "respectable" media. In fact, it helps if one is literally incapable of conceiving of such a "cynical" thing, in case one should inadvertently blurt it out. The cynicism of course is on the rulers' side, not on those who don't drink their Kool-Aid and instead expose their sinister ploys.

Monday, November 24, 2014

“The Authorities” Unsheath Their Club for New Round of Repression in Ferguson, Missouri, U.S.A.

After stalling for three months on announcing what they'd already decided from the day killer cop Darren Wilson executed black teenager Michael Brown (on his knees, already wounded, with his hands up, yet Wilson pumped two slugs into his head, shooting him a total of six times or more), those in power in Missouri have decided to bite the bullet and finally come out with it. Amazingly, the popular furor hasn't died down, as it has so many times before. Having kicked the ball to a grand jury, (a rubber stamp for the prosecutor), as a delaying tactic and on whom they could try to fob off responsibility for letting the killer cop go scot-free (in fact a prosecutor could charge someone anyway), a typical way “authorities” all over the U.S. try to muddy the waters and frustrate and exhaust people in an endless game of “working within the system,” using legal process to neutralize outrage and resistance, and seeing it isn't working this time, despite the best efforts of “respectable” black “leaders” to pacify the rebellious mood of people fed up with routine police brutality and murders in the larger context of social and economic repression, those in power will now go back to brute force, as they have done through three months of ferment- indeed as they have already been doing in the past few days. [1]

But the brutality and repression of protesters, with police consistently attacking groups of people as soon as they gather, is actually invisible in U.S. media, except in a few “alternative outlets (such as Democracy Now.) The UK Guardian has reported what U.S. media is oddly blind to. So foreign media is a far better source of information about the U.S. than U.S. media is- yet again.

After declaring a state of emergency days ago and calling out his state militia, the National Guard, the Governor of Missouri, a lifelong professional oppressor named Jay Nixon, mouthed completely cynical and hypocritical platitudes about respecting people's right to protest. This pattern of utter mendacity totally at odds with their actual actions has extended down to the police chief of Ferguson (who read a statement prepared by a public relations firm six weeks after the murder saying sorry to the parents of the slain youth, and profession sympathy and understanding- a truly nauseating display- read in a deadpan monotone belying the alleged emotions claimed.

And “black” State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, who was rushed to the scene months ago to oversee the repression, has consistently lied about the attacks on journalists and mass arrests committed by the goons under his command. He too has regularly mouthed platitudes about respecting the “right to peacefully protest,” as his goon squads have attacked and arrested people as soon as they congregate.

Apparently the white populace has been adding to its armaments stockpile, so great is its fear (and hatred in many cases) of darker-skinned humans. [2]

Meanwhile, new police murders of blacks keep occurring. In Cleveland, Ohio, a 12 year old boy was executed in a park for having a toy gun. In New York City, for at least the third time in memory, a black man was executed when he walked through a doorway in a public housing stairwell, gunned down for absolutely no reason. (This time a young father of a 2 year old girl, while he was walking downstairs with his fiancee.)

That is the backdrop in which more and more people have gotten fed up. Whether they can build a lasting movement, in the face of police attack, infiltration, dirty tricks, and the massive apparatus of repression at the command of the political “authorities” in America, is yet to be seen. 

1] Ferguson protesters and police clash as grand jury decision nears: Police charge at demonstrators in freezing temperatures as Ferguson awaits decision on whether officer will be charged,Guardian, 20 November, 2014.
Ferguson police arrest more protesters before Michael Brown ruling: Second night of clashes in Missouri as grand jury decides whether police officer will face charges over teenager’s shooting,” Guardian, 21 November, 2014. A misleading subhead, as grand juries don't "decide" anything in this country; rather they are led by the nose by prosecutors, who present and omit whatever "evidence" they want to get the result they want. "A prosecutor could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich" is an old lawyers' saying in the U.S.

Missouri gun sales spike in runup to Brown shooting grand jury decision: Gun store owners report rising sales, particularly of shotguns and pistols, as grand jury decision on shooting death of Michael Brown nears,” Guardian, 19 November 2014.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Obama's Latest Cruel Con: Deportation “Relief”

The Big Deal temporary not-really-amnesty deal Obama offered up is a classic honey trap. As he stressed in his speech announcing his Great Gift to the suffering masses of millions of immigrants living an underground, hunted existence in constant fear of apprehension, loss of everything they own, and summary expulsion to whatever murderous hellhole south of the U.S. border they fled, what they would have to do is TURN THEMSELVES IN. Identify themselves, “get right with the law,” and in return deportation will be held in abeyance for three years. So the government gets a list of however many fools fall for this trap, for easy arrest later.

Notice there is NO right to live in the U.S., just a promise to temporarily let them stay. But ONLY if they've already been here at least five years. (Five years continuously? What if someone went to their native country for family reasons, say, and returned?) Oh, there are a slew of other conditions too- like no “criminal” record (except for the “crime” of being in the U.S. illegally, he made sure to note), and “pay taxes” (as if they don't already, through sales taxes, phone bill taxes, gasoline taxes, employer withholding taxes, utility bill taxes, and the indirect taxes they pay when landlords for example built their own taxes into the rents they charge).

Of course, Obama is such a sleazy flim-flam artist that he has the gall to promise “three years” of holding the sword of deportation over their heads without dropping it on their necks, when in fact he's not even going to be president for three more years, just two years and two months! So the whole thing is a fraud on its face. [1]

Yet there are many idiots- including putative leftists who should know better- who have hailed this putrid turd of a pseudo-amnesty as a Wonderful Thing. Amazing how stupid some people are.

Of course the media played along, portraying this as some Big Amnesty, when it's nothing of the sort. It's merely a reprieve. Typical was a propagandist on a New York City “public” radio station, who announced “President Obama opens the door for immigrants who have been living here for 5 years or more.” No he didn't. They're already here. He said “turn yourself in and maybe you won't get deported for 3 years.” A palpable trick, as I've pointed out.

Even some foreign media got in on the act. For example, a BBC announcer said Obama lifted the threat of deportation from 5 million. A FLAT LIE. They are STILL DEPORTABLE. Obama just said they wouldn't BE deported for three years- IF THEY QUALIFY. And as I just said, he's gone in about two years. And even THAT assumes the GOP Congress taking power in January doesn't pass a law overturning his decision (they'll need some Democrats to override an Obama veto, unless they attach it to a bill he won't veto), or the reactionary Supreme Court doesn't deem his move Unconstitutional.

Or Obama doesn't change his mind.

He's been cruelly leading on the eleven million foreigners living under the gun in the U.S, for his entire term, constantly teasing, hinting, promising, and double-crossing. Now this.

BBC also treated us to the sounds of what sounded like a crowd of 50 Hispanic people (no doubt organized by the Democratic Party itself or one of its stooge organizations) yelling “Obama, Amigo!” (amigo is “friend” in Spanish) and some woman with a thick Hispanic accent shouting “God Bless American!”

Really? For what?

Just for the record: Obama has deported more people than any president in U.S. history, over 2 million, and more every day. His Border Patrol agents keep murdering Mexican by firing at them across the border into Mexico, using the excuse that their victims threw rocks at them. (One victim was a teen walking to the store, shot in the back by a U.S. butcher.) He has systematically violated the rights of children fleeing from their lives from the charnel houses of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, who are entitled to asylum. Which makes the prattle in his speech about “rule of law in our country” and his finger-wagging admonition to the exploited foreign workers and their families to “get right with the law.” (Meaning, turn yourselves in like the Jews of Europe sewed yellow Stars of David on their clothes for easy identification by the Nazis and their helpers.)

“Get right with the law.” Right. And Work Makes You Free (Arbeit macht frei.)

1] Obama has a bad con man's habit of telling obvious whoppers. Like “no one's listening to your phone calls.” (Depends on who “you” is. And anyway, the NSA is COLLECTING and STORING all our phone calls, for later searching and listening,) Or the three dozen or so times he insisted “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan,” an obvious lie since his law mandated requirements for medical insurance that would make millions of junk plans illegal. The “three year” fake amnesty is yet another example.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Missouri Political Rulers Preparing to Crush Expected Protests Against “Clearing” Killer Cop of Murder

Killer cop Darren Wilson of the town of Ferguson, Missouri, who murdered a black teenager, Michael Brown, in cold blood two months ago, is set to get a clean bill of health from the establishment's judicial system. This outcome was obvious from day one, and “the authorities” signaled as much a few weeks ago when they arranged to plant in the corporate media “anonymously” the police-friendly story given to a for-show grand jury as evidence to consider whether to indict (charge) the officer. (Brown was in the street, on his knees, already shot, when Wilson, who chased him down, pumped another six rounds into him to finish him off, two in the head.)

The political bosses of the state of Missouri have been flashing bright signals for weeks now that the killer cop is to be exonerated. The latest unmistakeable sign came when right wing, racist Governor Jay Nixon actually declared a state of emergency and called out his National Guard four days ago. We're supposedly waiting for a Grand Jury to issue “its” decision on whether to indict the killer cop, but in fact American grand juries are rubber stamps of prosecutors (even establishment media slips up sometimes and refers to them as “rubber stamps”) and the prosecutor- a harsh oppressor of blacks who daddy was killed by a black man, making him especially spiteful towards African-Americans- has the power to bring charges without going to a grand jury. The purpose of the grand jury in this case (and in other politically inflammatory cases) was to stall and wait for the passion of the people outrages by this latest act of racial oppression to die down. Only it hasn't. [1]

The Mayor of nearby St. Louis, a major metropolis of which Ferguson is a satellite black ghetto or shtetl ruled by whites, who fund their city budget by fining blacks for traffic infractions and such, said he expected unrest- obvious he too knows the killer cop Darren Wilson is to get off scot-free.

The White police chief of Ferguson recently informed us that everyone his goons tear-gassed over the months of protests was a “criminal.”

Basically, in the face of unrest against unrelenting racist oppression in the U.S., year after year, the U.S. establishment, even with a “historic” “black” president, is refusing to give an inch. It will NOT stop allowing its killer cops to execute blacks, it will NOT reform its system of racist oppression, it will NOT allow ANY political power or influence for the poor black masses. (Meanwhile black bourgeois “leaders” run around throwing water on the fires of discontent by hectoring people to be “peaceful,” which doesn't stop the police from violently attacking them anyway and illegally arresting them on false charges, as happened every day over the months of protest in Ferguson. And double agents like Al “FBI” Sharpton play their self-assigned or state assigned roles in trying to cool things out so things can get “back to normal” and the repression and murders can continue as before without resistance.

The sad truth is the rulers ONLY can be pushed to make concessions by violence, it seems. Now that they have sewn up their “elections” to make it impossible for even Democrats to win in most states, peaceful change is virtually impossible. But mass consciousness has regressed so much that it is now beneath what it was decades ago when blacks formed an organization to monitor the police, the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, later shortened to the Black Panther Party.

Of course, that party was seen as such a threat, as U.S. rulers see any resistance as a dire threat, that it had to be physically exterminated by state assassinations, as well as vicious assaults using the “criminal justice system”

But after all, this is a country that violently repressed the efforts of white workers to organize. So what can you expect when black untermensch try to organize and resist their oppression?

There's a very revealing common saying among American lawyers regarding grand juries: a prosecutor could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.

Tells you all you need to know about what grand juries are, doesn't it?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Obama Ordered the Murder of a 16-Year-Old American

Contained in a new article about Obama's drone terror* campaign in a major U.S. bourgeois publication, there is an intriguing hint that can be gleaned about the murder by drone of the 16-year-old son of Al-Qaeda polemicist Anwar al-Awlaki, Abdulrahman, along with his cousin and five other civilians as they ate dinner in an outdoor restaurant in Yemen on October 14, 2011. [1]

We can now conclude more conclusively than ever, that Barack Hussein Obama personally ordered the murder.

Here's the tip-off.

Buried on the ninth page of an eleven page article (print edition), are two brief paragraphs about the killing by drone of another American, a 23-year-old named Jude Kenan Mohammad, who grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. He was killed in a nighttime “signature strike” on a home in South Waziristan, Pakistan. (“Signature strike” is CIA-speak, meaning We don't know who that is but he looks like a terrorist to us so we'll kill him. Like guys with beards, for example. The Obama regime, it's been repeatedly reported, has decided to classify all “military-age males” in the areas subject to drone attack as “terrorists” in the event the U.S. kills them. This death-by-executive-fiat is the new Eric-Holder-approved definition of “due process.”) The article's author, Steve Coll, asserts that Mohammad “had fallen in with aspiring jihadists; his presence at the site of the [CIA drone] attack might indicate [my italics] that he had become a volunteer soldier."

Had fallen in with aspiring jihadists? So maybe he was an “aspiring jihadist”? And what is an “aspiring jihadist”? Someone who's Muslim and criticizes the U.S.? Just who identified the people Mohammad had “fallen in with” as “aspiring jihadists”? Presumably Coll's secret police state sources. (And Coll is one of the better members the U.S. establishment media on this business, as he's a skeptic of the endless drone war- a decided minority among U.S. elites. Although not so much for moral reasons as for pragmatic ones- namely it's not working. Just like "establishment" "critics" of the Vietnam War, he cannot bring himself to morally condemn the U.S. At worst, the U.S. makes "mistakes," it never commits crimes.)

And the fact that Mohammad was AT a place the CIA decided to blow up “might indicate that he had become a volunteer soldier.” Or might not. Maybe he was just visiting someone who lived there. Or he wanted to borrow a bag of salt. Who knows?

So if the CIA guesses- after the fact, when they find out who exactly they've killed- that someone in the wrong place at the wrong time got iced- that maybe he was a “volunteer soldier.”

Gee, I dunno, that doesn't sound like the rigorous, careful process Obama and his minions like to describe, like some Hollywood or TV propaganda show where the Good Guys have infallible “intel” and their victims are always Obviously Bad Guys. Clearly that's the propaganda image burned into people's brains they are playing to.

After the “volunteer soldier” business, Coll continues in the same paragraph:

“Yet he [Mohammad] was not targeted for death as an individual, and, given his American citizenship, any deliberate strike on him would likely have to have been authorized only after an in-depth review overseen by President Obama.” End of topic.

I see. So Obama must have personally ordered the hit on the 16-year old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, two weeks after greasing his Dad. And the only explanation that has ever been offered came from the lips of Obama henchman Robert Gibbs, who coldly brushed off a genuine reporter (non-establishment one) when she plaintively pressed him for an explanation, these immoral words of posthumous advice for Abdulrahman "you should have a far more responsible father."

Is that clear?

There hasn't even been planted stories from the usual “anonymous” regime sources saying that they were really assassinating someone else, or it was a mistake, or something or other. Loyal media propagandists, on the rare occasions they have to mention it, invent these excuses themselves, as in "they must have been targeting someone else."

The fact that the Obama regime has never even bothered “anonymously” presenting an alibi proves the hit was deliberate. And now we know for sure that Obama ordered it. (But then, it's already been reported that he goes over the “kill list” personally once a week to approve/disapprove those “nominated” for death by the CIA or military. That's the word the regime uses.)

But why, you may ask? The murder came two weeks after the father was assassinated, also by drone. His son spent those weeks looking for his father, until word came by phone from his family that his Dad was dead. Obviously the U.S. secret police/military state was watching like a hungry hawk everything every family member was doing. They obviously knew from eavesdropping that Abdulrahman was devoted to his father. Obama, who is political to his core and has a political calculating machine where a soul should be, must have decided that the son would stir up bad publicity for him, thus creating a headache. He could see the son devoting years of his life to making noise about it, trying to drag Obama into court after he leaves office, and so on. Easier to just kill the son-of-a-terrorist punk.

After all, this is the guy who had Medea Benjamin's arm broken for interrupting one of his speeches by shouting about his drone war.

By the way, it took eighteen months for Attorney General Eric “Due Process Means We Decide To Kill You” Holder to get around to admitting that the killing of Mohammad had even occurred. That was the first official U.S. Government acknowledgment that Mohammad's death had actually happened. So as far as U.S. establishment media was concerned, it was “secret” before that. Like a tree falling in the woods when no one is there to hear it, as far as U.S. propaganda media is concerned, if the U.S. Government doesn't officially announce one of its murders, it didn't happen.

But the mass of the American people aren't bothered by any of this. Indeed, like Good Germans, they make sure to remain blissfully unaware of the facts. They just believe that the U.S. government is “fighting terrorism” and “protecting” them, and leave it at that, making sure never to think.

But really, is killing an American teenager- and was he really an American with a name like “Abdulrahman”? He was only technically an American by citizenship, right?- such a big deal? Obama has killed children and grandmothers with his drones, at times apparently deliberately. So they weren't “Americans.” I do not recognize Americans as a higher order of being from other members of the same species on this planet- although apparently most Americans do so. Or the four young Palestinian boys kicking a soccer ball on a deserted Gaza beach, that Israeli sailors on a gunboat decided must die (as soon as the foreign journalists who had been kicking that ball around with the boys a few minutes earlier were out of the way). Forgot about that already, did you?

The atrocities come so thick and fast, it's easy to forget.

*Like all state terror campaigns these days, the U.S. terror campaign is called “counter-terrorism.” That's what they also called their murder of 50,000 Vietnamese in their Phoenix Operation, what the long Holocaust in Guatemala is billed as, what the slaughter of 75,000 Salvadoreans by the Reagan regime (which was initiated by Jimmy “Humanitarian” Carter) in the 1980s, and etc. and etc. But there is ample evidence now that the people living under the buzzing drones hovering menacing overhead all the time are in a state of induced terror. The uncertainly of when and at whom a deadly missile will be unleashed is incredibly stressful and has produced anxiety disorders in many thousands of people. It has also helped cause Islamofascism to mutate into its most virulent form yet, the self-styled “Islamic State” now embedded in large swaths of Iraq and Syria.

1] “The Unblinking Stare: The drone war in Pakistan,” New Yorker, November 24, 2014.

[For some damn reason, my embedded videos no longer display in the Firefox and Opera browsers, but do display in Chrome and Internet Explorer. Anyway there's a transcript of the video below.]

Here's Gibbs, who literally tried to flee the people asking him the questions about the al-Awlaki murders, finally cornered like a rodent and revealing a little too much of what lurks behind the smooth masks he and his boss, Obama, wear. [Gibbs was head honcho of the horribly deceitful and manipulative Obama election campaigns.]

Sierra Adamson: "Do you think that the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki's
16-year-old son, who was an American citizen, is justifiable?"
Robert Gibbs: "I'm not going to get into Anwar al-Awlaki's son. I know
that Anwar al-Awlaki renounced his citizenship."
Sierra Adamson: "His son was still an American citizen."
Robert Gibbs: "Did great harm to people in this country and was a
regional al-Qaeda commander hoping to inflict harm and destruction on
people that share his religion and others in this country. And..."
Sierra Adamson: "That's an American citizen that's being targeted
without due process of law, without trial. And he's underage. He's a
Robert Gibbs: "I would suggest that you should have a far more
responsible father. If they're truly concerned about the well-being of
their children, I don't think becoming an al-Qaeda jihadist terrorist
is the best way to go about doing your business." [So we can kill your kids, he's saying.]

Notice how Gibbs ignores the question about murdering the teenager, who the U.S. never claimed and has never claimed was a “terrorist,” and instead harps on what a very very bad man Anwar al-Awlaki was.

His advice to the already-dead teenager was “you should have a far more responsible father.” Pick a better father in the next life, kid.

Savvy advice from a political pro!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

U.S. Two-for-Three in Overthrowing Governments in 2015. So Far.

That is, governments we know they were trying to overthrow.

So far, they've gotten rid of unwanted regimes in Ukraine and Thailand. They're still working on Venezuela.  In all three cases, false flag snipers have been used to murder people in the streets.

I just reread a previous essay of mine which is well worth a second read (and a first read for anyone who wants to better understand this world they're living in).

See "U.S., Obama Regime, Busy as Bees, Trying to Overthrow Three Governments Simultaneously (And Media Handmaidens Play Their Assigned Roles.)" Taboo Truths by Jason Zenith, February 22, 2014.

For an understanding of the U.S. use of false flag snipers, see "Ukraine Snipers Worked For U.S. Puppet Government, Estonian Foreign Minister Told Ashton," Taboo Truths by Jason Zenith, April 07, 2014. This includes the infamous phone call between the Estonian Foreign Minister and EU pooh-bah Catherine Ashton about the snipers. Ashton has of course pretended ever since that the phone call never occurred. She never followed up of course, instead maintaining the cover story that the snipers were the work of the Ukrainian regime of the now-overthrown President Viktor Yanukovych. Also former U.S. "national security" apparatus worker Chalmers Johnson discusses U.S. use of false flag snipers in destabilization ops in Venezuela and elsewhere. It's a "standard operating procedure" ("SOP") of U.S. imperialism.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Israel Tightens Screws On Palestinians Another Turn

Israel has banned, for life, a Norwegian doctor from entering the Gaza Strip, the world's largest concentration camp ever, for the crime of providing medical care to victims of Israel's latest war against the camp inmates, the third sustained offensive in six years. Another of his crimes was working in the major hospital in the camp, which Israel bombed repeatedly during the latest so-called “war.” Lastly, and worst in Israel's eyes, the doctor, Dr. Mads Gilbert had the temerity to give an interview about Israel's crime of bombing the hospital, on Democracy Now! [1]

Israel also is banning the UN's human rights investigators from entering Gaza. (Which means Egypt, a loathsome military dictatorship which guards the western border of the giant Gaza prison camp, is also barring them for Israel.) Yet the UN can't expel Israel from the UN, can't impose sanctions on Israel, can't even issue a Security Council condemnation or criticism of Israel, because Israel's vassal state, the U.S., holds veto power on the Security Council.

The U.S. government supports this oppression, supports the denial of medical care for people maimed and wounded by Israel's violence (committed with U.S.-supplied weapons and munitions, supplied for free, by the way), supports the banning of human rights investigators, supports the maintenance of a giant concentration camp. As does the loathsome U.S. media, which refuses to report news such as this.

But all Palestinians are “terrorists.” And “terrorists” are evil subhumans who by definition cannot have human rights. Thus human rights investigators have no business going to Gaza. To investigate Israeli crimes is to be “anti-Israel.” And since Israel is “a Jewish state,” it follows that to be “anti-Israel” is to be “anti-Semitic.”

And being subhuman, Palestinians also are not entitled to medical care. Thus it is no crime to bomb their hospitals and ban doctors from treating them.

Understand now?

Oh, by the way, “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.” And the U.S. always upholds “democracy” and “human rights” (only for humans, of course) and “supports its friends.” And what better “friend” does the bitch U.S. have then its master, Israel?

But understand, that last point is no knock on Israel. Why shouldn't Israel make the world's superpower its obedient zombie? The fault for that lies entirely with the U.S., specifically its political and media classes. They have made the U.S. the slave of Israel. They refuse to declare U.S. independence from Israel. You can only blame them, not Israel. Israel is rationally pursuing its national interests. Other tiny nations can only be green with envy at Israel's world-historic achievement of making the most powerful nation that has ever existed its zombie-bitch-slave. (I mean zombie in the Haitian sense, a person whose mind is controlled by another, as if hypnotized. Not the stupid horror movie definition of corpses coming back to life and clawing their way out of the earth.)

An interview well worth watching or reading the transcript of. “Norwegian Physician Treating Wounded Civilians: Stop the Bombing, End Israeli Impunity in Gaza,Democracy Now!, July 14, 2014.

See also “Breaking: In Latest Attack on Gaza Medical Site, IDF Shells al-Aqsa Hospital; 5 Dead, Dozens Hurt,Democracy Now!, July 21, 2014, and “White Phosphorous and Dense Inert Metal Explosives: Is Israel Using Banned and Experimental Munitions in Gaza?,” Democracy Now!, January 14, 2009.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Castrator Elected to U.S. Senate

The State of Iowa has a brand new United States Senator. Joni Ernst, a lieutenant colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard who packs a pistol in her purse. She ran an ad boasting about how she castrates hogs, and vowed to do the same in Washington, D.C. (presumably metaphorically). Her Castration Ad is credited with enabling her victory.

Birdbrain reactionary Sarah Palin, the GOP vice presidential nominee in 2012, endorsed her thusly,

apropos of the ad: “It’s like, whoa, nobody’s going to push her around.” Or she'll cut their nuts off, I guess. Or maybe shoot them off with that pistol she's packing.

In her ad, Ernst claimed her gelding skills were applicable to Washington politics, where she vowed to “make ’em squeal!”

So in effect Ernst is saying I know how to slice off testicles, and I'm gonna do some slicing in Washington, you bet!

Iowa must be very very weird.

She's the first woman elected to a statewide office in Iowa, ever.

Maybe she got 1% of the male vote and 99% of the female vote? Or maybe there are a lot of twisted male submissives in Iowa?

[For an article on her campaign, see “How Joni Ernst’s ad about ‘castrating hogs’ transformed Iowa’s U.S. Senate race,Washington Post, May 11th, 2014. For post-election info see "Who is Joni Ernst?" - a militarist and imperialist, actually- Washington Post, November 5, 2014.]

Joni Ernst: Cutting Your Balls Off With A Smile!

Western Media Continue to Provide Cover for Kiev Regime War Crimes

Despite a “truce,” the Kiev regime has launched a furious artillery bombardment on the city of Donetsk. Western media are referring to this not as a “bombardment” or an “attack,” but as “fighting.”

That's like calling the Nazi Blitz of London during World War II “fighting.”

It's true that the defenders are reported to be responding with counter-artillery fire. Still, calling a siege “fighting” is highly misleading. The people of Donetsk are entering winter now with no heat or light, thanks to the Kiev regime's destruction of power plants in the area. Meanwhile Western media periodically whines that Moscow won't give Kiev free gas. (Oh, they don't phrase it like that, of course. They lightly skirt over the huge arrears of unpaid gas bills and paint Moscow as an extortionist and arm-twister for wanting to be paid for gas already provided and used, and to charge closer to market rates for new gas to a now hostile regime instead of selling at a discount.)

Area artillery bombardment of a city obviously targets civilians, their homes, and the civilian infrastructure. Thus it is a war crime. The Western-chosen Ukrainian government based in Kiev has been bombarding cities in the breakaway eastern regions all year. Now, during a “truce,” that regime has initiated a furious bombardment of Donetsk, apparently in retaliation for the recent “illegal” and “illegitimate” election held there.

Here's how the BBC refers to artillery bombardment/war crimes:

“Heavy fighting has broken out in Donetsk.” The “fighting” in question is artillery shelling by the Kiev regime, while pretending a “truce” is in effect. The Donetsk Republic forces responded with artillery, if BBC is to be believed. A BBC correspondent on the ground reported that the shelling was intense.

“Fighting” didn't “break out.” The Kiev regime unleashed an artillery bombardment on a city it previously devastated and left without heat for the winter.

Friday, November 07, 2014

U.S. Offers Iran Oh-So-Generous Deal: Surrender Your Nuclear Program, and We'll Let You Help Us Fight ISIS

Can you believe the arrogance? The U.S. wants Iran to pay it- and the price demanded is steep- for the privilege of doing the U.S. the favor of helping it fight the “Islamic State” Islamonazi terrorists taking over Syria and half of Iraq.

The Obama regime actually sent Iran an obnoxious letter to this effect. It said Iran had a “shared interest” in helping the U.S. fight ISIS (using the obsolete name for the medieval terrorist movement) and therefore should knuckle under to the U.S. demand that Iran shut down its nuclear enrichment program and close or greatly limit the newly-built Arak reactor by the deadline of November 24th for an agreement on the nuclear issue in order that Iran be allowed to come to the U.S.' aid in beating back ISIS. That's like saying “I'll let you paint my house if you pay me $10,000.” Gee, THANKS!

Amazing. What chutzpah!

This news comes from the right-wing U.S. rag the Wall Street Journal, part of Dow Jones, which Rupert Murdoch bought from the plutocratic Bancroft family a few years ago. The paper reported the heretofore secret insulting letter Obama personally sent to the Iranian theocratic boss, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, last month.

It's no surprise this was done in secret. For one thing, Israel, the U.S.' only boss in the world, which exercises its control through a powerful Jewish fifth column in America, wants the U.S. to bomb Iran, not cooperate with it in any manner, Secondly, this blatantly contradicts what the Obama regime has been saying repeatedly for months, namely that there was no place for Iran in the so-called anti-ISIS “coalition” that Obama claimed to have constructed. The U.S. made a big show of publicly snubbing Iran by excluding it from an anti-ISIS conference of various nations called together by the U.S. for a show of unity and resolve. Secretary of State John “Horseface” Kerry made a public announcement of the snub, just like a popular high school girl telling a boy in front of everyone that she was having a party and the boy wasn't invited.

To make the whole thing even more of a mind-fuck, the reactionary stooges of Israel in the U.S. Congress are determined to sabotage any nuclear deal with Iran. If Congress refuses to lift the sanctions that are strangling the Iranian economy, Iran won't dismantle its nuclear program- unless it is simply dying to carry the U.S.' water for it and will surrender its nuclear facilities, REMAIN under crushing U.S. sanctions, and fight ISIS for the U.S. I have a sneaking suspicion that won't happen- only because it's preposterous.

In fact, Republicans and Democratic Israel-loving fanatics in Congress want to increase the sanctions, tightening the knot on Iran's windpipe.

Obama regime Mouthpiece-in-Chief Josh “Fratboy” Earnest insisted against the facts that the “policy that the president has articulated about Iran remains unchanged,” namely the policy of no cooperation with Iran against ISIS, and no linkage of “separate issues” like Iran's nuclear program and “regional issues” like ISIS. (The main job of White House spokespeople is to obfuscate and even brazenly deny reality.)

And in a possible hint of things to come, Earnest earnestly added “The US will not cooperate militarily with Iran but their interest in this has been discussed on the sidelines of other communications.” So if we apply the standard translation to mendacious U.S. statements and stand this one on its head, it would mean the U.S. might end up cooperating militarily with Iran.

For all we know, it already is. Iran provided important aid to the U.S. when it invaded Afghanistan in October 2001, so there is precedent here for Iran helping the always-ungrateful “Great Satan.” The U.S. is so powerful that even nations that should know better are eager to suck up to it. Look at Vietnam! A nation virtually destroyed by the vicious U.S., millions of its people slaughtered, its land permanently poisoned with dioxin that even today is producing hideous monster-babies from the damage to the genome of the Vietnamese people, and yet Vietnam is eager to snuggle up to the U.S., for economic reasons and out of fear of China, the regional bully.

As to the verbiage that gushes from the mouths of presidential spokesmen (they've all been men so far), Nixon's White House flack Ron Ziegler once said, when confronted by a reporter with one of his lies, that statement is “inoperative.” U.S. pronouncements become “inoperative” faster and faster these days,

In the case of dealing with ISIS, part of this is the chronic mendacity of U.S. rulers (who are not unique in this regard). The other part is the incoherence of the Obama regime's policy for dealing with ISIS, Iraq, and Syria. Recall that when ISIL-ISIS-IS first burst onto the scene with its blitzkrieg of conquest in Iraq, Obama actually said IN PUBLIC that he didn't have a “strategy.” Amazing. An experienced politician, and a seemingly intelligent man, saying that. Sometimes the man is baffling. Even morons like Reagan or the Bushes would never make such a bone-headed statement. You say “we aren't going to announce our strategy in public. That would help the terrorists. But make no mistake, a day of reckoning for ISIS is coming.” I just wrote that right off the top of my head. You'd think any experienced U.S. politician could say something like that in his sleep. Not Obama.

Next, he had Kerry running around assembling a “coalition” of nations to fight ISIS, including the Persian Gulf State culprits that are the spawn of ISIS and their ilk in the first place- and their financial supporters. Some demonstration bombing raids ensued, with a female Arab pilot from one of the oil emirates given top billing. (Meanwhile Saudi Arabia is beheading female “sorcerers” this year, as usual. Oh, women can't even drive cars there, forget about flying planes!)

Then the Obama regime announced a farcical plan to “train” the “Free Syrian Army,” the same people Obama has consigned to slow extermination by the Assad regime by refusing to arm it, and refusing to take out Assad's air force, and to have them fight ISIS for the U.S.! Guess Assad will magnanimously agree to a truce to allow the “moderate” Syrian fighters to do that! Of course that ridiculous plan was stillborn. (And absurd on its face- supposedly 5,000 Syrians were to be trained in Saudi Arabia for a year, then thrown into battle a year from now against the 31,000-strong and growing daily ISIS terrorists. Yeah, that will work!) That led to yet another “plan,” to train some mysterious new force to do the dirty work.

Obama of course has handled the IS rampage more as a public relations problem than a political or geostrategic one. That is obvious in all the announced “steps,” the quarter-measures, and the fecklessness. Obama is a manipulator who treats politics as advertising- no accident he won the advertising industry's award for ad campaign of the year, beating out Apple Corporation and everyone else, for his 2008 “presidential campaign,” a brilliant scam based on a mere two words, the buzzwords “Hope” and “Change.” That millions of people fell for such an obvious and cheap psychological manipulation depressed me then, and depresses me now as I recall it. As long as people are subconscious beings, there truly is no hope for this species, for charlatans, con men, and evil power- mongers will always be able to hold sway.

[See "The US strategy against Isis is working – for Assad," theguardian (UK), 6 November, 2014.]

Monday, November 03, 2014

Obama Dragging His Party Down to Defeat

The so-called "midterm elections" aren't going well for the Democratic Party. This is largely down to Barack Obama, who is deeply despised by a large segment of the U.S. population. (Although mostly for the wrong reasons- namely race, the insane delusion that he's a "socialist," and holding him responsible for something he has almost no control over- the economy of the U.S. The parts of the national government that DO greatly influence the economy are Congress, which controls fiscal policy, that is, spending, and the Federal Reserve, which controls monetary policy- interest rates and the money supply. The continued economic doldrums of the U.S. are due to its structural nature. It is arranged to suck up wealth to a tiny sliver of the population at the apex of the socio-economic pyramid. It also refuses to invest in infrastructure, instead preferring to spend about as much on its military as the rest of the world combined. And it has a grotesque, and grotesquely expensive, medical industry.)

There are good reasons to hate Obama. His massive assaults on civil liberties and human rights make him one of the most destructive U.S. presidents in history in this regard. And of course he is an imperialist, as all U.S. presidents are required to be. And a servant of the corporate oligarchy, again a job requirement. But this isn't why he's heartily disliked, even though it should be.

Many whites who were tricked into voting for him have been disappointed or disillusioned. They were stupid dupes in the first place (although even intelligent people like Cornel West were taken in, and West got to interrogate him for 6 hours!). Blacks however, based on pigmentation loyalty, are still devoted to him. But of course Obama isn't running.

In midterm elections, the president's party almost always loses House seats. That looks to be true this year too. In addition, the Democrats will probably lose control of the Senate.

In the 2012 election, more people voted for Democratic House members than for Republican ones, by over a million votes. Yet the Republicans gained a large majority in the House because they controlled a number of state legislatures and gerrymandered the Congressional districts, packing Democratic votes into as few districts as possible and creating lots of districts with just enough Republicans to control the district. This is perfectly legal in the U.S., as the Supreme Court has held. (Yet this supremely-conceited nation insists it's the World's Greatest Democracy, the Best Democracy There is.)

If Americans truly wanted change, they had several chances to vote for Ralph Nader, for example. There is also a Green Party here, kept invisible by the media and kept out of office by the winner-take-all U.S. electoral system. There is no proportional representation in the U.S. Thus millions of Americans who favor the Greens, or socialism, are totally unrepresented in Congress and in most state legislatures also. The two party dictatorship forces people into a system in which meaningful change is now virtually impossible.

An explanation of the midterm elections for my overseas readers. They're called "midterm" because they occur midway in the 4 year presidential terms. The U.S. Congress has two chambers, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Each of the 50 states gets two Senators, a profoundly undemocratic system that means California, with 38 million people (as of 2012) has the same weight in the Senate as Wyoming (land of Dick Cheney), which has a mere 576 thousand. In other words, one Wyoming person is worth 66 Californians. PUtting it another way,the 22 least populous U.S. states have about the same population as California. Those states have 44 U.S. Senators- almost half the 100 total- and California has 2.

The other chamber, the House, has 435 members, and each Congressional district has roughly 700,000 people. So Wyoming only has one Representative.Bills become laws only when both chambers vote for them and the president signs them. (If the president vetoes a law, it takes a second vote in favor by two-thirds of the members of both chambers to override him.)

Senators serve 6 year terms, Representatives (the House members) serve 2 years. So every two years, the entire House of Representatives is up for reelection (like this year) and one-third of the Senators are.

The U.S. Supports Self-Determination- Except When It Doesn't. Like Now in Eastern Ukraine.

The Noble U.S. stands in solidarity with people's rights. That's why they signed treaties banning torture, and passed domestic legislation criminalizing it. (So don't torture anyone or the U.S. will come after you!) And the U.S. is for human rights, free speech, freedom of assembly. (“As long as you're not dumb enough to actually TRY it!” as The Clash sang in “Know Your Rights.”)

Propagandists (like U.S. government propagandist Corey Flintoff of NPR just this morning)  habitually refer to the “self-proclaimed Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.” Well of COURSE they're self-proclaimed! That's how nations historically have started out- by self-creation! What exactly was YOUR nation, Corey? The United States was completely self-proclaimed! It was a rebellion (treason) against the British crown, in British crown territories. Of course no one in the U.S. ever refers to the U.S. as having been “self-proclaimed.” A war was fought to make it stick- as a war is being fought in the newly declared eastern Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. Legitimacy is in the eye of the beholder.

Russia recognizes these new Republics. The U.S. and its bloc of lackey nations does not. The U.S. and its stooges call the elections in the east “illegal.” Oh? What law are they breaking? Certainly not international law. What was “legal” about the U.S—EU-backed putsch in Kiev in the spring, and the subsequent “elections” staged by those who overthrew the government? Legal is in the eye of the beholder, and the eye of he who makes the laws.

There's always an excuse to obfuscate the hypocrisy, the double standard, the blatant cynical opportunism of professed “American ideals,” the Big Lie that the U.S. isn't just another repressive empire but a Guiding Light For Humanity, a Shining City On The Hill. Self-determination becomes “insurrection,” “rebellion,” “foreign subversion/intervention/interference” Unwanted speech and assembly is “riot,” “disorder,” subversion,” “agitation,” even “terrorism.” (And I mean right here in the U.S., where the FBI habitually brands non-violent protest movements they don't like “terrorist” and instructs local police to treat them accordingly.)