Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Krazy Karzai Kracks Up, Bites Hands That Feed Him

"President" Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan is like an ill-tempered Chihuahua. A lapdog who delusionally thinks he's a top dog, in response to President Obama pressuring him, once again, to "do more" about ending (sic!) corruption, and make "faster progress" on providing good government, just days later responded with a deranged rant claiming the foreign observers and UN election overseers were the ones committing electoral fraud, attacking the western media, the U.S., and threatening to join the Taliban if they didn't lay off him.

For infuriating effrontery, this must be some kind of world historical record. This SOB tried to steal the election, committed massive fraud, and eventually his opponent saw it was hopeless and dropped out. So Karzai's "reelection" was only by default. Now he whines that he would have won outright if not for the cheating of the foreign observers.

Then he calls Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and feeds her a two-faced sack of bullshit saying he didn't really mean it. What a con man.

After THAT, he's at it again, launching outrageous attacks on the foreign powers that are the only thing between him and a noose around his neck tied to a lamppost courtesy of the Taliban.

The joke is, the U.S. is still pretending, that after over 8 years of running the most corrupt, and one of the most ineffective, governments on earth, that Karzai is or will "do something about" corruption. He's the head crook. His brother is a major drug dealer. Don't you get it? Karzai is just a sleazy hustler. After this string runs out he'll retire to his Swiss bank accounts. (Assuming he can stay one step ahead of the Taliban.) If anyone deserves the Diem treatment, it's Karzai.