Wednesday, July 18, 2012

U.S. Media Blacks Out Indian Perspective On Attack On Fishing Boat

You pretty much have to go to foreign media to find out that India is calling for an investigation of the U.S. Navy's attack on a small Indian fishing boat. You won't know from U.S. media that India has a beef. (India is just some unimportant country anyway, with a tiny population of only one billion one hundred million people.) You won't know that the dead fisherman has left behind a grieving wife, if you get your "information" from the U.S. media.

Aljazeera is now reporting that the boat was 500 meters from the U.S. ship when it was lethally fired on. 

The U.S. media is still blacking out the fact that the U.S. Navy ship blithely, indifferently sailed away from its victims after machine-gunning them.

There apparently is no need for apologies, or regrets, much less compensation. Since this story, after one day, is being virtually blacked out by the U.S. media, tossed down the memory hole, we don't have to think about it anymore.

Being the World's Only Superpower means never having to say you're sorry.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Lies Already Started On U.S. Navy Murder Of Indian Fisherman

U.S. and lackey U.K. media are already parroting (without doing any investigating) the U.S. Navy's version of why it shot up an Indian fishing boat off the coast of Dubai.

The USN claims a small boat was charging straight at it, ignored "repeated" warnings, including warning shots, and that the Navy had no choice but to fire a machine gun at the boat, killing one and wounding several more people.

Interestingly, the NY Times and UK Independent published basically identical versions. Both omitted any details about what these alleged "warnings" consisted of, except for the "warning shots." ["Navy Ship Fires on Boat in the Persian Gulf," NY Times, and "US Navy insists it had no option after killing 'fisherman' in Gulf," The Independent  UK. Love the skeptical quotes around fisherman.]

Now you can already smell a rat. Why would a fishing boat keep sailing toward a Navy ship in the teeth of bullets being fired at it? (The "warning shots.")

Go to Aljazeera, and a very different picture emerges. ["India seeks action over UAE boat shooting."]

For one thing, the Aljazeera article is centered around the Indian Government's call for an investigation and contacting the U.S. Government.

There's no mention of this in the "Western" story.

Aljazeera also did something very strange- they actually interviewed the survivors from the fishing boat. The survivors claim that there were no warning shots. Aljazeera also gives details omitted from the Western media version about what the other "warnings" were- broadcasts on radio in loudspeaker (in Indian? probably not!) and flashing lights. So you're supposed to know that "flashing lights" means "run for you life!"

Another significant detail omitted by Western media- the fishing boat was 8 km away when the Navy opened lethal fire. And this is what the U.S. Navy said, so we see a deliberate cover-up already by the swine at the NY Times et al. We're not exactly talking imminent danger here.

One more telling detail, kept secret by the Imperialist press: after shooting up the fishing boat, the U.S. Navy craft just sailed away. The victims were on their own. (Isn't that always the case for victims of the U.S.? That's just standard operating procedure.)

The New York Times, while not bothering to mention any of this, did have plenty of space to rehash the U.S.S. Cole bombing in Aden harbor (which occurred over a decade ago). And to stoke paranoia about Iranian patrol boats and Iranian belligerence [sic] generally. (By the way, Hillary Clinton is in Israel to conspire against Iran right now.) This is a sleazy way to justify in a backhanded way the murder of the Indian fisherman, by referencing the attack on the Cole. With a similar logic, one can justify shooting black men in the U.S. by police since some black men are armed criminals! Hey, there's a little boat. A little boat once blew a hole in a U.S. ship. Better open fire! (Just as U.S. cops make the streets of American dangerous places, so the U.S. Navy makes the world's seas dangerous places.)

While dredging up the Cole incident, the NYT said nothing about the murderous U.S. Navy shootdown of that Iranian civilian airliner during the Reagan regime, however. Some things must never be forgotten, and some things must never be remembered. This is called "objective journalism."

Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Arafat Murder Conspiracy

We can identify a number of accomplices in the murder of Yasser Arafat. Of course Israel.

But it almost certainly was a Palestinian who put the polonium 210 in Arafat's food. As far as we know, no one else was sickened. So it would have had to be someone in Arafat's immediate circle.

This highlights a sad truth: that among oppressed peoples, there are always those who aid their people's oppressors. It was true when the Jews were being annihilated by the Nazis. It was true among blacks in apartheid South Africa. It was true in Northern Ireland, as the British had great success infiltrating the IRA, even at its highest levels.

And it's certainly been true among Palestinians. The Israeli secret police agencies (Shin Bet and Mossad primary among them) are quite competent in their dirty work.

We have learned from Aljazeera (the two-part 51 minute video program especially) that Egypt and France are accomplices, at a minimum as accessories after the fact. The Egyptian doctors who tried to treat Arafat were ordered to keep their mouths shut by the military rulers, we learned from Aljazeera, which tried to interview them for its investigation. Thirty French doctors Aljazeera contacted all stone-walled the inquiry. The French also made sure to destroy Arafat's body fluids in their possession a few years after his murder. This was done secretly- it was only learned when Aljazeera tried to obtain them for testing.

Now his widow Suha is calling for Arafat's body to be exhumed for testing. The "Palestinian Authority" (U.S.-Israeli stooge Palestinian "leadership") is saying "fine" to this. Specifically, the two head flunkies of their people's oppressors, "President" (of a non-existent state) Mahmoud Abbas and former head "negotiator" with the Israelis Saeb Erekat, both have come out publicly saying they agree with this. (Erekat's brief interview on Aljazeera was quite revealing in terms of his body language and facial expressions. It's obvious he's not at all happy with this turn of events. He's even shaking his head "no" at one point while saying Yes to exhumation. He even gets tongue-tied towards the end and becomes semi-incoherent, trying to make sentences out of fragments of boilerplate rhetoric he keeps stored in his brain.)

To refresh your memory on Erekat's and Abbas' attempt to surrender to Israel, which Netanyahu rejected as not enough, since apparently it didn't include all the land to the Jordan River and a Palestinian promise to march their people into the sea, see "Palestine Papers: The Secret Negotiations."

Oh, one more accomplice needs to be mentioned. The New York Times. Their first reaction to Aljazeera's great expose was to run a short, despicable piece full of disinfo, dishonesty, and disingenuousness, by one Rick Gladstone. ("Al Jazeera Says Arafat Might Have Been Poisoned, 7/3/12.) But what can you expect from motherfuckers who still promote the absurd Warren Commission lies? The NYT is a political propaganda rag above all else, masquerading as a newspaper.Just look how they kept secret the NSA domestic spying story for a year and a half because the Bush regime wanted them to? Among innumerable other examples. Like the "Pope Plot." And "Yellow Rain." And a story they once ran about 8 people permanently blinding themselves by staring at the sun on an acid trip- totally fictitious, just like the previous two examples I mentioned. They even fabricated the Kitty Genovese murder story. That was exposed on On the Media.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Arafat Murder Conspiracy Unraveling Under Investigation

Aljazeera conducted a nine-month investigation to try and determine the cause of Yasser Arafat's death. His widow Suha gave them a copy of his extensive medical dossier, and his personal effects, on which was discovered the poloniium 210 that killed him. In a 51 minute video in two parts posted on Aljazeera's website, they detail the events surrounding his death and the medical forensic inquiry undertaken by Aljazeera.

Shortly before the hit was undertaken, various Israeli officials made threats against Arafat, including then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who publicly revoked his promise not to murder Arafat, and then Minister of "Communications" Ehud Olmert, who explicitly threatened Arafat's life.

The gang of Western-Israeli stooge Palestinians in the top echelon of the PLO were already maneuvering to seize the spoils before Arafat was even dead. Until his condition was critical, the medical care provided by the Palestinians themselves was oddly indifferent and inept. After his death, his successors showed no interest in getting to the bottom of what happened.

Since he suddenly became violently ill 4 hours after eating, we can presume that the polonium was planted in his food. Polonium is well known to cause severe gastrointestinal symptoms.

So now there's yet another reason for "the West" to hate Aljazeera. Guess the U.S. will have to kill some more of their reporters. Maybe they'll poison them this time instead of bombing them, to "send a message," as gangsters like to say.

See the videos at "Arafat's widow calls to exhume his body."

Arafat's Bones May Provide Clues To Exact Origin of Murder Polonium

The polonium 210 used to murder Yasser Arafat came from a nuclear reactor. That much has been established by Swiss scientists. Of course the particular reactor would be either in Israel or the U.S. The radioactive signature of the polonium which could be recovered from Arafat's bones in an autopsy could  possibly point to the specific source, according to Aljazeera. ["Arafat's widow calls to exhume his body,"]

Following Arafat's demise, his secret police killers made sure to spread rumors about causes of his death to cover their tracks. One of those rumors played into Arab homophobia, claiming he died of AIDS. Nice. First the physical assassination, then the character assassination. (Of course Arafat was subject to vilification during his lifetime too, for daring to use violence in his people's cause, the same as Ben Gurion, Begin, Shamir, Sharon, and all the general-Prime Ministers of Israel. They should try nonviolence! Well, they do, and have, at least since 1967, and today. The Israeli response to Palestinian protests is consistent: violence repression, arrests, imprisonment without trial of "protest leaders," and so forth. So can the pseudo-Gandhian lectures, bourgeoisie. By the way, Martin Luther King, Jr. preached nonviolence, and his payback was to be shot down by the CIA. I love when some of the most violent gangsters in world history preach nonviolence to the people they oppress.)

Arafat Was Murdered

This was obvious to me even before he died, when he came down with a "mystery illness." Then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was publicly kicking himself for dealing with Arafat, and the Israelis declared there could be no "progress" in the "peace process" as long as Arafat was on the scene. They and the U.S. decided that a more pliable Palestinian "leader" was needed. (Mahmoud Abbas has indeed proven more pliable, aiding Israeli assassinations within his West Bank quasi-Bantustan, and making secret, exorbitant concessions to Netanyahu, which Netanyahu rejects since he is pursuing the long range Israeli strategy, in place since 1967, of ultimately absorbing most or all of the territory between the 1967 Israeli border and the Jordan river.)

Now Aljazeera has revealed that Arafat was murdered with polonium-210, from a nuclear reactor. Irony of ironies, this is the exact same radioactive substance the Russians used to murder Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006. ["Tests hint at possible Arafat poisoning," an entirely too cautious headline, given the definitive content of the story, in video and print on Aljazeera's website.]

The CIA and Mossad wired Arafat's encourage with infiltrators years ago, so slipping polonium into him presented no great challenge. Swiss lab analysts hired by Aljazeera discovered polonium 210 on his clothes and toothbrush. (A microscopic amount is enough to be lethal.)

Conveniently, no autopsy was performed on Arafat. Muslim custom blocks autopsies. And the French were providing Arafat's medical "care." The French are no friends of the Palestinian people.

For years Israelis in the "security establishment" mooted the possibility of murdering Arafat. Veterans of the Israeli military and secret police spoke ruefully of missed opportunities to eliminate Arafat, which their political superiors considered not in Israel's interests at the times. Sharon kicked himself for not murdering Arafat earlier.

Add another one to the list of stunning Western hypocrisies. The Western propaganda system never tires of taxing the Russians with Litvinenko's murder. These Americans and their Euro-stooges are OH SO CIVILIZED. They find it SHOCKING that anyone would assassinate somebody!