Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stinking Hypocrisy and Double Standard of U.S. Hard Right Reactionaries and Their Corp Media Enablers

Thoughts upon glancing at the title page of an article in The New Yorker, August 29, 2011, Annals Of Law, “Partners,” by Jeffrey Toobin,  about Clarence Thomas and his mate Virginia, the reactionary fanatic political operative:

Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, and all the Federalist Society moles planted in the U.S. Judiciary are totally dedicated to pushing their POLITICAL agenda, under the thin guise of “law,” They make up specious legal “doctrines” with pretentious names to claim Authority for their totally political legal decisions. They have no problem totally contradicting themselves from one case to the next- it’s all about results, outcomes, for them. They are not impartially applying abstract legal principles derived from Holy Writ, the U.S. Constitution, or from reading  the minds of long-dead “Founding Fathers,” or even at times invoking the Bible or “divine” law from their “God.” Those are all just heavy stones to use to pound people down and accept their diktat.

Meanwhile, on the “other side” of the bourgeois political ledger, the “liberals,” all those not part of this fanatical movement intent on cementing their control over America, that is, just non-ideological bourgeois people, are handcuffed from doing anything reasonable because they are immediately accused of being “political.” The epithet “activist judges” was invented and is hypocritically applied to any judge who dares not toe the neofascist line. And the “liberals” submit. Not because they are “liberal,” they aren’t. They’re just opportunists and careerists. Hence we should not be surprised that they seem to lack backbone. What principles are they defending? None. So they don’t spit back in outrage, “YOU’RE the ‘judicial activists,” for example.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pleasant Surprise In Libya

The "rebels" (oppressed majority of the people) have taken Tripoli easily. Looked like was going to be murderous block by block fighting like in Misurata and other towns. Taking Qaddafi's last redoubt, and the largest city, could have been a disaster for the attackers. Instead Qaddafi's forces have evaporated over the past months of fighting. Great news.

Unfortunately now "the West" is demanding that the Libyans hand over Qaddafi [he hasn't been found yet] and his two captured sons to the "International Criminal Court" in The Hague so Western "justice" can be administered, namely prison terms in a cushy European jail. (ABy contrast, in the U.S. black activist prisoners are routinely imprisoned in solitary for years, even decades. Of course, blacks who refuse to bow are much more evil than murderous dictators!)

The gall of "the West," for setting itself up as the moral arbiter over the entire planet. These imperialists have butchered countless millions over the centuries. The Qaddafis need to be executed. That can't happen at the ICC, which is oh so civilized and advanced that it has no death penalty. (These are the guys who spent a decade wringing their hands and waxing "concerned" over the Serbs rampages in ex-Yugoslavia, and eventually meted out not even life sentences to vicious mass murderers. The henchman at the top, Slobodan Milosevic, was still being tried- a trial that already had dragged on for an entire year- until finally dropping dead of a heart attack before the Eurofops could even reach a verdict. And the asshole Serbs thought he was murdered.)

"The West" will no doubt use extortion to get its way, by threatening to withhold aid for rebuilding the wreckage of Qaddafi's mad refusal to let go of his malign power unless he's handed over to the ICC for "proper" "justice." I hope the Libyans resist. They should get the oil flowing first thing and use those revenues to rebuild.