Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Loathsome Lanny Davis Has More Blood On His Hands

Lanny Davis, one of the scummy, soulless, immoral self-promoters who latched onto the Clintons and served a key role in the regime of Bill Clinton, is at it again. These days he whores his ass out as a propagandist for dictators.

Earlier this year he was shilling for the Honduran oligarchy, which overthrew the democratically-elected president for the crime of raising the minimum wage. (The official excuse was he "tried to change the Constitution so he could run again." A lie, but even if true not a crime. He tried to put a NONBINDING resolution before the Honduran people to let them vote on the idea.) Being the enemy of poor people everywhere, and friend of the rich in all lands, the U.S. sneakily supported the coup while publicly pretending not to. (Another one of WikiLeaks "crimes" was exposing this duplicity via leaked State Department documents.)

The Honduran criminals have murdered many Hondurans since seizing power, and repressed all rights of dissent. Lanny Davis uses all his skills as a sophist and twister of reality and just flat out liar to defend this criminal regime.

Another of his "clients" is the dictator of Equatorial Guinea, who he tries to trick the world into believing is a swell guy and worthy of respect and support. And anything to the contrary is just a lie, according to Despicable Davis.

Now he's at it again. This time he's aiding the dictator of Ivory Coast, a greedy piece of work named Laurent Gbagbo. (This thug's official title is "President," but that's totally misleading.) Gbagbo refuses to admit that he just lost an election. For once, the U.S., other African "leaders,
and others are insisting that the dictator leave office and abide by the will of the people.

So who pops up spewing lies and propaganda on Gbagbo's behalf? Lanny the Lying Leech. Here's how he trashes a UN report about Gbagbo's thugs' murder of 200 (so far) people: he says he wants to "talk to who wrote it" and "see the evidence," and anyway UN "reports" (sic) about the Gaza War (there was just one, the Goldstone Report, by an eminent JEWISH, self-professed ZIONIST, South African jurist) have been "discredited." (Well, the U.S. and Israel trashed it, but that hardly constitutes "discrediting," except maybe in the propaganda sense.) The body of at least one journalist has already been dumped roadside by Davis' client's hoodlums.

Davis claims he only wants to "present the facts and the law as to why there is substantial documentary evidence that President Laurent Gbagbo is the duly elected president as a result of the Nov. 28 elections." Funny, no one else agrees with this, except the tyrant Gbagbo, and his goons.. Not even the rulers of the surrounding African states agree.

Few spewing his vile propaganda, Davis is getting $100,000 a month. Some would say he "sold his soul." That is stupid cant, since Davis obviously has no soul. He's an anti-human, not a human.

It's a mark of the moral depravity of the culture of American Power that this creep is no pariah, but a respected voice in D.C. who can charge big bucks to defend thugs. He's not the first, and he won't be the last. Until the vicious U.S. system is either overthrown, evolves into something resembling a normal human system, or self-destructs or rots to the point of collapse, there will always be loathsome dirtbags like Lanny Davis.

Update: according to the NY Times of 12/30/10, Davis apparently couldn't take the heat- and no doubt feared that damage to his reputation would hurt his chances of future propaganda gigs- so he's suddenly dropping Gbagbo as a client.
12/31/10: another Times article confirms what I said yesterday. ("Key Lobbyist's Client List Puts Him on the Defensive," p. A10.) The article is pretty disgusting in its own right, giving us copious Davis bullshit, such as Davis "said his client list reflected his philosophy [sic] that everyone deserved a voice, particularly companies and causes [sic] that challenged conventional wisdom [i.e. reality] or the public's sense of the politically correct." There's a lot more sick bullshit in this vein, pure self-serving, disgustingly self-righteous and phony Davis propaganda about himself rewritten by the Times hacks. But they're just being "balanced," I guess. Except if you're going to transmit someone's bullshit, you should also report the information that clearly shows what a load of horsecrap it is. They do mention some of his loathsome "causes," and Davis absurdly calling himself a "liberal Democrat." That in reference to his propaganda work for the kleptomaniac tyrant of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema.
The transcript of Davis' appearance on Democracy Now, defending the Honduran coupists, is a great example of his bullying, lying, twisting-reality methodology.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

U.S. Military Unleashes Cyberwar Against WikiLeaks

The U.S. hasn't been content to get their Swede stooges to trump up bogus sex charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. (The various versions we're getting is that he didn't stop humping when two women changed his mind, or he didn't use a condom.) Nor having Interpol pu this dangerous global menace atop its Most Wanted list. (Which is doesn't do with genocidal dictators who have indictments, or CIA officers wanted in Italy and convicted in absentia, for example.) And threats of prosecution and long imprisonment, and calls for his assassination, aren't all the U.S. is doing either. WikiLeaks the website is being hounded from pillar to post. Their domain name provider unceremoniously dumped them, claiming that the tornado of cyber attacks on WikiLeaks endangered their architecture. Amazon threw them off their server after menacing grows from right wing dog Sen. Joe Lieberman, whose aide called Amazon to "inquire" about it. Amazon put out a lame excuse that W. violated Amazon's terms of use because they didn't own the copyright to the Government documents W. posts. (As a matter of law, U.S. Government documents CANNOT BE COPYRIGHTED.) PayPal dropped WikiLeaks due to unspecified "illegal activity." That's funny, they haven't been indicted, at least not yet.

The U.S. military has launched what are called Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks on WikiLeaks. This means taking over numerous computers with implanted malware that causes those computers to try and log on to the target website. The idea is to crash the victim website by overwhelming it with a large number contacts that are more than the host server can handle.

December 4, 2010

Death Threats Against Julian Assange

It didn't take long for my post of late November about the grave danger facing Julian Assange, to be confirmed very blatantly. Various politicians and "commentators" have called for imprisonment and worse for Assange. The 1917 "Espionage Act" has been dusted off. This is one of the vicious bludgeons the U.S. uses to crush dissidents. During WW I it was used to imprison socialists, pacifists, and activists of all stripes. So much as questioning the U.S. jumping into WWI was a felony. (One of the Big Lies in America, periodically exposed as a sham, is the myth of free speech, and the Constitutional "guarantee" of same. Guarantee my ass, you lying dogs.)

Various bourgeois figures have even made public threats against Assange's life, calling for his death.

Sarah Palin, who has a lavishly paid perch on Rupert Murdoch's neofascist agitprop channel Fox "News," wants Assange "hunted down." Like a moose or elk, Sarah? We know what U.S. cutthroats do when they "hunt down" people. They either disappear them into secret torture dungeons or kill them.

One of Murdoch's Minions, the deranged liar and bully Bill O'Reilly, calls WikiLeaks "despicable" and the "leaker" "a traitor" and "traitors should be executed or jailed for life."

Tom Flanagan on Canadian TV, (CBC the main channel), said Assange should be assassinated. He even suggested a method for Obana to use- a drone missile strike. Flanagan is a member of rightwing Canadian PM Harper's inner circle and campaign manager for the "Conservatives" in the last two Canadian elections. Unlike here, where the people are either rabid barbarians or politically comatose sheep, in Canada this open call for state murder created an uproar, and Flanagan had to make light of his death call and "apologize," sort of, kind of.

Michael Huckabee didn't threaten Assange specifically, but called for the execution of leakers. "Anything less than execution" for leakers to WikiLeaks "is too kind a punishment."

I wonder if he feels the same about all those anonymous government officials who plant propaganda in the media on a daily basis.

Huckabee is an arch-reactionary, GOP presidential candidate wanna-be in 2008, a pseudo-Holy Man who presents himself as a pious "Christian" to appeal to the backwoods holy rolling speaking-in-tongues primitives that infest Arkansas and so many other U.S. backwaters. He aches to get elected President in 2012. Currently he too is ensconsed in the neofascist stable of evil media czar Murdoch, for handsome pay of course.

One sickening- and unremarked upon- hypocrisy in Huckabee's Tough Guy stance is that as Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee had a bad habit of freeing dangerous, violent felons (but not deserving prisoners, like victims of the drug war) early, against official advice. One of the objects of his kindness went on to murder four police officers in Washington State. This hasn't harmed Huckabee's media standing in the slightest. Unlike what happened to Michael Dukakis, who was held responsible for a rape and assault by Willie Horton, when Horton fled during a work release program. Horton of course never should have been out, but that wasn't Dukakis' personal doing, but rather a dysfunctional work-release program. Even to this day we get reminders of Dukakis-Horton.

You see, reactionaries can do no wrong in the U.S. Another example: G. Gordon Liddy on his radio show- a travesty that that fascist thug has his own radio show!- exhorted people to shoot ATF agent. Didn't cost him a thing in consequences or media esteem. Or when Ann Coulter slimed 9/11 widows, or called for the NY Times to be bombed, that was fine. Even the NY Times has never stopped promoting her. On the other hand, Professor Ward Churchill was swiftly purged from the University of Colorado for writing in an essay that among the dead on 9/11 were "little Eichmanns." Ideological watchdogs quickly pounced, making the comment a national issue of outrage. (I remember all the posts on military.com after 9/11 ghoulishly calling for the nuking of Afghanistan. I think undoubtedly there are many little Eichmanns in America, many in the media, and no doubt some met a deserved end on 9/11. But so did many people who didn't deserve to die. That's the trouble with the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, like when, oh, say, the U.S. bombs Afghan wedding parties, or drops atomic bombs on cities like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Not that two wrongs make a right, just that some LOUD MOUTHED HYPOCRITS ARE MIGHTY ANNOYING IN THEIR MORALISTIC POSTURING.

And oh, Flanagan has a perch as a university professor. You can bet he won't be purged from it.

And funny how the main U.S. "ally" in the war on terrorism is the biggest sponsor of the people the U.S. currently brands "terrorist," namely Pakistan, the country that planned and sponsored the attack on Mumbai, on the Indian parliament, and innumerable other terrorist acts. In fact, the U.S. is grumpy about the fact that the Pakistanis currently provide safe havens for the Afghan Taliban forces. David Rohde, a NY Times correspondent taken hostage by them and kidnapped to Pakistan, has given an account of how his kidnappers were protected by the Paki army. Even after his escape, they did nothing, and this with a Paki military base less than a mile from his kidnappers' lair.

December 4, 2010