Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Obama Says He Himself “Destroys one of the Best Things About the Internet”

Barack Obama, back when he was first hustling his way into the Oval Office, made many false promises and representations about his intentions and policies. Starting as soon as he achieved state power, he showed his true colors by doing the opposite of what he promised.

Technically these are broken promises, but that implies an initial intention to do what he said he was going to do. With the possible exception of closing Guantanamo Bay for PR purposes to tidy up America's image (and moving the prisoners to other prisons- that part wasn't mentioned, including by the corporate media) there is no evidence he ever intended to do what he said. For example, as soon as he got in office, he appointed the architects of the financial calamity and Clinton regime retreads to key positions of power. He has worked to steadily increase the power of the secret police state and ratchet up domestic repression. Abroad, he personally presides over a never-ending campaign of mass assassination (over 4,000 killed by drones so far, and others killed by various means such as airstrikes, military death squad raids, etc.). As far as winding down the Iraq war, it was already being wound down, so he merely was continuing Bush regime policy, as in other matters.

The correct term isn't broken promises. It's betrayals. With malice aforethought, he conned his way into the White House.

I was on to this con man in 2004, when he was first trotted out on the national stage at the Democrats' party convention that year. Others have been much, much slower to “figure Obama out.” There's really nothing complex here. He's an obvious hustler and extremely calculating and ambitious self-promoter (the pattern goes back to his college days), just like the previous Democratic regime heads, the Clintons, with absolutely no moral limits or ethical values. The only limits are imposed by political considerations, which includes imagery.

I don't know how often or egregiously Obama needs to lie to and double-cross people for them to get over being “disappointed” or “disillusioned” with him to finally see reality clearly and take the true measure of the man.

Anyway, here's the latest betrayal. He ran in 2007 and 2008 voicing full-throated support for “net neutrality,” the concept that different websites shouldn't pay for privileged access to homes and other endpoints of data transfer, and ISPs (Internet Service Providers, the corporations that connect end users to the Internet, namely cable TV companies, Telecoms, and satellite providers, and other intermediaries that have to pay to use the wires, fibers, or bandwidth of those companies) shouldn't charge website for privileged, faster transmission speeds while in effect discriminating against smaller websites that lack the capital to pay up.

Now he's done another of his complete reversals. He just appointed a new Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, a wheeler-dealer by the name of Tom Wheeler, who just happens to be the number one lobbyist for both the cable and telecom industries (both of which honored him with awards for his outstanding service on their behalf), and Wheeler is pushing through permission for cable companies to differentiate speed of transmission for websites based on their paying to in effect jump to the head of the transmission line. (And you thought that only Republican regimes appointed foxes to guard the hen houses!) No less than a former FCC commissioner, Michael Copps, who was the longest serving chairman, has denounced this policy.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane and refresh our memories about this Barack Obama Forgotten Pledge. Here he is saying his policy of today destroys one of the best things about the Internet.” The occasion was an arranged setup with MTV, a channel set up targeting youth, which was helping him in his Pied Piper strategy of getting credulous young people to follow along behind him:


“So as President I'm gonna make sure, that that is the principle, that, my FCC commissioners, uh, are applying, uh, as we move forward.” Did you hear that? Right at the end. Ah, but all that was then. This is now. He should adopt Nixon mouthpiece Ron Ziegler's formulation, and say those previous false statements are "inoperative."

This was in answer to a question from an alleged small businessman with a website. (Longer version with the questioner below.)

He also went out of his way to mislead the digital drones at Google. Here he is at Google HQ:


Apparently “the next chapter in American innovation” is even greater corporate consolidation, power, and control. Comcast, the cable giant that is at the forefront of throttling “freeloader” websites and demanding payment for privileged access to its subscribers, is right now absorbing Time-Warner cable, creating a gargantuan cable system. There is less and less competition for providing Internet access. Most Americans have a choice of either two or one cable providers as it is.

Well, at least ONE Google executive was swayed by the con:


Then we have a young Obama foot soldier (note his teeshirt) who was probably a ringer tasked with “asking a [pre-determined] question.” Anyway, it gave Obama another opportunity to trot out one of his lies:

There he goes again, decrying the idea of access providers wanting to “charge a premium” to some websites, and defending “net neutrality.” “That's going to be a major battle,” he said. And now we can see without any doubt which side he's on. What a treacherous guy! He's an enemy infiltrator of all progressive movements, in effect. Maybe NOW fools will finally STOP INVESTING HOPES in establishment politicians. At least vote for genuine reformers, like Nader (savagely attacked by the Democratic Party enforcers at The Nation magazine, among others).

Here's the longer version of the Q and A from MTV:


But all this is small beer next to thousands of assassinations, signing into law (and fanatically defending in court) a law allowing Americans to be indefinitely imprisoned in the military gulag at the whim of the President, erecting the most massive system of population surveillance in human history, the deportation of two million non-citizen workers (smashing countless families to bits in the process), and empowering the U.S. Border Patrol to shoot dead Mexican citizens in Mexico for “throwing rocks” (which isn't even true sometimes), to name a few monstrous horrors of the Era of Obama.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Arrogance and Stupidity in Obama Regime Power Grab in Ukraine

You'd think having to contain the growing power of China would be enough of a priority that a U.S. regime wouldn't stir up trouble in a small country thousands of miles away and pick a wholly gratuitous fight with Russia. But the same blundering empire that engaged in a prolonged, pointless, sadistic war against Vietnam, that invaded Iraq just to prove it could overthrow governments it disliked (and to settle a grudge that a stupid man, George Bush, had towards the Iraqi dictator because he fell for a fabrication cooked up by the Kuwaitis to make it look like that dictator had tried to assassinate his father, George Herbert Walker Bush), that learns nothing from history and sticks itself in quicksand in Afghanistan, just couldn't resist trying to seize control of the small country of Ukraine on the border of Russia, where Russia has a critical naval base, and wrest it out of the Russian sphere of influence. The U.S.' junior EU partners even rejected a Russian offer of shared economic links with Ukraine.

Well, when you get greedy, sometimes things go badly. The trouble with the U.S. is it's too powerful. It needs to get its nose bloodied more. Apparently Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan were not sufficiently chastening for it to stop making trouble.

So now, at a time when realpolitik would dictate focusing on how to contain China, the U.S. goes and creates a “trouble spot” right on Russia's border. And true to form, when the U.S. doesn't get its way, it immediately issues ultimatums and demands and inflicts punishments on the offending party, in this case Russia, for daring to defy the U.S. And if Russia doesn't knuckle under, why, that just proves that its President, Vladimir Putin, is a “thug” (the favorite epithet for him, liberally employed by U.S. politicians and the chattering elite who fill the media here, inflicting their propaganda and deranged worldview on the rest of us) who is “out of touch with reality” (a common characterization, including one attributed to Angela Merkel in a phone call to Obama, as whispered in the ears of the New York Times by some anonymous White House apparatchik). Then the amateur, laughable psychoanalysis of what “drives” Putin begins.

Hey bourgeoisie, here's a clue for you: any Russian leader who would LET you drive Russia out of such a strategically vital area on its border, with an irreplaceable naval base and access to the world's seas, would be guilty of political malfeasance. ANY Russia ruler at all qualified to be ruler would have to stop you!

Now that pathetic joker Joe Biden, VP of the U.S., the man who as Senator did more than anyone to place the sex offender Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, is flitting in and out of Ukraine and other states in the region, tongue-lashing Russia and “showing support” for the pathetically weak puppet government the U.S. just installed with mob violence and false flag snipers. (It's all in the previous essays below.) And U.S. Secretary of State John “Look Ma! Now I'm a Hawk!” Kerry called Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to once again demand that Russia make the eastern Ukrainians who refuse to be ruled by the new puppet government in Kiev abandon the buildings they've seized, or else, we are informed by State Department mouthpiece Jen Psaki. Psaki tells us that Kerry "urged Russia to take concrete steps to help implement the Geneva agreement, including publicly calling on separatists to vacate illegal buildings and checkpoints, accept amnesty and address their grievances politically." Yeah, politically. Like through peaceful processes? And elections? Like the violent fascist-led mob backed by the U.S. and EU that seized power in Kiev DIDN'T do, you mean? Sounds so reasonable! Maybe if the U.S. and EU hadn't caused this fissure in Ukraine to split open we wouldn't be enduring this “crisis” in the first place, ya think? [Today in Kiev, apparently reading from the same script, Biden parroted the exact same words as Psaki, demanding that Russia make the eastern militants clear out of their strong points, “accept amnesty, and address their grievances politically.” And the U.S. announced it's sending troops to Poland and other new NATO states, apparently to reassure the insecure rulers of those states and lay down a tripwire in case of a hypothetical, far-fetched Russian invasion.]

The U.S. has managed to weaken itself, pointlessly, because now if it fails to roll Russia back and force it to abandon eastern Ukraine, Asian countries fearful of Chinese island land grabs and the expansion of Chinese power generally will have renewed doubts about the strength of the U.S. “commitment” to their security. Why create a needless test over Ukraine? It is idiotic! The U.S., scrambling to shore up this collapsing sand castle of a government it created in Ukraine and salvage the situation, is warning Asian nations not to take advantage of economic sanctions on Russia, apparently signaling that the U.S. will be displeased if Asia starts buying Russian petroleum and natural gas and otherwise undermine the punitive sanctions.

The Russian reaction to the U.S. coup, contrary to the blather of the bourgeois commentariat in need of a cover story to hide the responsibility of their own side in provoking this situation, is not part of some pre-planned Putin “plot” in which Russia is going to “invade” country after country, another domino “theory” concocted to justify U.S. aggression and invert reality. Nor is it just anti-Imperialists like me who say the Russian reaction is predictable and provoked by Western action. Self-described “conservative” University of Chicago “International Relations” professor John J. Mearsheimer, a promoter of what is called “realism” theory in I.R., thinks so too, as he has stated publicly (on PBS NewsHour). [1] But hey, that's not my problem. They're going to keep forcing me to give them my money and shovel it into the maw of their gargantuan military and secret police establishment, no matter what.

But as usual, the U.S. is trying to dress its naked power play in the finery of high moral principle. “International order is at stake,” pompously trumpeted Ben Rhodes, deputy “national security adviser” to Obama. “Our policy on Ukraine is not targeted at Russia specifically, it is targeted at upholding the international order that we believe has been violated.”

If we parse “international order” correctly, that makes perfect sense. The “international order” in question is the system in which the U.S. holds global dominance, and all other nations must give way before U.S. demands and desires. Failure to do so is a violation of “the international order,” by definition. Once you understand the U.S. view of the world, there's nothing opaque about such statements.

Rhodes also thought it was brag-worthy that the U.S. got a meaningless vote through the toothless UN General Assembly taking Russia to task over the Ukraine situation (aka “crisis”). The U.S. managed to line up barely half the members of the General Assembly- 100- behind its scolding of Russia for reunifying Crimea by popular referendum of Crimea's inhabitants.

“One of the reasons you saw that vote in the UN was that Asian nations don't like precedent being set that a sovereign nation's territorial integrity can be violated with impunity,” crowed Rhodes. [My emphasis.]

Like the U.S. DIDN'T do when it invaded and conquered Iraq, Grenada, Panama, the Dominican Republic, (during the regimes of Bush the Younger, Reagan, Bush the Elder, and Lyndon Johnson), overthrowing unwanted regimes? Or when Reagan invaded Lebanon? And mined Nicaragua's harbors, and committed much murder and mayhem in that country, both with a proxy terrorist army and U.S. military “Special Operations Forces”? Or when the U.S. “secretly” bombed Laos and Cambodia, and invaded Cambodia? Or on scores of other occasions in U.S. history, including when it took a huge chunk of Mexico by force and incorporated it into the U.S. in 1848? (The Mexicans didn't get to vote on that either.) Or its invasions and conquests of the Philippines, and of Cuba? One could go on, and on, and on. But why bother? Clearly people like Rhodes, and all those who labor in the vineyards of the Western propaganda system, are completely immune to obvious facts. Their ideological fanaticism is such that they can make such brazenly hypocritical statements from within their glass castles, secure that no one will throw a stone back at them. Or if someone does, the stone-thrower can be dismissed with contempt as a brainwashed ideologue out of touch with reality!

Oh, and Rhodes had something to say about deaths resulting from the Ukrainian puppet government's allied fascist forces attacking pro-Russian Ukrainians in the east at one of their checkpoints:

“We are looking into it. We have been very clear that we do not support any types of violence and we want to see de-escalation.” Right. Just the opposite of when fascist-led mobs besieged the seat of government in Kiev, and were burning the place down, and hurling Molotov cocktails at police and shooting them. The U.S. was all for violence then, and in fact Obama himself demanded that the then-President PERMIT the mob to take over by withdrawing the security forces.

Rhodes repeated the U.S. demand that Russia should quell the rebellion against the new puppet government: “The road map laid out in Geneva requires pro-Russian forces to lay down their arms and vacate those buildings. As long as they are there, the risk of this type of confrontation is acute,” added Rhodes. Of course, the eastern Ukrainians weren't at Geneva and didn't agree to anything. It's kind of like France and Britain negotiating with Hitler to give Germany part of Czechoslovakia- and then telling Czechoslovakia what happened! Little wonder the easterners immediately announced after the Geneva confab that they weren't budging, notwithstanding Russian public calls for them to stand down. (Not that I think Russia is trying too hard to get them to, and why should it?)

Some apparatchik on Biden's plane even fed reporters on board the line that it wasn't forces from Kiev that were involved, as if he could know for sure. The fascists who now control the Kiev "security forces" have previously attacked eastern militants to try and dislodge them from buildings they've seized.

The anonymous apparatchik went on to make more threats against Russia, saying the U.S. would impose “costs” on it if the rebellious Ukrainians in the east didn't slink off into the night with their tails between their legs. Yeah, count on that happening.

As the U.S. well knows, projection of power at distances requires naval power. It was a U.S. Navy officer who wrote the book on this, The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783, by Alfred Thayer Mahan, in 1890- a book that is currently in vogue in China, note. I'm sure the Russians know exactly what the U.S. is up to by threatening its continued tenancy in Sevastopol, Crimea, by its Black Sea Fleet, and the U.S. knows too. It is trying to cut Russia off at the knees, reduce its power some more. Other than that base, Russia has one naval base outside its territory, a small one in Syria. The U.S. has, oh, only about 750 military bases of all kinds all over the planet. It has a couple of dozen bases just on the island of Okinawa. This is some empire we're talking here! And it can't stand rivals.

But given the already weak state of Russia, and the continuing rise of China as the only significant potential competitor to the U.S., as I said, it strikes an objective observer as quite an indulgence to pick a fight with Russia over Ukraine. But the U.S. has been picking fights since 1812, when it invaded what is now Canada to try and rip off some territory, burned York, Ontario, and the British had to teach the U.S. a lesson by marching down to Washington, D.C., and razing it in retaliation in 1814. (The U.S.' provocation of burning York and other towns is usually omitted in the U.S. version of what happened, just as the fact that the Iranian “hostage crisis” was precipitated by the U.S. letting the hated Shah into the U.S. is omitted in the retelling of this alleged, and unforgivable atrocity by Iran against the U.S. By the way, zero “hostages” were killed, zero “hostages” were harmed- but 250,000 Iranians lost their lives under the tyrannical reign of the Shah, who was installed in a CIA coup in 1953. But man, those Iranians have a lot to answer for over what they did to the U.S.!)

The greedy U.S. thinks it can swallow the whole of Ukraine, but it's looking more and more like the country will split between eastern and western halves, as the economic, cultural, and linguistic links the easterners have with Russia are too strong to be suppressed by a weak, newly installed puppet regime, and if bloody civil war breaks out, Russia will aid the easterners. At best, a prolonged period of instability, insecurity, illegitimate government, and violence is in store. Unless NATO is hankering for a land war in Ukraine, Russia ultimately will not be expelled, and either Ukraine will be split, or the entirety of Ukraine will have to accommodate to Russian interests. [2] The West, which caused the trouble in the first place to a large degree, will screech to high heaven about the awfulness and crudity and thuggishness of Russia and see it all as the culmination of some deep dark Russian plot. The truth is, the plot here is the EU-U.S. plot, which is unraveling, predictably. Blinded by imperial hubris, they couldn't see the obvious; that Russia couldn't, and wouldn't, allow itself to be forced out of a critical strategic area on its own border.

1] Mearsheimer on PBS NewsHour March 4, 2014. Video clip here:

2] Geoffrey Pyatt, of all people, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and one of the chief coup plotters, as glaringly revealed by the infamous intercepted phone call between him and his boss, Assistant Secretary of State, said this on CNN: "The geography and balance of power is such, there is no military solution to this crisis. The fact is that militarily, as Crimea showed, Ukraine is outgunned." Gee, maybe you guys should have thought this through better in advance. Look before you leap.

And the new Ukrainian “prime minister,” the one hand-picked by Victoria Nuland, as we know from that same phone call, popped up on NBC TV's “Meet the Press” (U.S.) to rattle his beggar cup for alms from the Superpower: "We need a strong and solid state. We need financial and economic support. We need to overhaul the Ukrainian military. We need to modernise our security and military forces. We need real support." Hey buddy, you missed Christmas. Mail your wish list to Santa Claus, address: the North Pole. Maybe he'll leave a surprise under your Christmas tree this December.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Ukraine Imches Closer to Civil War: Kerry Scales New Heights of Hypocrisy

The U.S. coup and seizure of the central government in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has fissured that nation
into two parts; the eastern section with its economic, social, linguistic, and cultural ties to "Mother Russia," and the western part, now dominated by fascists and U.S. functional puppets who seized power violently, overthrowing an elected government. The western populace hallucinates a pot of gold awaiting them to the west, whereas in fact what awaits (and is already being agreed to by the new puppet regime) is World Bank-imposed "austerity" and debt collection.

Yesterday at least three people were killed in attacks on Russian-leaning ad hoc militias who have seized government buidings in the eastern cities. In response to this, U.S. Secretary of State John "These Days I'm a Hawk!" Kerry has ordered Russia to make the easterners surrender to the authority of the puppet regime in Kiev or else face further sanctions, on the assumption that Russia exercises iron control over the eastern population.

Contrast that with U.S. behavior when it pumped $100 million into subverting the Ukrainian elected government and backed a terrorist mob that besieged the seat of government in Kiev, murdering cops and burning buildings and vehicles, complete with false flag snipers killing both police and rioters (which was blamed on the targeted regime of Yanukovych, since overthrown). At that time, it denounced the government it was working to overthrow and demanded the removal of the police who were holding back the fascist-thug led rioters! Now that the shoe is on the other foot, the U.S. does a 180 and demands law and order.

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov claims that the U.S. side is in violation of the interim deal reached in Geneva by not disarming fascist militias.

No doubt the Russians aren't trying very hard, if at all, to convince Ukrainians who want no part of the forced separation from Russia to stand down and surrender. But Russia has far more legitimate interests in Ukraine than does the U.S.

Russia can't even raise the price on natural gas it sells to Ukraine from the cut-rate sweetheart rates it charged to market prices without the western propagandists calling it extortion.

After this fracturing and destabilizing of Ukraine by aggressive Western imperialism, they have the call to pin the blame for destabilizing on Russia.

So now we know what makes a "bad guy." Anyone who gets in the way of the plans of Godfather U.S.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sinister U.S. Secret Police Chief Appears in Kiev

CIA head John Brennan himself personally went to Kiev, capital of Ukraine, to arrange God knows what evil. As the CIA's stock-in-trade is assassination and torture and the creation of police states under U.S. control, we can expect no good to come of this.

Brennan is Obama's chief enforcer, a man who worked cheek by jowl with Obama for four years in the White House overseeing the U.S. global assassination program. During the previous Bush regime, he was involved in the torture program. This involvement stopped Obama's plan to make Brennan chief of the CIA several years ago, but eventually Obama was able to arrange it.

Brennan will of necessity be working with Ukrainian fascists, as these are the people who were handed control of the Ukrainian "security forces" (Internal Security). The U.S. of course has a long history of warm relations with fascists going back to the 1920s, and the CIA in particular has been chummy with them since its founding in 1947, enlisting many Nazi war criminals, protecting them, learning their torture methods, paying them to help run a torture center in Germany in the 1950s, and forming alliances and nurturing relationships with them in numerous countries all over the world. You could say the U.S. has been the arsenal of fascism since World War II.  [1]

Brennan is a leading suspect in the murder of investigative journalist Michael Hastings last year, who was working on a highly sensitive story about the CIA at the time.

In other Ukraine-subversion news, Russia agreed to join a U.S.-EU demand that anti-coup Ukrainians vacate government buildings they're occupying in eastern Ukraine. The U.S.-and EU made no such demand when their coup mob occupied government buildings in Kiev, and firebombed vehicles and buildings and shot cops Back then, from Obama on down, the demand was for the now-overthrown Yanukovych government to pull out the police and let the mob take over the city.

1]  For the CIA-Army torture center in Germany in the 1950s, see "Code Name: Artichoke -  Conspiracy Documentary," dealing with the CIA murder of CIA scientist Frank Olson. The section on the torture center starts at 24:00 in the video.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

U.S. Bloc Ups the Ante on Ukraine Confrontation, With More Violence and Military Reinforcements

The U.S. isn't backing off one inch from its brazen attempt to rip the Ukraine out of the Russian sphere of influence and have it all to itself- the entire Ukraine.

Recall that repeated Russian offers to share the Ukraine with the Western empire- incredibly generous and not something the U.S. would ever consider regarding Mexico, say, or Canada- have been rebuffed. Starting with the “take it or leave it” deal the EU demanded ousted president Yanukovych sign earlier this year, when the Russians offered a three-way economic arrangement which the EU peremptorily rejected, through the power-sharing arrangements Yanukovych offered the “opposition,” which they rejected, the U.S.-bloc has been playing a winner-take-all power game over Ukraine.

Now NATO blowhard-militarist Anders Fogh Rasmussen, a reliable U.S. tool in all matters who has been making veiled threats against Russia for weeks, has announced that NATO will send more military forces into NATO-states on the Russian border. The U.S. Navy is sailing warships in the Black Sea. (And the U.S. had the chutzpah to grouse about a Russian plane “buzzing” one of the intruder warships.)

On the same day the now fascist-led Ukrainian puppet government's forces were killing and wounding scores in their “anti-terrorist operations” to seize key facilities occupied by pro-Russian Ukrainians in eastern cities, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was saying this: "We appreciate the [Western-installed Ukrainian client] government’s statements that any actions it undertakes will be gradual and responsible, and we agree that the use of force is not a preferred option. That said, the Ukrainian government has a responsibility to provide law and order, and these provocations in eastern Ukraine are creating a situation in which the government has to respond. The best way to de-escalate this situation is for the armed militants to leave the buildings they have seized." (April 16th.) Or, surrender or die.

Notice what carney said; the U.S. PREFERS that the Ukrainians resisting the U.S. takeover of
Ukraine just give up and stop resisting. But if they don't, the puppet government HAS to crush them ("has a responsibility...")

Funny, when Western-sponsored “armed militants” (many of them fascists and flaming anti-Semites whose hero is World War II Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera) had occupied government buildings in Kiev, gutting some by fire, shooting and throwing Molotovs at police, with false flag snipers working for Maidan (the “moderate” group which overthrew the government; see Ukraine Snipers Worked For U.S. Puppet Government, Estonian Foreign Minister Told Ashton), Obama demanded that then-President Yanukovych withdraw the security forces! (Which of course would have allowed the violent mob to completely take over Kiev and seize state power, as they subsequently did.) Now that the shoe is on the other foot, in eastern Ukraine, of course the U.S. takes exactly the opposite position.

The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State herself was physically present on the streets of Kiev during the violent siege of the seat of government, handing out cookies to the killers who were killing cop and who ultimately overthrew the elected government, leading to the installation of new rulers handpicked by Nuland herself. (As we know beyond a shadow of a doubt from the intercepted phone call between her and her underling, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, in which she gives Pyatt his marching orders. See U.S. Enlisted UN Stooges in Ukraine Subversion.)

Now Secretary of State John “These Days I'm a Hawk!” Kerry is meeting in Geneva with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, along with the U.S.' EU lackeys and Ukrainian puppets, to try once again to jawbone the Russians into surrendering their interests.

GOP Senator John “Permanent POW” McCain assumed his usual perch on the Sunday morning TV propaganda shows to demand that Obama ship more arms to the Ukrainian puppet regime to fight the Russians. Of course, Russia could crush the Ukrainian military with one finger, so the real purpose of more weapons would be to fight and win a civil war.

So after destabilizing Ukraine with a coup and takeover (the U.S. and various private donors spent up to $100 million or so on the destabilization effort and takeover) which included false flag snipers killing both policemen and rioters (and blaming it on the hapless former president Yanukovych), we hear from Western politicians, apparatchiks, and propagandists incessant condemnations of Russia for “destabilizing” Ukraine and for breaking “international law”

Something tells me Russia is not going to allow itself to be landlocked along its entire southern border just so “the West” will stop saying mean things about it, or so Putin's pals can sun themselves on the Riviera.

This is the gratitude the U.S. shows Russia for providing crucial logistical support for the U.S. crusade in Afghanistan. The U.S. depends on transit through Russia for its expeditionary force there.

Interestingly, Pakistan gets a much better deal from the U.S., even though the Taliban is the cat's paw of the Paki military secret police, the malevolent ISI! (Inter-Services Intelligence.) Go figure.

Fascist Ukrainian youth honor their idol, World War II Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Ukraine Snipers Worked For U.S. Puppet Government, Estonian Foreign Minister Told Ashton

Another ignored phone call.

Just as the infamous phone call between U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, has been consigned to oblivion by western media and governments as if it never happened, so too the telephone conversation between the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton, the grandly-named “High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy,” aka “EU foreign minister.” In the former conversation, we heard U.S. apparatchiks discussing U.S. subversion of the Ukrainian government and plotting to install a puppet regime. In the latter call, the Estonian Foreign Minister revealed that those infamous snipers were NOT working for the Viktor Yanukovych regime (subsequently forced out of power) but were elements of the opposition, shooting both street protesters/rebels and policemen. (A couple of dozen policemen were murdered during the two-month-long violent attack on the elected government, most by the snipers.) This phone call became public in the first days of March. As of today, U.S. polemicists and propagandists and pseudo-scholars are still pretending that the snipers were acting under orders from the ousted Yanukovych. (They present no evidence for the assertion, but merely state it as established, undisputed fact.)

Let us look at that phone call (you can listen to it below). EU poohbah Ashton is debriefing Paet on his recent visit to Ukraine, to get an update on how their political manipulations are going. Estonia, Paet's country, is a very junior member of the EU, and a recent addition to that anti-Soviet and now anti-Russian military alliance, NATO. (Having lost its claimed reason for being with the extinction of the Soviet Union, the U.S. has been using NATO as a recruitment vehicle for roping European forces into joining it in its various military adventures outside Europe.)

Paet met various politicians and other people in Ukraine. He told Ashton that the “head of doctors” in Ukraine, “Olga,” and others from “civil society” told him:

“There is no trust in new government....They know everybody who will be in new government, all these guys have dirty past.” Fascist thugs beat a member of Parliament in front of Parliament, journalists who witnessed it told Paet. “There is extraordinary pressure on members of Parliament,” such as middle-of-the-night “uninvited visitors” to parliament members. [That is, fascist goons.] The EU wants “Olga,” to be Health Minister. She's balking, according to Paet. Ashton is quite cynical. Ashton proposes lines to feed to “Olga” and others to convince them that the foreign-installed puppet government is not all bad and to induce them to join it, to lend it legitimacy.

After Ashton instructs Paet that Yanukovych must be blamed for the death, Paet gives her unwanted news, namely that the snipers were working for the Western-backed opposition.

Paet: “In fact and what was quite disturbing, the same Olga, told that well, all the evidence shows, eh that people who were killed by snipers from both sides, among, policemen and then people from the streets, that they were the same snipers, killing, people from both sides.”

Ashton, sounding flustered: “Well that's, yes, that's-”

Paet: “So that um then she also showed me some photos, uh she said that as medical doctor she can you know say that it is the same, same handwriting [sic], the same type of bullets, and it's really disturbing that now the, new, uh [he sighs] new coalition, that they don't want to investigate, what exactly happened, So that there is, now stronger and stronger understanding, that behind snipers they were, it was not Yanukovych, but, it was somebody from the new coalition.”

Ashton basically ignores the facts, and contradicts Paet on the last point. "I think they do want to investigate I mean I didn't oh pick that up that's interesting. Gosh.” (GOSH!) We can see that Ashton would prefer the truth about the snipers not be mentioned. The truth flies in the face of the western propaganda line that Yanokovich is responsible for all “the violence.”

Listen carefully to the recording. Ashton pushes to manipulate “Olga” to be an EU stooge and join the government to legitimize it. Ashton's whole thing is trying to make the new puppet regime look legitimate, paper over the crimes, misdirect people's anger, and cynically manipulate their grief. And blame all the chaos and violence on the just-overthrown Yanukovych. The first approximately two minutes of the call are underlings setting up the call, so you might want to skip ahead if you're impatient:


Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton discuss Ukraine over the phone

   [sound might be clearer at version at link above.]

The western media, a highly-disciplined collection of propaganda organs, simply ignores this stunning evidence, and various anti-Russian polemicists and agit-propagandists continue to blame Yanukovych for the snipers. This is just one of many lies, which gain currency through repetition, within the Big Lie, that Russia somehow fomented the “crisis” in Ukraine, not the U.S. and its lackeys by instigating and egging on a violent mob coup, with fascist anti-Semites at its core (somehow the U.S. ALWAYS ends up in league with fascists, you notice that?). The fact that the U.S. and EU couldn't wait until the next scheduled elections this spring puts the lie to the idea that “the Ukrainian people” rose as one to overthrow the elected government. What was the big rush to overthrow Yanukovych that it couldn't wait until May?

Recall that as the violent mob besieged the seat of government for two months, and repeatedly tried to storm the Parliament, Obama demanded that Yanukovych “end the violence” by withdrawing the police!! Yanokovich proposed compromises and tried to bring opposition figures into the government. Under U.S. direction, all compromise by the “opposition” (U.S. puppets) was rejected.

All this because Yanukovych didn't sign an economic treaty with the EU!!

Yes, he was corrupt. So are all Ukrainian governments, and so will the new U.S.-puppet one be. In fact, the U.S. prefers corrupt governments. They are much easier to control through bribery and blackmail than honest governments. Also the politicians and bureaucrats in corrupt governments don't give a damn about the well-being of their countries and peoples, and thus are willing to sell them out to foreign meddlers like the U.S. and EU nations for a few gold coins or a promotion by the imperialist string-pullers.

The idea that being corrupt is justification for a violent foreign-backed mob coup is ludicrous, when the Ukrainian voters have it fully within their power to oust that government in an election in a few months! But that's the excuse that's put forth, along with the sniper-murders falsely pinned on Yanukovych, and “violence” generally, violence committed by the fascist mob. (There are numerous videos on of the mob's siege of the seat of government in Kiev, their arson, their violent attacks on police lines holding the mob back from overrunning the government buildings, and so on. All the evidence is ignored in this giant propaganda campaign by western medias, following the leads of their governments. Those media might as well be state-controlled, as they are acting no differently than state-controlled media would be.)

On this strategy of false-flag snipers as part of a foreign subversion effort, the same thing happened in Venezuela. Domestic elements trying to destabilize and overthrow a government, with a hidden U.S. hand pushing them along, use snipers to assassinate opposition protesters in the street and blame the government. The U.S. and other western media (and governments) then loudly blare the lie that the government is using snipers to murder peaceful protesters in the street.

Here's a video, with testimony from a CNN reporter, on how coup plotters in Venezuela used snipers in this fashion:

And here's Chalmers Johnson on the topic, who also mentions an example of the shameless mendacity of U.S. media propagandists, in this case JFK-assassination accessory Dan Rather, blaming sniper-murders on the hated Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Johnson points out that using snipers to gun people down and blaming the murders on the government targeted for overthrow is a standard U.S. destabilization tactic:


Thus do gangster empires behave. They are a blight on humanity.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

U.S. Enlisted UN Stooges in Ukraine Subversion

Remember that phone call between U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland and the U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt? The one that made a stir because she said “Fuck the EU,” which became public back in early February. Well that part was used as a distraction by the western media, which then quickly ignored it. (The U.S. government reaction was to attack Russia for intercepting and publicizing the call. There's a saying in American football, the best defense is a good offense.) What's important in that call, and what she said right before she cursed the U.S.' Eurolackeys, was that the U.S. got UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to aid the U.S. in its coup and installation of a U.S. puppet government. Ban Ki-Moon is sending a UN apparatchik to help subvert the elected Ukrainian government. The key sentence:

“So that would be great I think to help glue this thing and have the UN help glue it, and, you know, fuck the EU.”

Ambassador Pyatt chimes in:

“No exactly and, I think we've gotta do something to make it stick together because, you can be pretty sure that if it does, if it does start to gain altitude the Russians will be working behind the scenes to try to torpedo it.” (“It” being the U.S. coup effort and installation of a puppet government chosen by the U.S.) Pyatt also says “we wanna try to get somebody with an international personality to, um, come out here and help to midwife this thing.”

Nuland mentions that Biden is being dispatched to pitch in to help the U.S. subversion and takeover plot.

Amazingly, this has passed totally unnoticed. The UN Secretary General helping subvert the government of a UN member state. Of course other UN Secretary Generals have been U.S. stooges. And ever since World War II, members of the Japanese political elite have been slavishly loyal to U.S. orders. Witness the current head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, a UN body, now headed by a U.S.-picked Japanese stooge. In fact, Ambassador Pyatt had the job of helping get rid of his predecessor Mohamed ElBaradei, and installing Yukiya Amano as the new head.. ElBaradei's crimes included not being willing to lie about Iran's nuclear program but instead investigating and monitoring it with honesty, integrity, and objectively, and refusing to lie and help the Bush regime in its claim that Iraq had a nuclear weapons program going. Refusing to carry out U.S. orders is simply outrageous and unacceptable.

Nuland begins talking about how the U.S. roped the UN stooges into the U.S. coup plot at 2:35 in this video.


Veteran CIA officer Ray McGovern (retired) comments on Pyatt. The reference to handing out cookies refers to Nuland giving cookies to the violent mob that barricaded and assaulted the government buildings and killed policemen for two months before the coup succeeded. (Even retired right wing Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser calls it a "coup.")

Ukraine Coup Had all the Hallmarks of U.S. Operation

A paid mob, false flag snipers, NGOs used as funnels for $100 million in funds, and a media propaganda
campaign. They were all there in Ukraine, a classic U.S. destabilization campaign. (A very similar U.S. subversion campaign is currently underway in Venezuela.)

I will be breaking this down with video clips and commentary in more posts.