Sunday, November 04, 2007

Crackpot Coulter Attacks A.D.L.

Rabid reactionary Ann Coulter, known for flaming fascist attacks on 9/11 widows and other worthy victims of her demented ire, has just smeared the Anti-Defamation League in her inimitable style (i.e. everything she says is the opposite of reality). This deranged fascist harridan inhabits some alternative universe. The fact that she has a following is symptomatic of the significant number of political psychos in the U.S. The fact that the U.S. corporate media built her up and acts as if she's respectable and legitimate and does valid commentary is indicative of how that media will bend over backwards to make this country as reactionary as possible.

The A.D.L, a right-wing organization dedicated to pressuring the U.S. on behalf of Israel, spends its time sliming critics of Israeli policy as anti-Semitic. (It also does a tally of punks who paint swastikas to get a rise out of adults and hysterically portrays this as the coming of the next Holocaust.)

Coulter claims, in her typical crackpot fashion, that the ADL only attacks rightists, and is scared of leftists, and that "
They represent not Jews or women or civil libertarians, but the left wing of the Democratic Party."
[How Long Before the A.D.L. Kicks Out All its Jews?