Monday, April 30, 2012

Mubarakism Without Mubarak

Muslim Brotherhood sit-in protesters outside the Egyptian Ministry of “Defense” in Cairo beaten up badly by plainsclothes “security agents.” As usual, the military dictators claim it was just angry locals beating up the victims in righteous outrage against the demonstration.

NPR pretended the military’s bullshit was true, or that it was a Big Mystery who the assailants were. BBC pointed out the pattern of plainsclothes “security agents” attacking protesters and the rulers claiming it was really outraged local citizens doing the mauling.

The sit-in was a protest against the disqualification of the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate, on the grounds that his mother had a U.S. passport.
[BBC, NPR, 4/29/12.]

Monday, April 23, 2012

Guess That “Iranian Plot To Kill The Saudi Ambassador To The U.S.” Was a Fake, After All

How come we never hear about it? Why aren't there constant reminders? The U.S. media and Government are so intent on indicting the Iranian regime, you'd think they'd constantly harp on it if it was true- or even if it wasn't true. So that seems like a dead giveaway that it's bogus, especially since the U.S. is bullying the rest of the world into joining it in tightening the sanctions noose around Iran's throat. You'd expect them to be shouting to the rafters about this outrageous outlaw behavior by Iran- trying to assassinate an Ambassador! Can you imagine? Why, that's like, oh, I don't know, the CIA arranging assassinations of foreign heads of state! Or allowing a Chilean secret police bomb maker (Michael Vernon Townley) to sneak into the U.S. to help murder a former Chilean Ambassador (Orlando Letelier) in Washington D.C.! (Along with his young associate Ronni Karpen Moffitt- but that was “colllateral damage,” as they say.)

On second thought, maybe better that the U.S. not make those comparisons.

And the reason the U.S. government and media never mentions the FBI's Iranian “plot” anymore- not even mentions it!!- certainly can't be because it raises by implication the issue of Israeli assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists. The West, and especially the U.S., is absolutely shameless in its hypocrisies and double standards. Can't see why that would inhibit them. Plus it's not as if the Israeli assassinations are a secret anymore. Besides, the U.S.just keeps saying “Moi? Those assassinations have nothing to do with us,” as a political shield from responsibility for anything its fair-haired client Israel “might” be doing.

Just for the record, I have no sympathy for the horrible, oppressive theocracy that hijacked the anti-Shah revolution and imposed another totalitarian, anti-human regime. I'm not a George Galloway type knee-jerk anti-American. Just because the U.S. doesn't like somebodies doesn't make them good guys.

It's like the former Soviet-U.S. rivalry. It wasn't a Good Guy vs. Bad Guy thing. It was like a gangland war, two rival mobs feuding for control of turf. When the Soviet Union collapsed like a rotten building, my slogan was “One Evil Empire Down, One To Go.”

Now we can find another irony, one that apparently addles the brains of some and prevents them from thinking clearly. The assorted jihadists who the U.S. backed against the Soviets and their Afghan clients
also saw both empires as enemies- first they “beat” the Soviets (as if they could have done it without U.S.-Paki-Saudi help, including an influx of foreign “fighters”) and they next set their sights on the U.S. That goes to show that the Enemy of my Enemy is NOT necessarily my Friend. The jihadists are anti-humans, and I'm pro-human. The proper attitude in their tiff with the West (and modernity) is to hope that the assholes on both sides bleed each other a lot. Maybe someday both will be weakened enough to create an opening for human forces to seize power, there and here. (Unfortunately part of what is being bled is our money- through taxes. Can't help that. But we can make sure it's not our blood, by not joining the U.S. military and raising our children to understand the Imperialist nature of that military and how to uses people as disposable cannon-fodder, and most importantly how “patriotism” is a con job.)

Yet simple-minded lefties with their Manichean, black-and-white world view think anyone the U.S. is fighting must be righteous. They're still griping about how N ATO “bombed Libya” (i.e. stopped a Qaddafi bloodbath and enabled the Libyans to overthrow him- and notice he needed foreign mercenaries on his side) as an example of Western Imperialism, lumped in with the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Just last week a jackass leftist with a radio show referred to the Taliban as “the Afghan resistance.” Oh really? Those primitive fanatics who are still throwing acid in the faces of schoolgirls to stop them from being educated? What exactly are they “resisting,” basic humanity?

Take off your ideological blinders and look at reality, bub. It is more complicated than your simple-minded ideology, but it's not all that hard to understand.