Monday, January 26, 2015

Castles Made of Sand Fall Into the Sea

The country of Yemen sat on a fault,
The country of Yemen had a great fall,
And all Obama’s drones and all Obama’s SEALs,
Couldn’t put Yemen together again.

Another nation fractures along ethnic, religious, tribal, and political fault lines- under U.S. pressure. The Selfish Superpower heedlessly meddles in yet another country, wrecking it in the process.

Yemen was a taped-together nation in the first place. It was really two countries: North Yemen, which the notorious “strongman” Ali Abdullah Saleh ruled from 1978 to 1990, and South Yemen, a leftist land. The two never got along, but united in 1990, with Saleh as boss (official title: “President).
In 2012 his oppressed subjects were inspired by the Arab Spring to stage street protests, to which Saleh responded in the usual fashion- with murderous violence. But there was a split in his armed forces, and eventually the U.S. eased him out and replaced him with one of his underlings. Saleh figured he’s rule from behind this frontman, but the U.S. had other plans. They preferred a new, weaker boss who would be their puppet. The U.S. assassinations by drone and commando raid continued, eroding whatever legitimacy the “government” had left by proving it exercised no sovereignty.

For years, the usual "collateral damage " (murders of bystanders and "mistaken identity" killings)
by the U.S. in Yemen have soured large sectors of the Yemeni population on the ruling regime, which did nothing for them and now brought in a foreign nation to disrupt their lives and bring grief.

Now the Houthis, a minority group, have seized the capital, Sana, by force, obliging the U.S. puppet (U.S. government propaganda network NPR calls him a U.S. “ally”) to resign when his palace was surrounded by armed Houthis.

Houthis and Al-Qaeda in theArabian Peninsula, the Yemeni  franchise of A-Q, are enemies. But the Houthis despise the U.S., so they won’t be U.S. stooges.

Now the nation is cracking apart. U.S. media insist Iran is behind the Houthis. More objective observers see the hand of Saleh, who hopes to get back in power. U.S. media present no evidence of Iranian involvement, merely assertion. This should be given no more credence sans actual facts than any U.S. political propaganda deserves (namely none).