Friday, September 02, 2016

That Trade Treaty Negotiation "Queue" that Obama Sent Britain To the Back Of, Just Got Shorter

Remember that threat Obama made before the UK vote on leaving the EU, the so-called "Brexit"? He said he'd sent Britain to the "back of the queue" (the line in U.S. English- guess Obama was Going Native when he spoke) for negotiating a trade treaty with the U.S. and vowed it would take ten years to reach an agreement. His threat wasn't scary enough to win the day for the global elites opposed to a renewal of British national independence and self-determination (portrayed as racism and xenophobia by the corporate propaganda systems of the UK and U.S.- and they're still at it! [1]).

Well, it looks like Britain just moved up two places in the "queue."

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations have been declared a failure by top figures in the German and French governments.

As for Obama's secret Trans Pacific Partnership, it is hanging in limbo. Congress will not ratify it before Obama is finally out of the White House this coming January, and the two candidates the two-party dictatorship are offering us as his replacement, Donald "The Narcissist" Trump and Hillary "The Conniver" Clinton, claim to be against it. Trump of course is completely untrustworthy, as is Clinton, and Clinton had to do a complete reversal of her previous support for the malign deal. (All these "free trade" treaties are in fact global corporate hegemony treaties. They are all written to give supremacy of corporations over national governments and supercede national laws. They leave the populations of the countries sold out by their politicians at the mercy of pollutors, labor exploiters, etc.) [2]

Whatever happens, there will at least need to be some renegotiating to disguise the double-cross and betrayal of the campaign promise by the next president.

The Man With The Golden Tongue: The Magic Has Just About Worn Off. At Last.

1]  The Brexit referendum was on June 23, and here it is, over two months later, and the U.S. media are still running anti-Brexit propaganda, such as this op-ed by some limey (no American is named "Sebastian") in the Los Angeles Times, "Britain’s post-Brexit warning for Americans seduced by Trump," September 1, 2016.

2]  For a concise critique from a European Green of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which applies equally to the TPP and NAFTA, the notorious North American Free Trade Agreement foisted on people by Hillary's husband and partner in political crime, Bill Clinton, see
"To Free, Or Not To Free," The European, November 26, 2013.